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The Polar Express is a 2004 American motion capture computer-animated musical Christmas fantasy film based on the children’s book of the same title by Chris Van Allsburg. Written, produced, and directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film featured human characters animated using live action performance capture technique, with the exception of the dancing waiters who dispense hot chocolate on the train, because their feats were impossible for live actors to achieve. The film stars Daryl Sabara, Nona Gaye, Jimmy Bennett, and Eddie Deezen, with Tom Hanks in six distinct roles. The film also included a performance by Tinashe at age 9, who later gained exposure as a pop singer in 2010, as the CGI-model for the female protagonist.

The film was made at a budget of $165 million, a record breaking sum for an animated feature at the time (2004).

The film was produced by Castle Rock Entertainment in association with Shangri-La Entertainment, ImageMovers, Playtone and Golden Mean, for Warner Bros. Pictures. The visual effects and performance capture were done at Sony Pictures Imageworks. The film was made at a budget of $165 million, a record breaking sum for an animated feature at the time. The studio first released the film in both conventional and IMAX 3D theaters on November 10, 2004. It received mixed reviews from critics but still went on to gross $307 million worldwide, a very good gross for an animated film, but was still not a box office hit due to its huge $165 million budget. The Polar Express is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records in 2006 as the first all-digital capture film. This is Castle Rock Entertainment’s first animated film.

Cited from the Wikipedia page of the film

“Go with the flow and enjoy whatever it may bring because life can be fantastically adventurous if you are daring enough!”

This is the very first movie I watched in a cinema with my family. Most of the scenes are still ringing in my head that it makes me believe Santa Claus exists. The story starts when a little boy hops onto a mysterious Polar Express which pulls up in front of his house in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Just like any other kid, he has no sense of danger and fear, and that leads him to meeting Santa Claus. He was the lucky kid who is selected to go on a trip on the reindeer with Santa Claus! At that scene, I told myself that I am going to be like him. Go with the flow and enjoy whatever it may bring because life can be fantastically adventurous if you are daring enough! I have come to accept the fact that Santa Claus is not real but one thing I know is that the creator of life exists and anyone who dares to dream will see it come true!

Rating: 6.6/10.0

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Album: X (pronounced ‘multiply’!)

Singer: Ed Sheeran

1. One
2. I’m a mess
3. Sing
4. Don’t
5. Nina
6. Photograph
7. Bloodstream
8. Tenerife Sea
9. Runaway
10. The Man
11.Thinking Out Loud
12. Afire Love
13. Take It Back
14. Shirtsleeves
15. Even My Dad Does Sometimes
16. I See Fire

Billboard Rating: 81

Right from the start, Ed Sheeran has demonstrated his skill for shrugging off the conventions of mainstream pop while still managing to enjoy its successes: His breakthrough radio single focused on a crack-addled prostitute. “The A Team,” from Sheeran’s debut album, “+” (pronounced “plus”), cloaked its harrowing subject matter in a sensual melody, a nifty trick that has helped the 23-year-old British singer-songwriter transition from pub-playing troubadour to arena act in roughly three years. The accented yearn of his vocal delivery distinguishes him from other aspiring folkies, but Sheeran’s real gift lies in his writing — his lyrics’ attention to detail and unorthodox phrasing in particular. As the title implies, “x” (pronounced “multiply”), Sheeran’s highly anticipated follow-up, ups the ante from his debut. He sinks even deeper into feelings of love, jealousy and inebriation while trying to navigate pop superstardom — a problem this album is sure to only amplify.

Right from the start, Ed Sheeran has demonstrated his skill for shrugging off the conventions of mainstream pop while still managing to enjoy its successes

To that end, “x” looks like a smash. Every song synthesizes the catchiest qualities of “The A Team” and its follow-up hit, “Lego House.” “Bloodstream” flaunts a soulful naiveté over the most delicious guitar lick on the album, while “I’m a Mess” builds into an anthemic ending that will surely cap off Sheeran’s future live show. As the hooks intensify, Sheeran paradoxically spends much of the album trying to hide — from the bright lights that make his eyes squint with intoxicated confusion, but also from unnamed women who endlessly frustrate him. There’s a reason Sheeran name-checks two Bon Iver songs on separate tracks; throughout the album, he attempts to spin his heartbreaks into an empathetic cry for shambling twentysomethings. “Loving can hurt sometimes/But it’s the only thing that I know,” he concludes on “Photograph,” which lets its careful piano keys and acoustic strums simmer until arena-size drums kick in.

