Clouds. No one, probably, has ever doubted the beauty of clouds.

It’s as if it’s a primal instinct, an inbuilt character trait for us to find clouds beautiful. They represent nature in its most tranquil guise. But most of the time we take them for granted – They’re often cast the backdrop to our daily mundanities, something we curse at when it’s about to rain and we have to cancel our brunch plans, something we curse at when it’s too hot outside, something we look at until the Netflix movie we are about to watch on the plane finishes loading. However, if only we took the time to deliberately stare at the clouds and nothing else, we see the seemingly tranquil, mellow clouds represent the turbulent mayhem life can be. One second you see a large, inseparable mass spanning across the entire sky, 10 minutes later you see a portion of it detaching from its vast fabric, drifting slowly, losing definition. An hour later, there is no recognisable remnant of it. No trace of it ever being there.

You realise, just like life, there’s an erratic, dramatic, inexplicable mess happening above us, at all times, and just for a second you feel connected to the earth. We weren’t made to live, planned out, supremely perfect lives. just like the clouds above, we are all just fragments of entropy, beautiful, tranquil, yet chaotic, fragments of entropy.

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