Study Hacks from a Struggling Student

It’s a stressful time in our lives, what with the online classes and the pandemic which doesn’t seem to have any plans on leaving anytime soon.With everyone leading repetitive days spent indoors, I’m presenting you with some hacks to get through this stressful period without completely losing your sanity.

1.  Do not hesitate to ask your seniors for help. They’ve already gone through what you’re going to face and most of the time they’re more than happy to lend a hand and guide you, whether it be just explaining the processes or forwarding additional learning resources to you.

2.  I’m sure you have met some lecturers that talk ever so slowly that you forget what they’ve said in the beginning of their sentences by the time they get around to finishing them. It’s God’s gift to us that pre-recorded lectures are uploaded into the eLearn portal now. Listen to these videos at 1.5x the normal speed (or 2x, for some lecturers) so that you cover the content faster. Of course, you should also try to attend the synchronous lectures, but this hack can help when revising for the upcoming exams.

3.  If you’re having trouble understanding specific content, just search it up on YouTube. Chances are, there’s probably an easy-as-ABC video explaining the topic already uploaded there.

4. Prep your meals for the week during the weekend and make your refrigerator and freezer your best pals. You’re going to save so much time throughout the week if you don’t have to cook a whole meal or waste time deciding what to cook or where to order from. There are several sites on the internet that can guide you to prep your meals with respect to your dietary needs, so give them a try!

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Written by Ahmed Basil Shiyam (ME219)

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