Ed Sheeran: The Billboard Cover Story

The daring spirit at the heart of Sheeran’s appeal is magnified here, and he outclasses other rising male singers simply by utilizing a deeper bag of tricks. Few artists could pull off as stark a transition as the leap between “Sing,” a swaggering, Justin Timberlake-inspired dance track, and “Don’t,” a blue-eyed-soul hymn built around the line “Don’t fuck with my love.” Elsewhere, Sheeran raps like The Streets’ Mike Skinner on “The Man” and crafts a new-school wedding jam with “Tenerlife Sea.” Such wild swiveling never feels forced, or even unexpected, from Sheeran, who has proven his exacting musicality onstage. There, he uses chopped-up loops, but few ideas get repeated on “x.”

Sheeran seldom lets his songs breathe

Sheeran seldom lets his songs breathe, packing each second with syllables even when he’s not spitting bars. But that overeagerness will likely be tamped down, as Sheeran continues to polish his impressive craft. “x” finds a hungry artist doing everything possible to elevate to another level, simply by abiding by his instincts. After arriving on the U.S. pop scene with an offbeat folk ballad, Sheeran is expanding his profile on his own terms.

Cited from here.

What do I think about the album?

As a person who likes singing and enjoying beautiful melodies, I shall give this album a thumbs-up! There is a vast variety of genre in just one album, ranging from pop, rock, R&B to blues to ensure all picky ears are covered! Those songs which I find it easy to hum along are One, Photograph, Tenerife Sea, Thinking Out Loud and shirtsleeves. Among them, Tenerife Sea’s rhythm is quite catchy to me as it portrays the happiness you feel when you’re so much in love. Don’t you think life is extraordinarily great when someone you love loves you back? If you enjoy a more upbeat tune, you will definitely not want to miss out on ‘Take It Out’ and ‘Bloodstream’. On a hard day, ‘Runaway’ is the perfect song to give your mind a break as your body moves along to the beats. Overall, this album satisfies my ears in many ways!


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Cynthia Tan, a semester 4 medical student in IMU has embarked on a journey to Nepal for her medical electives. Let’s take a walk through the memory lane of her visit to Nepal where she wrote about her experience and her aspiration to raise awareness regarding health burdens in Nepal.


Namaste! In the space I’ve been given, I plan to do a few things. First persuade you to visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime, secondly share my experiences and finally raise awareness regarding burns and its health burdens in Nepal.

plane view

Why should you visit Nepal?

Nepal, नेपाल, is a beautiful country situated between China, India, Tibet, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Its population of 27 million people consists of some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met in my travels abroad and its landscape and architecture are some of the most colourful and beautiful I’ve seen. The Himalayan range stretches all across Nepal and it is a sight not to be missed, even in the monsoon cloudy season where you’d have to sit and wait for snow capped peaks to appear. Of the top 10 tallest mountains in the world, 8 are found in Nepal, including of course the world’s famous Mt Everest. Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace and many monasteries is a short 40 minute flight away from the hustle bustle capital city of Kathmandu. Kathmandu is vibrant, colourful, filled with life and a city that doesn’t sleep, you can find everything you need in Thamel- the hub of Kathmandu. If I haven’t got you yearning to visit Nepal let me share my experiences with you, and if I have here’s some more reasons for you to book that flight.

Streets of Kathmandu
Kathmandu Model Hospital 3

My time in Nepal!

