Connection Conundrum

He says he likes hiking, 

But I wouldn’t be too sure 

he wears rimless glasses 

but he says he’s 24?

Everyone knows only old people

wear rimless glasses. 

I swiped left and sighed, 

wondered if I could ever find

A guy I’d actually like.

This one looks cute, 

says he’s six feet tall,

likes to watch the office, 

and to play football, 

But he didn’t swipe back, 

guess it wasn’t a match

I locked my screen and sighed, 

and tried not to let it hurt my pride.


The last straw was this one, 

he asked me if he could, 

take me out if COVID didn’t,

I told him that sounded good, 

and then he ghosted me?

I deleted the app,

texted my friends instead 

to tell them of all the boys 

that got in my head. 


But somehow I believe, 

he’s out there still, 

this dude who’s passionate but also chill 

knows how to make me laugh

and has kind eyes 

has big, soft hands that fit perfectly in mine. 


He might be good with a lot of things, 

being late appears to be one, 

I might be good with a lot of things, 

but when it comes to patience, 

I have none. 


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