Merdeka Day Celebration at IMU

The Merdeka Day celebrations were held at IMU on the 29th and 30th August 2016 organized by the SRC, the SSH and the Cultural and Religious Societies of IMU. Being the sole chairperson of this event and the Cultural and Religious Representative of IMU it was great to have an opportunity to pull together all the clubs under me and give them a common goal of making Merdeka Day festive at IMU!

On the 29th of August we had a short ceremony to start off the Merdeka Festivities. Mr Sara from the SSH gave out prizes to the winners of the competition organized by the SSH and it was followed by performances by Yuvithra from the Hindu Society and Daniel and his group from the Music and Performance Society. The SRC shared some fun-facts on Malaysia while dressed in National attires and I gave out the final vote of thanks. Free chocolate and banana muffins from Mad Alchemy were given out to all those who attended the short ceremony.

The atrium was filled with flags and balloons decorated by the Choir club and the Japanese society and a board with important facts on Malaysia was done by the Chinese Society!The Buddhist society organized a fun photo-booth at the atrium with an Instagram challenge and the Christian Fellowship sold tasty Malay food for all to enjoy! Upstairs near the library the Korean society showed us their culture with a booth dedicated to selling Korean food and the Catholic Society sold tasty Chinese food for all!

Merdeka Day symbolizes much more than the right to be independent from foreign rulers. It symbolizes the unique Malaysian inclusion of all cultures and acceptance of our differences. Malaysia is a country which truly believes in diversity being its strength and Merdeka Day was a time in which the cultural and religious clubs showed their spirit for this nation by means of support to this event.

As the future professionals of Malaysia Merdeka Day is a good time to ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! I’m grateful to all Malaysians who continue to show this Sri Lankan girl a lot of love and make me feel at home here at IMU and in Malaysia!

Happy 59th birthday, Malaysia and Happy Merdeka Day to you all!

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