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The biggest worriment in this world are we, the human being,

Selfish, all we care about is our wellbeing.


We suppress the poor and awe the rich,

Failing to conceive the fault within us, this undesirable glitch.


We kill in the name of religion, in the name of God,

That God who advocates neutrality? Alas, our conscious is flawed.


We listen to reply, not to understand,

That is why our communication is delicate, just like a rubber band.


We talk only to substantiate ourselves right,

No shock for us usually, the truth is far away, out of sight.


We judge, we criticize, we distinguish, we discriminate needlessly, isn’t it strange?

For how long will we confide on the future for this attitude to change?


Give it time, it heals everything, they said.

But does it have the virtue to bring you back from the dead?



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