IMU Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association (INDSA) inauguration

22nd September 2021 marked the inauguration of IMU Nutrition and Dietetics Student Association (INDSA).  An online event was held by the student committee that evening to commemorate the occasion. INDSA is a student administrative quorum to represent the student body of Nutrition and Dietetics (NDT) program of IMU. It was attended by Dean of Health sciences Professor Winnie Chee, two Associate deans of school of health sciences, Association advisor, Head of nutrition and dietetics division, Dietetics program director and Nutrition program director. Additionally, university representatives from from University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and University Sains Malaysia (USM) were present.

During this event, Prof Winnie Chee gave an inaugural speech, where she congratulated the students for coming together and launching the association after 12 years of there being a Dietetics and Nutrition program in IMU. She also mentioned that the association can easily be used to provide the members with ample of opportunities to increase the networking and exposure to the dietetics and nutrition field. In her speech she talked about how the mission of the association is to inspire learning,  promote and advocate for knowledge,  and cultivate nutrition, health, and wellness among students, faculty, and the community at large within and external to IMU.

Furthermore, the President of INDSA Phang Chin Yi addressed the invitees and highlighted that they believe social communication, peer support, collaboration learning and networking with other universities and organisation can benefit the students’ professional ldevelopment. It was also mentioned that external collaboration is one of the main focuses of INDSA and they invited other universities to work together with them. A video recording was also shown which was followed by the introduction of the committee members for the year 2021/22, where each member said a few words to the participants. 

In this event the goals of INDSA and their future events were shared with the guests.  They aim to facilitate organic networking and communication for better social engagement. INDSA hopes to be the central institution for NDT related updates and bridge NDT students with any external liaison by representing them in external project collaborations. They aspire to hold events within IMU, in collaboration with other NDT student bodies as well as with the national professional body. 

Towards the end of the event, representatives from other universities said a few words congratulating the current committee members of INDSA. The event was adjourned with a photo session.

by Fathimath Maaha Luthufee

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