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The Many Faces of Holi

On the 6th of May, the backcourt of IMU was encapsulated in clouds of pink, blue and green. The vibrations of the loud bass masked the sounds of excited cheers and laughter; it was that time of the year again, it was Holi.

Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in many regions of South East Asia. It traditionally symbolizes the start of a new season, where one can forget the negativity from the past year and embrace a newfound positivity. The Indian and Sri Lankan Cultural Society as well as the Hindu Society aimed to spread this positive message within IMU through the celebration of this festival, along with indirectly promoting diversity within the various cultural groups present in IMU’s campus.

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As eloquently put by the president of IMU’s Hindu society Yuvithra Devi Shanmugan, “Holi is a celebration which brings society together and strengthen the secular fabric of IMU’s community just with colors”. This year’s Holi celebration achieved just that by hosting over a 100 students all from different courses and cultural backgrounds within IMU. “We were glad that a significant number of non Indian students from IMU turned up and celebrated the joyous festival together with full enthusiasm. Overall, we were pleased and more than satisfied with the participation and the welcoming for this event” Yuvithra elaborated. The event provided a fun filled meeting ground for students as well as staff in the IMU community to talk to each other and make new friends, outside their courses and faculties.

“Holi is a celebration which brings society together and strengthen the secular fabric of IMU’s community just with colors.” – Yuvithra, President of IMU’s Hindu Society

There was a range of different colors students could buy as well yummy food items sold at the events such as doughnuts and tarts that kept participants of the festival energized throughout the night.  The event is usually celebrated with not just colors but also a water fight, so balloons filled with water were flung across the basketball court and buckets filled with water were poured all over unassuming victims by their friends. As the event came to a close, staff and students left in a myriad of colors and a smile on their faces demonstrating how wonderful the event had been.

In my own opinion, this event symbolized the very essence of what IMU’s student community believes in: positivity and togetherness. The colour-filled celebration brought together various cultures and communities within IMU, proving that this university is a rainbow; each person colorful and different, but most powerful and beautiful when united as one.

For more photos of this event, check out the Holi album on our Facebook page! Spread the colors! Thank you

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