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A compilation of KL’s Top 10 favourite haunts from IMU’s students!

This year has been something none of could have ever expected (unless you’re some sort of futuristic Super Saiyan named Trunks from Dragon Ball Z). We’ve been through so much – online learning, MCOs, social distancing and repeated lockdowns in Malaysia and beyond. However, one of the things that has kept all of us here at the editorial club going is our friends & family and more importantly, the time we spent with them, especially at the PLACES we want to spend with them.

So, with that, we’ve greeted a small compilation of all our favourite haunts to be at once this social distancing ends. Try these places out or just live vicariously through your committee’s beautiful pictures & awesome reviews. 

[All of the ‘mode of transport’ timings mentioned are with respect to the distance and time from IMU]

Review:  This is for y’all who like to get your instagram pics, dining and walking in nature done all in one go! Botanica  + Co is the perfect sophisticated garden party experience. You will be dining amidst pale pristine glass windows, leafy trees and the perfect *elegant* ambience. The food is a culmination of Chef Chuan’s nomadic travels and 15+ years of culinary finesse – featuring the finest smoked salmon eggs benedict, meatless mondays and a cheeky Lychee Martini, the whole experience will keep you craving more! Calling ahead is preferred as the place tends to be packed, especially for a sure fire way to impress your date 😉

Review: A must try place for meat lovers. A perfect place to hangout with friends. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it. This place is known for their excellent service and delicious food. Many people love their steak and the Taiping Seafood porridge is so nutritious and mouth watering. The food is worth it and the ambience is very welcoming which sets the mood for any outing with your loved ones.

Review: Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is the place to go if you are passionate about the history of Malaysia. You may ask yourself, “Why would I want to spend my perfect afternoon learning about Malaysian history?!”. Well, Royal Selangor is not your average museum that will bore you with war stories, in fact, they have their own pewter factory located right next to their exhibition which you can visit and see the whole pewter-making process while taking a trip down memory lane of the history of pewter-making in Malaysia guided by one of their lovely staff!

Not only that, you can purchase an item you fancy that is freshly made from the factory. Have I mentioned Royal Selangor has been in collaborations Marvel AND Star Wars? Yes! You can get your own “pewter-fied” Thanos or maybe a small iron man pewter badge. There is a cafe located inside for all you hungry hippos and coffee-addicts to munch on some delicious food after your tour! Not to mention, this place literally holds the World Guinness Record for having the largest pewter tankard. So what are you waiting for? Head on and pay this amazing place a visit!

ReviewIf you ever need a break from work or whatever that it is that is making life miserable, skytrex is the best place to just relax and have fun! Don’t forget to bring along some friends too! Skytrex can be found in Langkawi, Melaka and Sungai Congkak. There are three different levels and I feel that to make the most out of your experience, you have to try going for the highest level ( Advanced Rapid Extreme). You will get to climb, jump, fly across trees or maybe dangle if you get stuck. So, if you have a group of friends who love taking up challenges and getting that adrenaline rush going, then skytrex is one of the best places to share those moments together.

Review: If you’re a chilli pan mee lover, look no further than Restoran Super Kitchen. The traditional chilli pan mee they serve is hands down the greatest of the bunch. The mixture of noodles, runny yolk, minced meat and chilli flakes is a perfect combination that will make you go “wow”. Not only is it cheap, but the portion is generous too. It’s definitely a catch for those looking for an affordable, delicious and filling meal.

Review: Ever heard of Mantra Bar KL? If you haven’t, let me tell you about it! It is a rooftop bar and lounge located in the heart of Bangsar. This restaurant and bar is definitely a place to have a great celebration. With delicious food and a wide array of drinks, you’ll have a tough time choosing what to order. Although some items on the menu may be a little bit on the pricey side, it is indeed worth it. Their alfresco dining deck, couches, day beds and private cabanas will allow you to surrender your worries and have a good time.

Also, you can take great pictures with the amazing view of the city in the back. That being said, try to go around sunset so the beautiful colours of the sky fill your pictures! Apart from that, the music played will definitely put you in a good mood. The DJ plays very well! It would be good if you could make a reservation as the place tends to get fully booked. So, the next time you’re looking for a place to bring your partner, hangout with family or a group of friends, be sure to consider Mantra Bar KL!

Review:  As much as I like reading e-reading, nothing can compare to a having a real book in your hands. I do enjoy heading down to bookstores and discovering new titles. Finding Kinokuniya during a visit to KLCC was a lovely treat. You’ll never miss it; the bookstore is huge! The tranquil environment and abundance of natural lighting sets the mood for a good browse around.

Kinokuniya covers an extensive range of books from classic literature to weekly magazines, a variety of cute stationery and other fun goodies. Display shelves highlight books by local and international authors in addition to books adapted in different languages such as Malay and Chinese books sourced from Taiwan and China. I was mostly impressed with their Japanese section where it offers a remarkable selection of manga, graphic design magazines, idol photo books as well as the latest best-sellers in Japan. Occasionally, they offer good promotion prices off their books and items and host art exhibitions.

The bookstore also comes equipped with a little café of their own, located at the mezzanine floor, where you can sit and devour your new book alongside a great cup of coffee.

All in all – truly a bibliophile’s paradise!

Review: Looking for somewhere to splurge your money? Then, Berjaya Times Square is the perfect place for you. Ranging from beauty products to latest fashion wear and techy stuff, this mall has over 1000 retail stores so you can spend your money and your time in these shops. Other than shopping, there are 65 food outlets which vary from traditional local food like laksa and asam jeruk to international street food like corn dogs and bubble tea. If you simply just want to have some fun, then head to the bowling arena or the cinema or even the escape room. You’ll never bore yourself to death when you go here so drop by Berjaya Times Square, just make sure your wallet is loaded! XD

Review: Do you feel like having a night out with your friends that does not end within one restaurant or mall? Well, TREC is the right place for you! With over 35 restaurants and bars in the same place, TREC is the definition of nightlife in KL. Obviously, I cannot highlight every hangout in TREC, but I am going to share with you two of my favourite places there. On top of the list is where you get the best lasagne in KL, The Social Bar and Restaurant. You are promised to get the juiciest, most flavourful and the cheesiest lasagne you have never had! In addition to that, the Bolognese nachos at The Social is exceptional! They also have happy hour promos.

Next is the most creative and eye-catching bar I have ever been to, The Iron Fairies! With the delicate artistic designs of the Bar Designer Ashley Sutton, The Iron Fairies is the one of the most expensive bars built in KL. Well, do not take my word for it, just look at the picture below! The DJ and music at the bar create an amazingly energetic vibe that makes you feel like you are in a secret world of your own. So, if you have not been to Iron Fairies yet, JUST GO!

Review: Heaps of studies, a pile of lectures and an upcoming CA. It’s overwhelming, pressuring and stressing. You feel you need to pause and move away for a break. So, let me take you far away to a far thought and to a far place. Drive your car or take a “Grab” to what will be your 20-30 mins of serenity and peace. To the Putrajaya Lake! It’s only around 20 mins driving from IMU. It’s a scenery of beauty, a touch of serenity and a feeling of peace. You pause your life and pause the world. 

Everything that doesn’t make sense and everything that makes sense are piled away and your thoughts evaporate. It’s just you, the scenery, the serenity and the peace.

It’s a well-spent break and a well-spent day!

If any of you have any other suggestions for places or would like to be included in future pieces like this, please shoot us an email or come talk to us on campus!

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