Another Sunrise and Another Day

It’s, again, another sunrise and another day.

It’s, again, another repeated thought that is hauntingly and repeatedly wasting my day.

It’s, again, another question mark to who is really around and who is really there.

It’s another doubt of who will continue walking by my side till the end of the day, the following day, the next following day and the zillion coming days.

It’s, again, a quarrel between who the heart wants even if doesn’t actually care and who the mind knows is actually and genuinely there.

It’s, again, another win for the heart and loss for the mind that a one can’t bear.

It’s, again, another disappointment in who the heart chose for their acknowledged absence carrying so much despair.

It’s, again, another solitude, another pain, another why and another lost day.

It’s, again, another sunrise and another following day. 

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