Spice up your room

Our rooms are where we spend a considerable amount of time of our lives, so we might as well try to make it as comfortable and pleasant as we can. Here are some ways by which you can spice up your little personal area for your inner happiness.

The past year had forced us to spend quite a bit of our time constrained within the four walls of our room. Having to spend so much time indoors, it is crucial for our mental health that the space should be radiating pleasant vibes and not akin to being in a prison. Let’s look into some ways by which you can liven up your bedroom and make it your little safe haven.

Lights. Give your room some dazzle by hanging fairy lights around the furniture or stick them on the walls. It doubles as both a night-light for those who fear the dark and as an aesthetic “rope” for hanging some polaroid pictures or tiny posters on. You could also install those colour-changing led lights on the edge of your ceiling like all the hip youngsters on TikTok are doing these days.

Posters. Personalise your room by printing out posters of whatever inspires you the most and hanging them. It could be posters of your favourite singer, band, celebrity, or anyone or anything really. If you love nature, try posters of natural sceneries and landscapes, or animals. If you enjoy taking photos of places you’ve visited, try decorating your walls with those memories and show off your photography skills. You could also keep it simple with motivational quotes that keep you moving forward. Show off your inner personality with these posters and be as wild as you want! After all, it is your room.

A little bit of home. Most of us are living away from our homes, at hostels or in apartments close to campus, so it doesn’t come as much of a shock that we may experience some occasional bouts of homesickness. Place a picture of you with your family or friends on your study table to inspire you. Have a little souvenir from home at your study desk, or pictures of home hung around somewhere nearby. Even little things that may seem insignificant may lift your mood up when you’re missing home or feeling lonely.

Candles. Or anything that smells good. Pleasant smells can transport you to different levels of peace, especially when you’re stuck in one place. Whether it be a 3-wick scented candle from Bath & Body Works, reed diffusers from The Body Shop, potpourri from Ikea, or literally anything that has a fragrant smell, they will surely calm your anxiety and improve your mood by creating a warm ambiance. Studies also show that such pleasant smells stimulate our memory and helps us to get a restful sleep; both of which are important for us students.

Plants. Indoor plants really are the bomb; they improve your mood by reducing stress, and can even improve your performance and focus. Not to mention they look great and can even be a pet of sorts that you have to look after, which will hopefully teach you to be more responsible if you don’t kill them. If you’re interested in getting an indoor plant, make sure to read the guide on indoor plants published here a few weeks back!

Make your bed comfortable. If you’re not at your study table, or in the kitchen, chances are you’re going to be spending the rest of the time in bed. So it makes sense to make your bed as comfortable as possible, to get a well-rested sleep or even for when you’re studying or watching Netflix in your bed. Invest in more pillows (the more the merrier), and a good set of sheets and blankets for a warm and comfy time in bed.

Make your room study-friendly. It’s important to create a good vibe so that you’re motivated to study. Just a study table may be enough, but make sure that the table is not overcrowded with too many objects that may distract you. If you’re looking for ways to further spice things up, try getting a bulletin board to jot down your weekly/daily schedules or calendars and other short notes that you may take when studying. Or you can transform a wall into a whiteboard by covering it up with whiteboard paper (available in most bookstores and online on Shopee), so that you can scribble random notes when you’re trying to make sense of your lectures.

And my personal favourite: Get a long extension cord. Don’t go through the trouble of suffering with one power outlet that is on the far end of the room. Get an extension cord so that you can play with your phone in your bed while it charges. Life is too short to struggle over such measly things at our tender age.

by Basil (ME2/19)

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