Making Waves With Ernest Ng

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Ernest Ng Cheng Ern, Captain of the Swim Team (Griffin) 2014

Ernest Ng Chang Ern is a medical student in his second year. Here he shares with us his responsibilities as Captain of the Griffin Swim Team.



Can you give us a brief overview about your role as captain for your team?

Oh of course! My role as Captain includes gauging the interest of Griffin members in swimming, ensuring that they join the type of race that best suits them, organizing regular training sessions with the team and most importantly, keeping the team spirit up and inspiring them to victory!

As the team captain, you are bound to go through ups and downs while handling your team in the upcoming swimming competition for IMU Cup. What has been the most challenging part of this event for you?

I think getting people to join and putting them in the right events is the most challenging part. You see, swimming is often viewed as a survival skill as opposed to a competitive sport. There are people who swim well but just not competitively so it wass quite challenging convincing them to join the team.

What have you done to work around this problem? 
So far I am still trying to further build on their interest while teaching them ways to improve on their technique so that they will be more interested in competitions.

Tell us what the most interesting part of this event is for you.
Winning would definitely mark it as a great experience. The sense of satisfaction you feel after a victory just tells you that all the hard work your team has been through has paid off.

As this is quite a time consuming task, how do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?
Be focused on one sport! Since Semester 3 is relatively more relaxed compared to Semester 2, I don’t find time management a major obstacle.

What are your expectations for your team?
I am expecting Griffin to get at least third place. I also want more swimmers to continue swimming recreationally because to me, swimming is definitely more than a sport.

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with other IMU students?
Study hard, BUT experience life harder! I’ve learnt so many soft skills such as time management and networking through joining events such as IMU CUP; YOU too involve yourself in events happening around campus!

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