Hero: The Martyrs

In an organization or some sort of establishment, there are always people who sit behind the desk, do the thinking and contribute ideas relevant to that of a common vision. They are the think tanks of the organization that they’re in, assuming the highest of positions and make hard decisions which regular people like us don’t or are simply too afraid to make. In a nation, we label these people as the government. The government create jobs, provide healthcare and also education to feed young minds. We call them the law makers and peace keepers because they put people behind bars and keep everyone else safe.

…….However, they also make mistakes like how we all do. And consequent to that, disputes arise. People start taking sides and the promise to protect and defend the nation now seems to be turning into a mere preservation of their own ideals. Economy starts to weaken and food becomes scarce. Amongst us, our friends, brother or father are chosen to be in the frontline.

…….Politicians are often seen as a congregation of people who bask in the glory of governing the nation. Still, when it comes to the defending the nation, soldiers are the ones being sent out. An army of 10, 000 people whom we used to be living with are now the ones pledging their life for the sake of the nation. They bear the backlashes of badly made choices and pay the ultimate price so we can still live another day enjoying the comforts of home.


U.S Army Veteran – Photography Project by Betty Wu

…….As a citizen, I deem highly of these people who have chosen hope over fear. The path that they choose to walk on has never been one for the faint hearted. The courage mustered to sign their life away in service for us common people. These are noble acts in which politicians will never ever come close to making. Instead of writing papers and giving speeches, soldiers patrol in the far desserts and distant mountains. They guard the shores of our sea and watch overnight the borders of our land. In the harsh times of their service, they have certainly faced perils that we can only scarcely imagine. Thus, they display the true embodiment of the spirit of service. They walk miles and carry heavy loads just to ensure that the precious gift of freedom and independence that is passed on still remains.

…….And it is with this that we can have the confidence in them to ensure our safety. And also the unwavering faith that we can have in them that someday our children’s children will not ever live to taste the wrath of war. Thank you for your obscure yet profound labour that we seldom see and appreciate. It is because you have given your life away in service that we can still hold on to ours every day. You are our hero.

They guard the shores of our sea and watch overnight the borders of our land

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