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Words of The Wise – Part I

An engaging interview with the 2019 SRC Committee!

It was a bittersweet time for the members of the 2019 SRC committee as their term drew to an end. Throughout their term, all of the SRC members gained immense knowledge, sharpened countless skills, and most memorably, formed unbreakable bonds of friendship with their fellow committee members. Although their step down came at a tricky time, i.e. the start of the pandemic,  the memories they made throughout their term will linger in their hearts for a long time.

In remembrance of the immediate past members of the SRC committee, the Editorial Board of IMU has spent the past two weeks getting in touch with them giving them a chance to relive their memories through conversation.

Read on to delve into the minds of our 2019/2020 SRC leaders!

Interviewee: Adbul Rauf, President –  SRC 19/20 

Interviewed by:  Ugeshwary (FS120), Brian (ME120) and Mariam (ME218)

Rauf is now in Semester 7, almost completing his thesis as he undertook the postgraduate pathway towards a medical degree.  Read on to learn about all his experiences that led him to the SRC!

Question:  Why did you choose to be a part of SRC?

During Semester 3, I witnessed my first SRC election. As I was already involved in many extracurriculars, this made me very fearful of the workload of being a member of the SRC. However, with the encouragement of my friends and the staff of IMU, I stood for the SRC election in the 5th semester of my medical degree.

Question: What are the most difficult challenges you and your team faced? As president, how did you go about it?

Rauf let out a hearty laugh. 

One word – chaotic! I had to face incidents like the bomb threat, malware attack and Covid-19 within the first few weeks of assuming my role as president of the SRC! These unforeseen circumstances were the most trying moments of my entire term!

Question: What were your aims as an SRC president?  Is there anything you couldn’t achieve?

My main aim was to make IMU students feel like they belong in IMU so that each student would be proud to be a student of this institution. This was the 2019 SRC’s main mission. I wanted to organise an event called the Student Appreciation Week which was to be about giving the students recognition for all their hard work in their clubs & societies.  I also wanted to restart a program called IPL – interprofessional learning where interdisciplinary learning was to be encouraged. Unfortunately, these events could not take place, due to the current, unforeseen pandemic. 

Question: What is your one takeaway (learning / beneficial skill) from being part of the SRC?

As a crucial member of the SRC, I was enlightened about the management processes that were involved when it comes to problem-solving in the university. I became aware of the behind-the-scenes work done and knowledge privy to the management. Besides this, teamwork and connection with the team was also an immense takeaway for me. I am aware that I have more to learn as well as experience, and in line with this, I advise all students to find a balance between education and extracurricular activities.

 Great advice, thank you Rauf!

Question:  What are your plans now that your time as SRC rep is over?

Rauf began by reflecting on his time being a president. 

It is difficult for me to let go as I feel attached to my role and efforts. I am passionate about wanting to work harder to give back to IMU and society but I understand that it is time to let go and devote more time towards my studies. I want to pass down everything that I have learned and experienced to the new batch of SRC to ensure an easy, smooth transition for the new members. I am confident and excited about what the new batch of SRC has to offer to IMU, for I believe they are passionate people, dedicated towards making IMU a better place for everyone.

Interviewee: Anagha, Cultural Representative – SRC 19/20

Interviewed by: Nur Alia (FS120) , Sathya (ME120), Thaera (FS120)

Anagha, the cultural representative, is a dedicated and intelligent individual who lent her service to the SRC as cultural representative. She is grateful to have had the chance to bond with her fellow committee member throughout her term. 


Question: What was your favourite memory from SRC?

I don’t have one specific favourite memory. However, meeting the committee was one of my favourite things. The entire committee was made up of wonderful people, who were all very helpful. There were no arguments and squabbles which we could not sort out. Although it was not exactly a memory, I am grateful for the way that everything has panned out.

Question: What was the most difficult task you had to do as a cultural representative?

