The Valentine’s Gift Guide

Thinking of what to present your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Here are some creative yet romantic ways you can gift your valentine and make this year’s Valentine’s day special.

Written By – Ugeshwary, Basil, Priesha & Niylesha

If your partner is someone who is into old school ways of treasuring
memories, this one is for you! By getting them a personalized photo
album with pictures of the two of you, it showcases the amount of effort
you’ve put into preparing them and it also reflects on how thoughtful
and attentive you are. Moreover, it would not only be a great way of
treasuring moments in the future, but it is also a way of looking back
and realising how far the two of you have come.

A customised photo puzzle is for couples who love doing activities
together or for those who would rather stay home for a cosy dinner and
movie night on Valentine’s Day. This is a great gift idea as it does not
require much time and it adds a little fun especially for those who are
planning to stay in for Valentine’s Day. To make it even better, once the
puzzle has been completed, it could be framed up to be hung on the
wall which would make a cute home piece!

Nothing says “I love you” more than a handmade gift that you’ve put your time and effort into, especially if you’ve lagged behind in the gifting area in the past few years! Take some time away from your busy schedule to really think about all the reasons why you love your significant other. Better yet, come up with 52 reasons why! Write these reasons on a deck of playing cards and unleash your creativity on them. Remember to keep the reasons as personal and specific to your significant other to make it all the more intimate. Add your own creative twists to this cheesy yet romantic gift, such as by writing the reasons down in individual letters and sealing them in envelopes. The catch: your significant other is allowed to open only one letter per week! By the time they’re done with all the envelopes, the next Valentine’s Day would be just around the corner.

However, if you’re like me and have no confidence what-so-ever in your artistic skills, try something digital. Collect as many photos and videos you have of the both of you and write sweet captions (the cheesier and cringe lovey-dovey ones are the best) for each of them. Compile these photos along with songs that carry some meaning for both of you in a flash drive. (Or go old school and use a CD – but do make sure they have a CD player in their laptop since it’s 2021 and all!) You can also include anything personal, like short poems you’ve written for them, the first movie you guys watched together or a story you’ve written about the first time you guys met, in this “modern mixtape”!

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate! This Valentines Day assembles a gift of your significant other’s favourite treats for them. No guy/girl will be disappointed when they receive a custom basket filled with their favourite goodies. From snacks to spirits to more health-conscious treats, you can include it all for a sure-fire hit gift. Assembled in a handsome basket with a personalized message written by you, this gift hits the right balance for anyone between sentiment and appreciated!

Want to gift your special one something personal and touching. Sentimental and romantic words are often shared among partners. It is a way of expressing care and appreciation to the person you love. What if, you an capture those words and frame it. Personalized sound wave gift is a unique gift where you can record the imaging of the sound wave of your voice with a message to your loved one. If you think a frame is too big you can always make customized keychains with the sound wave on it. This gift is definitely one of the special and intimate ways to touch her/his heart. 

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