From the moment I arrived into Kathmandu as the plane was landing, I knew I would enjoy my time. The rolling hills and valleys and the colourful buildings in the distance was just beautiful. The ride from the airport to Thamel was full of life and I just couldn’t wait to be in the midst of it. After my first meal, a Nepali Thali lunch set, I was excited for the many more food and drinks I’d be tasting. Momos- Nepali dumplings, buff(alo) momo if you are adventurous enough is not to be missed and of course a good cup of Nepali Masala tea. For you beer lovers, make sure you try Everest beer too! Shopping in Thamel is fun, targeting tourist audiences you can find all kinds of souvenirs, salwar pants, scarves, tops, trekking gear and the list goes on. A visit to the Kathmandu Durbar Square is a must! I managed to visit the square on the first day of the Indra Jatra festival where there were various masked dances and processions including that of the living goddess Kumari. Bhaktapur, 20 minutes away from Kathmandu is another city I visited and loved. It’s architecture remained in its ancient wooden form and the views from many of the rooftop terraces of the mountains was breathtaking. Bhaktapur is famous for its pottery, you will see men and women putting clay together to mould vases or preparing the furnace. On one of my off days, my friends and I did a 15km trek from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot, a viewpoint many go to see the Langtang Himalayan range (I very sadly missed it due to the cloudy situation). Swayambhunath, the monkey temple is the oldest religious site of Kathmandu and after the hundreds of steps up, the view of the valley is absolutely worth it. If you have enough time, make a short weekend trip to Pokhara, you can fly or bus. We flew there on the smallest commercial plane I’ve ever been on (9 rows, 2 seats per row) in 25 minutes! In Pokhara, we rented a boat and rowed out on Phewa lake and went paragliding over the Annapurna Himalayan range. Pokhara is different to Kathmandu, it’s quiet, natural and peaceful, a good getaway from the hustle bustle. From Pokhara, we returned to Kathmandu by a scenic car ride, driving through the mountains, rivers, local villages, rice terraces and then it was time to return to KL. I hope this little account has done the persuading, if not I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Cynthia & Dr Rai

View from Kritipur hospital



Nepal Thali Set


hostel rooftop

street with rickshaws

The forgotten global health crisis.

Despite all the fun I had, my time in Nepal left some lasting impressions on me and my perception on the burns crisis. These impressions include images of burnt babies, amputated limbs due to burns and disabilities due to burn contractures. In Nepal with a population of 30 million, 66,000 cases of reported burns and 2100 deaths are recorded by the WHO yearly, the second most common injury in Nepal accounting for 5% of disabilities. To put it in striking differences, the USA have a population of 300 million people and 3500 people die of burns yearly. Additionally, the annual percentage of women who contract HIV/AIDS is the same as that who are burnt. In South-East Asia, more girls aged 5-14 die of burns than TB, HIV/AIDS or Malaria. In the USA and Australia, anywhere between 700,000 to 1,000,000 USD is spent per burn victim a year, however in Nepal for 1300 burn and cleft victims combined, 300,000USD is spent yearly. This goes to show how much aid is still needed and I was so glad to hear that Australia and a local Nepali poet are putting in every effort to do so. Every little bit helps, so please take your time to have a look at the following website: here and here, and through the word of mouth raise awareness for this devastating yet preventable issue.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.

Barbara Mikulski

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mook cake 2

In view of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hua Xia Cultural Society of IMU organised the ‘Loss of Mooncake’ event. It involved a variety of games, with the highlight being the closing night on the 12th of September. We spoke to Chu Jian Feng, Organising Chairperson of the event, where he shared his experience being at the helm of this project. 

Can you briefly explain the objective of this event?

The main objective of this event was to raise fund for HIV patients. Besides that, this was actually an initiative taken up by my batchmates and I, thus I would urge all students to also be self-driven and to seize the chance they have to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Last but not least, it also provided a platform to promote the Mid-Autumn Festival among the IMU community.

I would urge all stuents to be self-driven and to seize the chance they have to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

Was it your first time handling an event like this?

I have had prior experience organising similar events in secondary school but managing the ‘Loss of Mooncake’ event still proved a challenge as I was not familiar with the protocols in IMU. However, I did have more freedom to plan the activities we decided on despite also having to bear a heavier responsibility.

What were the activities conducted for this event?

Throughout a few days, we fund raised through setting up a few game booths at the driveway, while also selling tickets for our dinner. On the night of dinner itself, we had a few game booths set up for guests as well as an exhibit on the culture and origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What was the most challenging aspect of organising this event?

Communication! As most of the main committee were on holiday during the planning of the event, we had to resort to Skype for our discussion.  There was also some miscommunication during the preparation. Fortunately it was resolved and our plans were carried out smoothly.

What was the most interesting experience of this event?

I would say that the best experience from this event was the friendships formed. I had a great time bonding with everyone by working on this project together.

Is there anything that you want to convey to your committee as well as the rest of the IMU community?

