Editorial Week '19 Contest

Uncaged Flight – #EW19

In the end
I won’t make sense
To anyone.

I’m just there
Floating between people
Not belonging
To anyone
Floating like the clouds
Over spaces
The folds and creases
Of clothes
Hung on lines
I’ll lie free in empty palaces
In its paint-peeling glory
And the last remnants
Of its flag
Dilapidated but strong

I’ll be a black man
Amongst a sea
Of white-skinned speakers
A concrete well standing
In the centre of
Well-groomed flowers
The flowers die
The speakers’ words die
Leaving the black man behind
And the concrete well
Amidst thunderstorms
And heatwaves
And rains
And snow
Standing like the black man
No flower could break it
No word could destroy him.

I’ll be a woman
I’ll be a refugee
I’ll be anything
You want me to be
I’ll always come back
I’ll break the chains
Throttling my neck
Piercing hard
Into my heart
Shards of glass
Trying to strip away
My dignity
But I’ll come back
Standing strong
Standing free
Against the words you speak
The guns you hold
The stereotypes
That speak for you

I’ll come back
Again and again
I’ll be free
And not an inch of you
Will ever be able
To cage me.

I’m not the caged bird.

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