Nottingham Ultimate Taekwondo Showdown 2016 (NUTS)

The second Nottingham Ultimate Taekwondo Showdown 2016 (NUTS) was held on the 9th and 10th of April. It was organized by University of Nottingham Taekwondo Club under Master Bala, their coach. On the 9th of April, participants were required to weigh-in at the Sport Center, University of Nottingham to ensure that they will be competing in the right category.

            On the 10th of April, Poomsae and Kyorugi competition was held simultaneously. For those who are unfamiliar with the Taekwondo terms, Poomsae also known as pattern is a set of Taekwondo movements that contain blocks, punches, strikes, and kicks logically arranged in a meaningful order. The patterns were developed by the grandmasters hundred years ago. The athletes were require to follow the Poomsae as it is. The judging criteria were based on the accuracy of every footwork and hand movements, as well as the charisma of the athletes during the performance. Kyorugi also known as sparring is where two individuals fight each other for most points by kicking to the vest (stomach area) and above, to the head. The only way for an athlete to win the match is by gaining more points than the opponent or knockout (KO). The athletes are required to read the opponents movements and react to every movement accurately.Kyorugi 1

            For this particular event, the organisers invited various universities nationwide to compete in and to crown the ultimate champion. IMU Taekwondo Club was honoured with the invitation. 8 players from the club competed; 7 Kyorugi players and 1 Poomsae player.



Based on the results, IMU Taekwondo Club aimed to bring back a gold medal in the upcoming tournament. Chan Chee Shan, the team manager, was proud with the results from the players and hoped that they will improve their skill to get better results in the future.

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