I would like to give my thanks to Chan Weng Sang, Rebecca, Charlene Ye, Yen Ling, Yen Ching, and the rest of the committee for contributing a lot to this event. I truly appreciate the efforts in making this event a success. If the opportunity presented itself in the future, I would not hesitate to work with them again.

I also really appreciate the help of Ray Tan Zheng Liang for granting us this precious opportunity to organize this event under the Hua Xia Cultural Society. Our event advisor, Mr Lim Chee Siong, was very helpful through the process of planning and executing this event.  I would also like to extend many thanks to Jun Rong for agreeing to be our photographer for the dinner night.

Lastly, I thank all the participants of this event, as your involvement was what cemented the success of this event.


The family photo of the committee board for The Lost Of Moon Cake.

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Leonard Goh Zhong Ning (ME113) is event captain for the annual debate competition, let's find out what's on his mind


Leonard Goh Zhong Ning (ME113), President of the IMU Debate Society

Leonard Goh wears many hats – he is also actively involved in cheerleading and chess. As a prelude to the upcoming debate competition for IMU cup, we interviewed Leonard to get his thoughts on the event.


So Leonard, what responsibilities do you hold for the IMU Cup debate competition? Would you say that this is your first time organising such an event?

I am the event captain for Debate, as well as the debate captain for Phoenix. I have had prior experience organising debate tournaments with the previous Debating Society 2013/14 committee, such as IMU Debate Open 2013 and Health Science Debate Open 2014, so it isn’t my first time. It is, however, the first time I’ve been placed in charge of the whole tournament. Fortunately, IMU Cup is a rather small-scale event compared to the two aforementioned competitions, so I don’t foresee any complications, especially since I have my wonderful Debating Society committee with me!

How has your preparation been so far?

So far, all the debate captains and I have been recruiting members from our respective houses to attend training sessions, but we didn’t manage to see much response till very recently, with the new intake of medical students. Anyone who is interested in trying out debate is strongly encouraged to contact your respective debate captains! No prior experience is required, only an enthusiasm for learning and critical thinking.

Hydra: Lalina Murugan
Draco: Wan Aisyah Azzahrah
Pegasus: Jagraj Dhillon
Griffin: Ai Ven Tee
Taurus: Arjun Gopal

Anyone who is interested in trying out debate is strongly encouraged to contact your respective debate captains! No prior experience is required, only an enthusiasm for learning and critical thinking.

How has recruitment for the competition been?

Initially it was quite difficult to recruit members, especially since almost all batches across the courses were occupied with exams, electives, projects, semester breaks and whatnot. Some people were probably also intimidated by the idea of speaking for 7 minutes straight without much preparation. (It’s not as hard as it looks, really!) However, with the new ME2/14 intake, we have been seeing an increase in interest in debate, and that has been very heartening.

What is the most challenging part of this event for you?

Most of the Semester One students entering this competition are novices in debating, so the current challenge is to bring them up to speed regarding the format of the British Parliamentary style of debating, as well as speaker roles and how to properly structure their arguments, so that they will be able to fully benefit from their participation in IMU Cup. That said, Debating Society had our first training session with them last Sunday, and their progress looks promising.

What is the most interesting part of this event for you?

I would say the competition itself. Last year, I had to debate on a topic that I was largely unfamiliar with, all within 15 minutes. Needless to say it turned out to be the most fun and the most memorable experience I had during last year’s IMU Cup.

What responsibilities are entailed with your roles in this event?

As event captain of Debate, my role is to ensure that the whole tournament is executed smoothly by the committee. This ranges from mundane stuff like booking rooms and arranging matchups according to the instructions given by the IMU Cup committee, to exciting tasks like setting the debate motions. As debate captain for Phoenix, my role is to coordinate training sessions and to guide the new debaters in my houseas they set off on their debating journey.

What have you put in place to make the team work out?

My committee has been working together for quite some time now, so I didn’t have to do anything per se to make us click. Our team dynamics is great, and I am thankful for that!

How do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?

To be honest, I haven’t been managing my time as well as I would have liked, but I guess time management is largely dependent on our individual priorities, and these priorities can change from time to time. Therefore, it is important to review them regularly to ensure that time allocation for each activity accurately reflects its respective priority level.

What are your expectations by the end of this event?

