Mute the World

People say, you say & I say.

People quarantined, you isolated & I locked.

Beyond this loud music, there is another side of the world. It only takes you the mute button to get there.

Because muting the loud music takes you to the other side of the world, it takes you to your favourite game, to your family bonding, to the book you purchased several months or probably years ago but never managed to read, to your self-evaluation, to your new habits & to your self-exploration.

Muting the loud music simply takes you to the inner you where you flourish & grow & where you give yourself a break off to explore happiness & warmness.

In the midst of the dullness, there’ll always be a sparkle that shines miles away. It’s up to your eyes to decide which to see & it’s up to you to decide which side to walk into.

Start a new day with a new beginning…A new habit, a new plan & a new change. The beginning does not deviate you away from your road.

It,rather, gives you a new consideration & new shoes to continue walking through.

Re-prioritise your priorities, grow through self-development & go back to what makes you happy & which you couldn’t manage to do along with your busy life before the loud music suddenly started..Go back to your habits or start new healthier & happier ones. Go back to what makes you laugh, happy & joyous.

Go back to your little family at home, your bonding & your loved ones.
Just mute the loud music, shut down your ears for a while & let your eyes see the sparkle of light in the midst of the dull room & you’ll probably get there to where everything begins to make sense.

And when all the loud music drives off & when you’ll no longer need to mute the world, you’ll be delightfully going back to the other side of the world with a new beginning & a new change.

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