The most difficult task that I had to encounter was when there was an issue with one of the clubs that involved disputes. The hardest task was to ensure everyone was satisfied adequately with the outcome of the agreement. In an organization, arguments and disagreements among each other are difficult to avoid. However, it must be handled maturely so no harm is done.

Question: How did you balance between your role as cultural representative and your studies?

Before the interview began Anagha mentioned that she is doing a biomedical science degree in addition to her medical studies which may appear to be a heavy workload!  However, Anagha had decided a year prior to applying that she wanted to join the SRC and she was ready to take on the role. 

Even though I struggle with time management, once I started carrying out my role eventually everything fell in place and I could cope with my commitments to the SRC as well as my studies. During some times in the year, it would be tricky as my studies would take precedence over my role in SRC so my fellow members would help me. At other times, my role in the SRC was more demanding in some parts of the year than others but I was still  able to manage my responsibilities. 

Question: What is your one takeaway (learning / beneficial skill) from being part of the SRC?

I learnt that teamwork is crucial. The SRC had faced some major issues early on in their term. We did not know many people within the SRC either. The students would look to the SRC and the Management to answer their queries. Although it was chaotic, the Management successfully resolved the issue together with a little help from the SRC. At that point, I realised that teamwork and supporting each other was at the forefront.

Question: What are your plans now that your time as SRC rep is over?

In terms of recruitment, I want to make sure that the next cultural representative will be able to handle the task and is always ready to make a change. I want the said person to take up on the job and to carry it out wholeheartedly and not just accept the position as an accessory to place in their job resumes. As for my studies, I wish to make my last few months here in IMU worthwhile before I further my degree in Australia.

Interviewee: Yee Hua, Secretary – SRC 19/20

Interviewers: Nian Wan (BP119) & Veenaa (ME120) – on behalf of Natalie (ME219)

Yee Hua is a final year pharmacy student who devotes her time to assisting and organizing various events in IMU. Throughout the years, she has gained invaluable experience and various skills that she can put to good use for the rest of her life. A scholar, Yee Hua has always been able to juggle between her studies and a wide variety of co curricular activities, making her truly, an all rounder!


Question: What inspired you to be the secretary?

My choice was based on my personality and the fact that I am a very organized individual. I was initially hesitant to be part of the SRC, however, I eventually realised that being part of the council would allow me to view things through a different, new perspective. Upon joining the student council, I had the opportunity to look at things from both the student’s and the management’s point of view, thus allowing me to analyse any issue presented in a wholesome manner. As the secretary, besides helping to organise council meetings and various other events, I served as a bridge to communicate student affairs to the faculty of IMU.

Question: What was your most memorable experience as secretary?

What I enjoyed most was working with my council members. Additionally, I appreciate how I learnt important skills such as how to gain student trust, how to revert to emails, how to get approval for events, all of which were big steps and have contributed toward my development as a person. Most importantly, I have 0 regrets being part of the SRC and if given the chance to do it all over again, I would!

Question:  Is there any moment you’ve found the job to be challenging?

I feel that I did not go through any problems personally while carrying out my role as the secretary of the council. However, I did feel that the members of the SRC serve for too short a period (one year) to be able to fully connect and serve the students. In my opinion, a longer time on the council would enable me to make further meaningful contributions to the IMU community.

Question: What is your one takeaway (learning / beneficial skill) from being part of the SRC?

I gained various beneficial skills from being part of the student council, however, one skill that I personally feel that I have improved the most would be my communication skills. Upon initially joining the SRC, I would find it difficult to effectively address and convey certain issues to the management on behalf of the student body. However, as the year progressed, I really developed my communication skills, especially in the areas of persuasion, presentation and systematic / structural method of conveying a message. 

Question: What are your plans now that your time as SRC rep is over?

My immediate goal is to ensure that the new candidate is capable enough to support the council for the next year, after which, besides continuing to support the SRC in any way possible, I hope to be able to get a first class honours, which will help in securing a scholarship for my  future studies.


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