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The Perfect Date!

11 Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Oh no! A pandemic has affected the whole wide world but you were just getting started on your love life. Don’t let the pandemic affect your relationship with your significant other! These are some virtual dating ideas that you can use to ensure you’re still in the honeymoon phase with your s/o. With these ideas, you wouldn’t even feel the distance between each other even though you’re just talking through a device screen (thank god for the Internet!).

Have you ever heard of virtual tours? Well, now you have. Some of these well-known museums are offering tours that you can access easily even when you’re just lazing around on a sofa. If both you and your s/o appreciate art and history to a whole new level or maybe you’re just trying new things out together and wanna have a friendly debate about your opinions in some political decisions, then this is the perfect idea for the both of you. Here are some links where you can indulge yourselves in the amazing world of the past:


  1. Guggenheim Museum, New York offers a tour of the famous Guggenheim spiral staircase which you can also discover incredible artwork from the  Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras.
  2. British Museum, London gives a chance to the public to tour the Great Court and discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies.
  3. Musée d’Orsay, Paris also allows visitors to indulge themselves into the world of artworks of famous artists that lived between 1848 to 1914.
  4. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul can also be the ideal virtual date location for you two lovebirds to walk around 6 floors filled with Contemporary Art originating from Korea and also around the globe. 

– Alia

With this date idea, you can have a little competish to awaken the competitive fire residing in both of you. Of course, without it getting a little out of hand, hopefully you’ll still love each other the same amount before the competition starts (just kidding!). You can have a video call and angle it somewhere where you can see each other bake and get messy in the kitchen to whip up pastries or maybe even a cake!  


Just see who bakes the fastest and due to the circumstances, you must judge your own ‘artwork’ and defend each other’s creation. The winner and rules and regulation can just be determined by the two of you but let’s be real, the winner isn’t important, the thing that matters the most is that the both of you can have fun with each other (ugh so corny). 

– Alia

One activity that enables sharing a screen without actually sharing a screen is watching movies of course! Whether you’re separated by government-mandated quarantine or by countries apart, it’s easy to put on the same movie at the same time and watch it together. Especially during the revolutionary era of streaming  services as well as the convenience of video calling apps, a movie date has never been more inclusive! Plus, there’s also websites online that enables you to watch movies together like Netflix Party, that syncs the movie across devices and provides group chatting for a more interactive experience with your friends (or date!).

– Lisa

For all the homebodies or worker bees, having an elaborate date planned may

not be favourable. Perhaps in your free time you would rather wash the piling dishes in the sink or just take a breather and listen to some music, or better yet, do both! With the right person, even doing chores while appreciating some tunes becomes something to look forward to, even if the company is just over Skype. From personal experience, I find that doing little things like this with the person you like is simple and rewarding, especially after a long day and you’re dreading to do the laundry. I know that I’ve made plenty of new playlists while doing such activities with another. Not only do you get to know the person more and their taste in music, you get to be productive and relax. All while being in the comforts of your home, with the company of the person you like.

– Lisa

Gaming, especially online gaming, has always been an interactive social platform for many friends and strangers to play together. It gets addictive, it gets frustrating, but most importantly, it gets super fun! Turn on your video camera and your mics, and scream and shoot your way through the game with your crush. If it’s not just as a fun activity to do together, playing games together could also be a tell-all for who they are as a person, in a witty and competitive way of course. Nowadays, even most traditional board games are already available online. So, even if role-playing games or first-person shooter games are not to your taste, you can still have fun with a  game of Monopoly or Pictionary. No matter what kinds of games you like, you can now do it online with your date as a sweet way to spend time with each other! 

– Lisa

Another Valentine’s day date idea could be making a vision board with your partner! A vision board is basically a collage of images and words used to represent a person’s wishes and goals, intended to serve as inspiration and motivation. So, how about putting your creative skills to use and making a vision board this Valentine’s day! Start by thinking about the goals and dreams you wish to achieve, then, finding pictures to represent them. The pictures can be from anywhere you like, whether they’re from magazines and newspapers or simply printing them off of the Internet. After collecting all your pictures, arrange them in any way you like on a board of your choice. Write captions, sprinkle some glitter and voilà, you have a vision board! It’s a perfect date idea as you and your partner do not have to be together to do it. Additionally, y’all can use this to motivate yourselves and each other!

– Thaera

Yup, you heard us! Everyone has their own definition of an “ideal date”. What’s yours? There’s many ways to visualise your “ideal date”, one of them being building an “Ideal Date” board on Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a visual discovery engine used to find ideas. The app is compatible with both, Android and iOS. Have your partner on the other end of the line and talk about how y’all envision the “perfect date”. Add pictures to your board to perfectly describe it! Your pictures can incorporate ideas for location, outfits, activities, food, whatever you wish! Maybe after this Covid-19 situation, y’all can actually put your ideas to use!

– Thaera

Are you or your partner health freaks? Or do y’all just enjoy working out? Even if y’all don’t, it’s about time to start! What better way to get rid of all the toxins in your body than sweat it out? Not only can it improve health, it can also get you into shape. Again, it’s another activity which can be done virtually. Use your normal workout routine, or find one on the Internet, and you’re good to go. Get your partner on video call with you and workout together! Have fun laughing at each other’s forms while motivating each other to continue. You’ll both definitely feel better after a good workout session. Plus, it gives you an extra reason to reward yourself!

– Thaera

Well, you know those rom-com movies where the groom or bride sings in the wedding and it is just so emotional that you want to get married tomorrow. (or at least think about it?) Plus, you are obviously crying with a smile on your face awwing every bit of it. Well, it is not about singing flawlessly but the gesture itself. It is sweet, memorable and most definitely very romantic!

There is no better way to express your feelings to your loved ones than singing it out for them. So, this valentine, sing to your partner a romantic song. If you know how to play the guitar or piano, it will be all the more special to play it while singing too! Here’s a list of songs that will be perfect for this occasion; All of me by John Legend, Perfect by Ed Sheeran, You Are the reason by Calum Scott, My heart will go on by Celine Dion..

– Yoosuf

I always wondered as a child, how people describe facial features and other physical attributes of people so well in crime/thriller movies, well enough to make a perfect sketch! Do you think you can describe the tiniest details of the person you love perfectly? (not to the police of course) What better way is there to do this other than making a sketch on your own. This valentine, video call your partner, put your artist cap on and start sketching them. This would certainly help you appreciate your partner and learn about them in a fun way!

– Yoosuf

We all can agree that love is best when shared. This valentine’s make a collab with your loved one on tiktok live and share with others the reasons you love each other. This is not only going to help you strengthen your relationship but will also be an inspiration to other bored couples in tiktok! ????

In addition, you can also try some fun challenges on this valentine’s like saying yes to your girlfriend/boyfriend for 24 hours challenge. You can make your partner say yes to every one of your requests (*inserts devil emoji*) this valentine! Or you can do one of those choose a hidden gift challenges and ask your partner to choose one among a few! And if you are creative enough you and your partner can make a whole new valentines challenge! This is surely going to keep things fun and cute.

I guess that’s all for our suggested date ideas during this outbreak. Don’t worry about the pandemic ruining your relationship because if the love is strong enough, any obstacles can be overcome. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day in quarantine and stay safe!

Written By – Alia, Thaera, Lisa & Yoosuf

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