Team from IMU Won MyPSA Young Entrepreneurship Program 2016

A total of 5 teams, consisting of 16 students from IMU participated in the myPSA Young Entrepreneur Program 2016 which took place in Wisma MPS and Taylor’s Lakeside University. Students were able to widen their knowledge on entrepreneurship through workshops, forum, and talks in the 3 days period. On the last day of the event, a pitching competition was held whereby each team have to pitch their own innovative startup idea.

Team “Planners on a Mission” which comprises of Ong Sze Ling, See Mun Ling and Hong Khai Shien from IMU managed to secure championship title in the competition. It was indeed an eye-opening event which was worth participating in. Students are encouraged to take part in such events to not only widen their perspective, but also widen their network.

Here’s what the winning team have to say when asked regarding their victory.

Young Entrepreneur Program captivated our attention to join as it can serve as a platform for us as well as fellow aspiring entrepreneurs to convey our ideas to a wider audience. As entrepreneurship can be defined in many ways, entrepreneurship for us involved in the Pharmacy profession means fulfilling our responsibilities to the society. As a pharmacist, we have the responsibility to give our best services to our patient for the betterment of their health. Hence, continual improvement and new ideas that can improve the pharmacy system in terms of workflow, accessibility, and reliability is essential to eradicate any discomfort that might be faced by the patients.

This program has definitely broadened our knowledge on the entrepreneurship arena. There were many useful workshops for every participant during the 2 and a half days’ program. Through these workshops, we have learnt that as aspiring entrepreneurs, there are many factors that have to be taken into account when launching a new product. For a new product to be successful, the value proposition, target market, revenues, sustainability and more, have to be carefully planned out. These criteria are essential in order for entrepreneurs to look for potential investors. We have also learnt that there are actually many funding companies in Malaysia where interested entrepreneurs can look into for monetary support.

Overall, the experience and exposure gained from this program are greatly beneficial; and we are extremely thankful for all the committees of YEP for organizing and making this program a success.

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