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The Doomed Freedom #EW19

If a doctor is interviewed for his perceptions towards the word ‘freedom’, the doctor probably would define freedom as the entitlement to receive medical treatment in the time of needs. A chemist would define freedom as the permission for random interactions between humans just like the reaction between an acid and a base that would form the elixir of life, the water! A physicist would describe freedom as the axis of a graph that gives meaning to a graph and thus, freedom is the very fundamental component that grants meanings to our life. A biologist may depict freedom using the motion of our skeletal muscles. It contracts and relaxes which bans the human from doing something and allows human doing certain things. An activist lawyer may see freedom as the acts of fulfilling one’s whim without crossing the boarders of law. A politician may flowerily describe freedom as the ultimate enjoyment of the electorates who have experienced a better standard of living under his or her political coalition. As a result, people from all walks of life mirror a myriad of definitions towards freedom.

Freedom comes in varies forms and definitions which sometimes, they can be tangible yet intangible. The actions of penning my thoughts into words and, you, the reader who perhaps, are sitting on a chair and reading my words now, are enjoying certain forms of freedoms. Freedom to think, freedom to read, freedom to express and so much more freedoms, we are enjoying them at this present moment. Freedom can go from complexities to simplicities, but, this utmost privilege that we are enjoying now, seems to ensue the footstep of its father, humanity. After freedom experienced the grief of losing its father, it is diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, developed from inmorality, the one lump that once thought to be a benign tumor. The proverbial saying, to err is human, to forgive is divine, is no longer relevant to our society. Humans make mistake but they do not realize. So, freedom becomes the one who bears the repercussions. More often than not, the repercussions are carcinogenic and devastating until freedom is now seriously sick and has to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Freedom is the love crystal between humanity and morality. Humanity and morality have so much common grounds and thus, freedom has inherited that from its parents as well. A breach in humanity and morality damages freedom and humans have been persistently, unfailingly and determinedly to provoke a breach in humanity and morality. Humans now are becoming more and more self-centered, placing mankind itself in depth of chaos. Humanity and morality have yield to the evil and the daily fresh local newspapers have substantiated this. Hardly a day passes without the headlines on the unprecedented crime rates. Heinous and cruel crimes are prevailing nowadays, territorializing the headlines of the local dailies. Freedom is deeply gnawed and worried, but it cannot do anything. It grants the people the rights to do things as they are entitled to, if the rule of law is abided by. In this time of adversities, people do not atone for their mistakes yet, they shift the blame squarely on the rules and regulations.

Humans forget that rules and regulations are the best friends of freedom. The true foe of freedom is Draconian rules, the rules that are deemed unacceptable and have no rooms in the modern-day society. However, humans’ irresponsible crime-doings have welcomed the Draconian rules to descend upon the society. Humans excel in logical thinking, however, failed to think logically on the ways to preserve freedom. In this case, let us spilt humans into the good doers and the bad doers. When the number of perpetrators of crimes increases, the more inmates the society have in the prisons. Prisons are merely an infringement of rights towards physical freedom while the true effect is, when the infringement of physical freedom no longer serves as a platform to deter the perpetrators, the lawmakers would not

hesitate to promulgate a new set of harsh law to deter the would-be criminals. So, both the good people and the bad people are affected. No one is the victor, but humans are the losers.

God creates humans to naturally embrace diversities, challenges and eventually to love peace, but in the sea of unconsciousness of human hearts, there are also the presence of innumerable desires. Having desires are not wrong, however, humans have become more and more self-righteous as well as selfish. Thus, the internal peace could not be attained by humans, resulting the erosion of freedom of minds. Humans may be seemed physically freed, but they are held captive in their mentality instead. Consequently, to fulfill that bloated desires, human have stopped yearning for principles and virtues. Instead, humans yearn for false imagery and only see things as they see fit. The strength of immorality has grown as humans departed from reality of their own volition, craving for more desires to be fulfilled. Speaking of the strengthening of immorality, cancer in freedom has reached the last stage or commonly known as the fourth stage, where the demise of freedom is almost an inevitability.

Freedom can no longer sustain its form if it does not receive treatments properly and will soon face its demise. The only magic pill that can rejuvenate freedom is doing a post-mortem on freedom. During the post-mortem, perhaps humans will find mankind itself has been deluded by desires and climbing staircase of sins that are responsible for the death of freedom. A post-mortem may be conducted but not necessarily be conducted because there are throngs of people who do not realize the demise of freedom and have forgotten to attend the funeral wake of freedom.

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