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Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Day after day, after a long tiring day, all we do is surrender our bodies to our soft springy beds. Our eyes grow heavy and the burden on our eyelids are lifted as we deliberately feel our consciousness ebbing away the moment we hit the sack. Many consider the relationship with their bed to be a sacred one. We can all relate to the attractive force that binds us to our beds, a force greater than Earth’s gravity, an impetus so great that we’re willing to hit that snooze button just to get a few more minutes of shuteye.

As one drifts off into the deep abyssal depths of slumber, a vision depicting real-life scenarios beyond the realms of reality begin to form. These vivid delusions are sometimes remarkably apocryphal as they mimic much of our day-to-day activities. Alas, in the face of reality, most of us have to, without qualms, get going with our monotonous life and responsibilities. Oftentimes, we drowsily drag our feet to the bathroom and henceforth, the ritual of a new day begins. As the water sprinkles on us from head to toe, we reminisce the fresh images of our recent dreams before they peter out.

Howbeit, during those on average 7 hours of sleep, some of us weave nightmares while the rest of us concoct sweet dreams. Most of our dreams are incidentally parallel to our subconscious minds, feeding off scraps of memories and our feelings attached to them. That hairy monster from your closet closing on you was probably Uncle Damon from across the street whom you were avoiding. Believe it or not, a dream is usually what starts off our day for about a billion of us. Dreams can either be just another figment of our imaginations and thoughts or perhaps an inspiration of our deepest desires.

Dreams are astounding in the sense that you get to do unimaginable things. Lucid dreaming—now that’s another royal mind treat waiting to be indulged. You get to steal the show, be the scriptwriter behind the scenes or become the star in the limelight. The real deal, though, is for you to decide whether or not your reality is a cut above that because sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise that it was merely a dream and you get to wake up to a finer reality. At times, however, we dread parting with our beloved comfy fluffy mattress because the illusional world seems like a much better place than the bitter pill of our current reality.

We make sandcastles in the air, treating dreams as if they are a means to an end of creating temporary happiness, an ecstatic feeling that will soon fade. A dreadful wild goose chase. Dreams can be a vital component of ignition to chase after our ambitions and also our goals. Dreams also pave paths for bigger goals. It is important to remind ourselves that it is our personal obligation to carry out these dreams into our realities once we leave our bedsides. Many individuals dream but not all wake up and work towards it. Failure is the path to success and dreams act as a catalyst to give you a dribbling taste of the fountain of triumph.

So, instead of virtually enacting the world you would want to live in, wake up and start painting the life you are living in with all those colours you had dreamt of. Dreams are surely more than just illustrations from your soul’s book. They may even be today’s answers for tomorrow’s questions, as told by America’s clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce. Hence, force yourself off the bed to make your dreams come true.

The path less paved, the road less travelled, turn your wildest dreams into smooth sailing wonders of success.


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