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A Special Song

Written By – Ugeshwary

Everyone has a particular song or music which is close to their heart. It can be a  song they listened to with their loved ones or a piece of music that played during a special event.  Even after a long time, listening to the same melody will bring them to their nostalgic memories which will play alongside the rhythm.

Music helps people communicate in many situations. It is a universal language that can express countless emotions and intentions. There’s a quote that says, “When words fail, music speaks“. Humans’ feelings and thoughts can become complicated at times. Sometimes we struggle to express ourselves due to our inner conflicts. In this situation, music becomes our friend and gives us a hand. Whether it is a proposal to your loved ones or an apology that you owe, there is always a song with the right lyrics to support you from the back.  It is just like how a friend is supposed to be.

Pictures are not the only way a person can keep his or her memories. Music can do that too. There is always a melody or a piece of lyrics that can bring you back the memory lane as each memory has its soundtrack. 

Sometimes these songs will make us feel the same emotions that we felt during the actual event. Some songs bring in good memories; some songs bring in bad memories, but they all somehow remind us of all the decisions we made and the lessons we had to learn from our mistakes. 

As we all know, music heals us in ways that we don’t even realize.

We all have the days where nothing goes our way; everything feels crappy. All we expect is a warm hug and some comforting words from your loved ones, but when there’s no one around, music comes to the rescue.  There is nothing a warm drink and your favourite song can’t fix!

Music is a part of our lifestyle and affects us in many ways.  It brings people together and brings emotions out of us. Do you have a certain song in your mind with an unforgettable memory? Do you have a special person that comes to your mind when you listen to a certain melody? What’s your special song?

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