A Festive Night!

Bright lights, shining stars and a festive night…

Life is on hold and conversations are on mute.

Today is only a laughter, today is only a happiness and today is only a festival.

It does not matter what festival that is. It is time to close our eyes and let go our daily cycles for a one-time break.

Hold your loved one’s hands, look at the sparkling stars and share a dream.

Look to your sides and look for your favourite food. It is a festive night; it is eating like there is no tomorrow.

Light your sky lantern and let it fly. Keep your eyes on it while it is flying up high. Remember the hopes and feel the warmth.

Stay up all night, start a flashback of what has already been done and smile to what is yet to come.

The night ends but its consequential re-charge of love, warmth, laughter, dreams and hopes are too strong to never end.

Wake up the next day with these new re-charges, it is a new day and a new chapter that begin. It is a beginning of a new life will take you to a happiness of a never end.

Written by: Mariam Ali Ibrahim Ali Hassan

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