SRC Handover Ceremony 2019

April 25 heralded a change in student leadership in IMU as the hour-long Student Representative Council (SRC) Handover Ceremony was conducted at the Auditorium. The annual ceremony marks the passing of the torch from the SRC members of the previous term to their newly-elected counterparts. At 12.30pm, Shehzeen Lalani (new Public Relations Representative), the emcee for this year’s ceremony, began by welcoming Prof Dato Dr Maimunah Binti A. Hamid, who was representing the Dean of the School of Medicine, Mr Saravanan Muthiah and Ms May Kuan from the Student Services Hub (SSH), Prof Allan Pau Kah Heng, Dean of the School of Dentistry, and the students who attended the ceremony. 

Mr Saravanan was then invited to give a speech. He thanked the outgoing team for the effort they had put in for the past year and advised them to utilise everything they had learned to enhance themselves. He then addressed the new council members, calling them “key drivers” and informing them to work together with the IMU management as their “eyes and ears” to look for ways to improve the university. 

Up next was Mehra Ahsan, who dedicated her final speech as the President of the SRC 2018/2019 to the SSH and her SRC peers. She was grateful for the support, guidance and advice provided by Mr Saravanan and Ms May Kuan during her tenure. She also stated that every feat that the SRC 2018/2019 had achieved was a result of their teamwork and greatly appreciated the improvements and changes implemented by each of the council members. Besides that, she explained about the flagship events which the SRC had organised – including International Day and Earth Fest – and encouraged the new council to host relevant events that could “positively impact the community”. She added that it was an absolute pleasure to be President and hoped that they would collaborate again in the future. Before she officially relinquished her job, she shared with the future SRC members that there was an excellent support system in the form of their predecessors and SSH should they need any help in achieving their manifesto goals or other plans and wished the new team “the very best of luck”. Following her speech was the Handover Ceremony, which saw the SRC members of 2018/2019 passing nametags to the new council members of 2019/2020.  

After the handover, Abdul Rauf s/o Abdul Rashid, the newly-appointed SRC President of 2019/2020, took the podium and thanked those present for being there. He also appreciated the previous council members for their mentoring sessions as well as the SSH for making IMU a better place. “To the incoming council, my hopes and aspirations for all of us is to be motivated throughout and to work to our very best for the students, for the staff, for IMU, so please do work with me and work with one another to strive for the best,” he concluded.

When Abdul’s speech was over, Mr Saravanan presented each of the SRC members of 2018/2019 with certificates. The previous and current council members then gathered together for group photos, and even took group selfies with Mr Saravanan! The ceremony finally ended with the exchange of gifts between the ex-council and new council members. 


Student Representative Council Members of 2019/2020 

Abdul Rauf s/o Abdul Rashid (ME117) 

Wong Yee Hua (BP117) 

Danushka de Silva (ME118) 

VP of Medical Sciences 
Zainab Akbar (ME118) 

VP of Dentistry 
Lee Zi Xian (DT118) 

VP of Pharmacy 
Chan Yee Qian (BP118) 

VP of Health Sciences 
Nur Fadhlin Jazilah Johan (BM118) 

VP of Complementary and Alternative Medicine 
Gan Yee Hung (CM117) 

VP of Postgraduate Studies 
Yee Zong Yang (BM113) 

Public Relations Representative 
Shehzeen Alnoor Abdulmalik Lalani (ME218) 

IT Representative 
Muhammad Aniq bin Halim (ME218) 

International Students Representative 
Anuki Sakya de Silva (ME118) 

Social Concerns Representative 
Kabilaan Siriganesan (ME218) 

Cultural and Religious Representative 
Anagha Ajay Mandhare (ME217) 

Sports Representative 
Gary Wong Rui Ming (ME218) 

Vice Sports Representative 
Teoh Hui Si (BP117) 

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