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25 SEP 2014 – World Pharmacists Day

On 25th September, IMU celebrated the very first World Pharmacists Day. This event was organized by the department of Pharmacy, headed by Prof Yeo Peng Nam (Dean of School of Pharmacy), Dr Naga and Dr Norman.

The event was held in the auditorium from 12pm to 2pm. The celebration began by the opening speech by

Pledge reading
Pledge reading

by Prof Yeoh Peng Nam, followed by a speech from the guest of honour, Mr Andrew Tan, the vice president from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS). Performances included a sketch led by Angeline Yeo from BP113 and a presentation on ‘Overview of Pharmacy in Malaysia’ by Jamuel Yip, batch representative of BP113, the pledge of professionalism reading led by Ai Ven from BP112, and a song performed by IMU students.

The performances successfully filled the hall with joy and laughter during the event.

“Your presence is very meaningful to this event and to us, and we are happy to hear your laughter! We hope that you have enjoyed the event and the food. Without your support, the event would not have been a

Sketch play
Sketch play

success,” said Jamuel, one of the main committee members of the event.

This 2-hour long event has not only appreciated the contribution of pharmacists and encouraged the students in IMU but also successfully improved relationships between cohorts as all the IMU students were invited to join this celebration, students from different courses also worked to make the performances a success.


Happy World Pharmacists Day to all future pharmacists!



Prof Yeo, Dean of Pharmacy and Mr Andrew Tan, Vice President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society



Practice for song performances

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