Precious Time

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. There has never been a definition for time. It is just one of those things which we accept as we grow older. Our parents never tried to explain it to us. That would prove more than a herculean task for time that is something abstract. Despite this, from our very early childhood days, the value of time has been constantly drummed into our minds by our parents, teachers and various other people. We have only a short period of life in which to achieve our hopes, aims and aspirations. Therefore, we must make use of every second of it wisely. “Time and tide wait for no man” be he a prince, millionaire or monarch. One cannot stop time or recover time or even buy it at any price. Men may come and men may go but time goes on forever. Time, once passed, is lost forever. Science with all its progress, has not been able to do anything about it. Diseases have been conquered, satellites and rockets have been launched, but nothing has been done about time. No one has been able to travel back through time. Time is abstract and at the same time omnipotent. Time has been in existence even before creation. Time has no age, no limit. In other words, “Time” is eternal.

by Suganthan

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