The New IMU SRC!

The IMU Student Representative Council (SRC) election results for 20/21 have just been released! 

First of all, thank you to all the students of IMU who took their time to vote for the student representative of their choice. I’m sure all our new SRC’s members are grateful for the support they have received. 

It is undoubtedly an exciting time, as the new SRC members settle into their new roles and endeavour to achieve all their visions as outlined in their manifestos. While our newly elected SRC members strive to fill the shoes and continue the legacy of our past SRC leaders, it is our duty as students of IMU to support them throughout their journey. After all, their primary intention is to improve the quality of our lives in IMU! 


If you’re not aware of who our new representatives are, fear not! Here’s the complete list of our newly elected SRC members:


  1. President: Devansh Mitesh Shah
  2. VP of Medicine & Psychology: Mir Omer Ali
  3. VP of Dentistry: Patricia Celestial Foo Thai Xin Mei
  4. VP of Pharmacy: Chiah Ruey Chee
  5. VP of Health Sciences: Loong Ka Hui
  6. Public Relations Representative: Denise Ling
  7. Social Concerns Representative: Olivia Bong
  8. External Sports Representative: Mugtadi Abdelazim Hussein Mohamad Osman
  9. Internal Sports Representative: Ruben Raj A/L Ellan Govan
  10. IT Representative: Hew Rhu Jhenn
  11. Treasurer: Mehejabeen Murshed


Despite it being only a few hours since the election results were announced, here’s a short message from the Public Relations representative, Denise Ling, on behalf of our new, eager-to-serve SRC ~

“As your new SRC, we hope to serve to the best of our ability and be your voice. We’re here because we’re passionate about improving the student experience here in IMU. We’re here not only to act on our ideas but to consider all of yours as well. So on behalf of each member of the SRC, please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re here for each other, and we can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you!”

Well said, Denise. We couldn’t agree more – we can only make our own IMU experience incredible if we work together. Thus, from all of us at the IMUEdit, we wish the newly elected SRC representatives a fantastic future, hand in hand with everyone, and everything IMU has to offer!


Congratulations and let’s all have a terrific year ahead!

~ Brought to you by the Editorial Board of IMU; Written by Tahseen and Veenaa ~


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