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12 SEP 2014 – The Loss of Moon Cake

In conjunction with the MidAutumn Festival on 8th September, a group of students led by Zhu Jian Feng have organized ‘The Loss Of Moon Cake’ dinner night on Friday, 12th September under Hua Xia Cultural Society. The main objective of this event is to raise funds for HIV patients. Secondly, it is to encourage students to involve themselves in co-curricular activities, and to promote the MidAutumn festival.

Throughout the week before the event, stalls and games booths were set up outside library and in the atrium to sell tickets and raise funds for the event. Mooncakes and handmade cards were sold, and the atrium was decorated with models of handmade lanterns.

The dinner night was a success as around a hundred students participated. “I should have reached earlier, the food is running low! But the mini games were really fun,” said Erik, one of the participants. Pomelo and Chinese tea were served as a iconic food for MidAutumn Festival, classic MidAutumn Festival games such as riddles and mooncake designing competitions were held.

The dinner night was a success as around a hundred students participated.

“I hope everyone is having fun in this event, I personally enjoy this event very much, a big thank you to the organizer and the volunteers that helped out,” said Yong, one of the participants of the night.

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Written by : YXY

Photos by : Jun Rong (Jun X Photography)

Photo Source: IMU Photography Club (All Rights Reserved)


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