MOVIE REVIEW: Finding Dory (Spoiler free!)

Just like The Incredibles, it took more than a decade for Pixar to make a comeback with this sequel of Finding Nemo, which for me, was worth waiting 13 years for.  But, just in case you had already forgotten how good Finding Nemo was, let me refresh your memory. This fishy sequel was awashed with emotions and profoundly immersed with natural comedy and a great number of bright spots that will definitely catch the attention of the audience, Finding Dory has similar takes as Finding Nemo but with a different spin this time. The main characters include the kooky, googly-eyed creature Dory (Ellen Degeneres), Marlin, the constantly nervous clownfish (Brooks), and his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence).

I must say, the animators of this sequel had a bit of fun creating exciting new characters like Hank the Octopus voiced by Ed O’Neill who has chameleon-like powers, as well as sea lions, wacky birds, beluga whales and lots of other fish. As some of you might recall, Dory suffers from chronic short-term memory loss (which also affects most of university students during exams). Other than her name and the fact that she is separated from her parents, Dory cannot remember what it was that she forgot a moment ago. However, things are about to change as she gets bonked on the head and starts seeing flashes of her past.


One clue, a flashback that shows her a Sea World-like institution in California, eventually brings back a tremendous flood of memories of her parents. Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find her family, this time with the help of Nemo and Marlin. She also receives help from cranky Hank who depicts another dramatic yet emotional character that progressively catches your heart along the way. Dory’s intuition leads her to a touching family reunion after saving her mom and dad from captivity. However, Nemo worries that Dory’s reunion with her family will separate him from her after they’ve become a family themselves throughout the years.

The movie speaks about self-empowerment and the need to believe in yourself and what can happen when we tap into the true potential that lies inside of us and makes each of us different.

Similar in concept to Finding Nemo but with a different twist and take on characters, Finding Dory is an immersive one hour forty-five minutes underwater adventure that is simply breathtaking. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the sequel, ‘”Finding Dory” while going down memory lane and remembering the popular adventure of Finding Nemo -unless you are amnesic like Dory.

Finding Dory by Disney Pixar in Cinemas starting 16 June 2016



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