Better Times

Life before Covid. I wish I appreciated it more. I never reckoned that I would experience a global pandemic, especially not one like this. Back in 2019, I remember seeing headlines about a mysterious virus which caused pneumonia in Wuhan. Yet, it never once crossed me that we would get to this stage. Who knew that in just 2 years, so much could change? 

I remember when the Malaysian government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) which was to be implemented on 18 March 2020 for two weeks. We had no idea what to expect. People were panicking. Items in grocery stores were quickly running low in stock. Carts were filled to the brim. Food supplies, toiletries and other essentials were stocked up in houses. Students then were celebrating thinking that they had a two week break from school. Companies were getting ready to work from home. But what was only supposed two weeks turned out to be six weeks. And from there, we had no choice but to adjust to this “new normal”. 

Back then we used to be able to walk out of the house without wearing a mask. One meter marks on the ground were pretty much non-existent. Going out and meeting people was a common daily routine. And suddenly, everything changed. Seeing loved ones phsyically became something we could only do after months of lockdown. Travelling is not as easy as it used to be. Having face-to-face classes has become so rare. 

Many children started their first day of school online. Teenagers have missed out on the prime time of their lives. Some students have graduated without even having a ceremony. Countless people have lost their jobs. Loved ones left without having anyone by their sides. Tens of thousands of people have succumb to the disease. Some are still fighting for their lives. 

It truly is a really sad situation. But, what can we do other than adapt? The virus is still very much in our community. But to get back to some sense of “normalcy”, we have no other option but to adapt, live with it and be extra cautious. And with each passing day, we should appreciate what we have a little more. Who knows when and how things will change again.

by Thaera Roy

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