Songs That Sleigh

A song compilation by the IMU Edit Team

Name: Tahseen, FS120

Artist + LinkRyokuoushoku Shakai –

Synopsis: Shout Baby is the peppy ed for BNHA (Boku no Hero Academia’s) 4th season. Written about a first love, that once meant a lot but you have now moved on from,  it’s the kind of song that you listen to once and think “oh nicee” and then it keeps on coming back to you at random moments of your day. 

Name: Tham Rou Win, ME120

Artist + LinkBruno Mars –

Synopsis: Here’s a little something to warm your heart during this festive season. Bruno’s voice never fails to melt anyone. Trust me 😉

Name: Niylesha Sekar, BP119

Artist + LinkTaylor Swift –

Synopsis: Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift is an upbeat, cheery, warm Christmas-themed song with romantic lyrics.

Name: Brianna, BM119

Artist + LinkShawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – 

Synopsis: Christmas spirit dampened? Fret not!  ‘The Christmas Song’  released by Hollywood’s cutest couple and their heartwarming home-made music video will definitely get you in the holiday spirit.

Name: Lisa Maisara, ME219

Artist + LinkJulian Casablancas –

Synopsis: Julian Casablancas, frontman of The Strokes and The Voidz, is known for the revitalization of rock in the early 2000s. So, if you’re looking for a rock and roll twist while still having the classic, cheery tone of Christmas music, this is the song for you! With the lyrics embodying the yearning for Christmas and capturing the  magic of the holiday, you can lift your holiday spirits for the celebration with this listen!

Name: Natalie Leh, ME219

Artist + Link: Ella Fitzgerald –

Synopsis: This song is such a classic, with its fun upbeat rhythm for the Christmas cheers. What more it’s sung by the Queen of Jazz!

Name: Brian OuYong Ming, ME120

Artist + LinkJP Saxe, Jullia Michaels –

Synopsis: A song that reminds you that the passage of time doesn’t stop. Whatever it is in life we go through, the ones we love will forever be in our hearts. 

Name: Nur Alia Abdul Aziz, FIS120

Artist + LinkBTS – 

Synopsis: This song is the perfect embodiment of a warm hug. After a stressful day of working or studying, don’t you just crave that feeling to snuggle up under the cozy blankets? It’s alright to feel down sometimes , you just have to embrace those feelings and endure whatever you’re going through because whatever that comes your way, you’re gonna make it out stronger than before as life goes on.

Name: Ugeshwary, FIS120

Artist + LinkDAY6 –

Synopsis: This song is composed  by one of the DAY6 members, Wonpil. It is about unconditional love. Our mothers are the one that shows unconditional love and affection towards us no matter what we do. They love us for who we are and show us the essence of home. This song was made to deliver the similar warmth and fuzziness we get from the unconditional love to all the listeners of this song. I’ll Try is a song just accompanied by  soothing vocals of DAY6 members and a calming piano melody.

Name: Idman Mohamed, BP120

Artist + LinkJoJo –

SynopsisA vocally brilliant and unique R&B take on a Christmas classic.

Name: Samanthal Yap Hui Nee FIS120

Artist + LinkBarbie – 

Synopsis: A cheerful, upbeat and catchy song from the  soundtrack of A Perfect Christmas, that i personally like to keep on replay during Christmas Eve.

Name: Samanthal Yap Hui Nee FIS120

Artist + Link花僮 –

Synopsis: If you don’t understand mandarine  but don’t mind listening to something you don’t understand, this is a fun song to hit up  (you can still  hit it up if you do understand madarine of course ) . Sped up after the Dj edit, it’s catchy , and makes you wanna wiggle your butt and jump to the beat of it.

Name: Hamda Haider FIS320

Artist + LinkZara Larson –

Synopsis: An uplifting blend of exotic and memorable beats,this song is sure to capture your attention. With light lyrics and a catchy chorus,it guarantees an ecstatic vibe and is bound to be stuck in your head for weeks.

Name: Tan Nian Wan BP119

Artist + LinkHarry James Orchestra – 

Synopsis: This jazzy song is well known to be played during the last scene of Avengers Endgame where Steve Rogers and Peggy shared an intimate slow dance in their 50’s home. Heart-warming, soothing and nostalgic, it deserves to be on the list of ‘Oldies but Goodies’.

Name: Lee Jia Yee, BM120

Artist + Link:

Official MV:

Cover by Emma Heesters:

Synopsis: The producing & recording process is quite fast, approximately one month. The lyrics are inspired by personal experiences that many couples might have experienced and were written by Weird Genius with Sara Fajira. Musically, we balance EDM and modern English with traditional culture from Javanese instruments and lyrics, “explained Weird Genius. When I first listened to this song I thought it is a very unique song as there are also Javanese lyrics within the song. Although the original version is already perfect itself, but if you prefer a more tranquil version then please go for the cover by Emma Heesters.

Name: Thaera Roy, FS120

Artist + LinkMokita –

Synopsis: Mental health has recently become a more serious issue. Some of us often wonder and question why our lives may be a little more difficult compared to others’. The lyrics of this song perfectly describe those feelings. It is definitely a song to listen to whenever you’re not feeling your best and just want to listen to something relatable.

Name: June Pau, FS320

Artist + LinkAlvin and the Chipmunks – 

Synopsis: This cute song always brings so much nostalgia and happy memories. The innocence of the chipmunks and their pure excitement towards Christmas is always something we need in our hectic lives now. Though slightly annoying, I catch myself humming to it all the time. For a less squeaky take, try its cover by Cimorelli!

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