When a magnificent flash of blazing light dawned over the horizon, it was accompanied by a mushroom cloud that conquered the heavens, it’s fiery wave and forceful strength obliterating everything in its way. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” were uttered in the mind of Robert Oppenheimer as he witnessed the first detonation of an atomic weapon. It has become evident to man that science in it’s immeasurable might has the capability to reach unforseen heights of achievement, to benefit the world and to empower humans.

 In the laws of nature, there can be no greater governing body to the comprehension of the vast universe than the sanctity of science. As the advancement of humanity runs parallel to the ceaseless progress of time, the human race had continuously explored the unbounding providence of nature to understand the complexities of the universe. From a superior understanding of the origins of our existence to “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, unlocking unprecedented milestones civilization can once only dream of achieving. Science is therefore the constitution of the universe, with its elements bounded by the trinity of sciences, namely Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

As we witness the world we know plunge into the gloom of the coronavirus pandemic, curtailing the very basic liberties humanity had enjoyed before with millions facing unemployment and increasing poverty, the current situation in which we are impelled into once again places science in a vital position. Science has allowed most of our world to return to normality and had given us hope for a brighter future as scientists worked to create vaccines and better testing devices, bringing the pandemic towards an end. 

 Although we can never be certain what the future holds, there is certainly hope that we will have much to be thankful for, as science might have found the answers to cure cancer or unlock the ability to time travel. I can be certain that science will significantly improve the life of every inhabitant of this world and we will be able to beckon the benefits it has to offer. Science is definititely important for the future of our generation.

by Lai En Chong

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