I hope that this Debate segment in IMU Cup would be a great learning experience for all our new debaters irrespective of which house they belong to, as well as a platform to exhibit Debating Society. I also hope for people to realise that debating is not all about using profound language and arguments to confound opponents, but rather,creating meaningful public discourse about important issues. All that is required of you is to have an opinion, a willingness to defend it logically, and an open mind; everything else is secondary.

I hope that this Debate segment in IMU Cup would be a great learning experience for all our new debaters irrespective of which house they belong to, as well as a platform to exhibit Debating Society.

Is there anything you would like to tell other IMU students?

I would like to encourage everyone to join IMU Cup, as it is really a wonderful opportunity for us to explore new sports and events. Besides that, it is one of the few times when we actually get to meet people from other courses and forge close friendships with them over training sessions.

Last but not least, IMU Debating Society holds weekly training sessions on Saturdays, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us! For more information, feel free to join our Facebook group.

Best of luck to all IMU Cup participants in their respective events, and may sportsmanship prevail!

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Chinese Cultural Week 2014 is the first cultural week of its kind in IMU history. The objective of this cultural week is to promote Chinese cultural, specifically HuaXia culture, to the IMU community. The aim is to bring this cultural experience to both students and lecturers regardless of their background, religions, and races.

Several booths were set up throughout the week in atrium displaying information about the history of Chinese society and games allowing participants to learn about the culture in a fun way. For instance, classic Chinese poems and interpretations of the Chinese zodiac were displayed to add colour to the event. On top of that, booths with different mini games were featured every day, such as Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls), eating competition, chopstick games, and Jian Zi (paper craft) competition.

Classic Chinese poems and interpretations of the Chinese zodiac were displayed to add colour to the event.

“I had so much fun at the ‘Find out your Chinese name’ booth! I leant to write my name in Chinese characters and I also tried to tie Chinese knot and calligraphy at the other booths!” said Kalaiwani, one of the participants of the event.

The highlight of this event was the Mid-Autumn festival night on Friday night (26th September). A special guest from Kun Cheng secondary school was invited to perform martial arts in that night on top of the performances by IMU students. Screening of the movie ‘The Journey’ on the same night was a success with a full house.

“I would like to specially credit Vincent Jun Wei, a Psychology student, for his commitment and effort as the event director of this event, not forget to mention the whole committee and all the dear participants! Without them, this event will not be possible,” said Ray Tan Zheng Liang, the president of HuaXia cultural society.






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On 25th September, IMU celebrated the very first World Pharmacists Day. This event was organized by the department of Pharmacy, headed by Prof Yeo Peng Nam (Dean of School of Pharmacy), Dr Naga and Dr Norman.

The event was held in the auditorium from 12pm to 2pm. The celebration began by the opening speech by

Pledge reading
Pledge reading

by Prof Yeoh Peng Nam, followed by a speech from the guest of honour, Mr Andrew Tan, the vice president from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS). Performances included a sketch led by Angeline Yeo from BP113 and a presentation on ‘Overview of Pharmacy in Malaysia’ by Jamuel Yip, batch representative of BP113, the pledge of professionalism reading led by Ai Ven from BP112, and a song performed by IMU students.

The performances successfully filled the hall with joy and laughter during the event.

“Your presence is very meaningful to this event and to us, and we are happy to hear your laughter! We hope that you have enjoyed the event and the food. Without your support, the event would not have been a

Sketch play
Sketch play

success,” said Jamuel, one of the main committee members of the event.

This 2-hour long event has not only appreciated the contribution of pharmacists and encouraged the students in IMU but also successfully improved relationships between cohorts as all the IMU students were invited to join this celebration, students from different courses also worked to make the performances a success.


Happy World Pharmacists Day to all future pharmacists!



Prof Yeo, Dean of Pharmacy and Mr Andrew Tan, Vice President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society



Practice for song performances

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This year’s Chariofare, as with the previous fairs, was a resounding success. Chariofare 2014 was
held on Saturday, 20th September starting at 7 am and ending at 2.30 pm with various events
centred on and around our campus. All the events were open to students, faculty members, and
their families; allowing us to mingle and have fun whilst building camaraderie outside of our
academic pursuits. It is organized under IMU Care Programme.

The main objective of Chariofare was to raise funds for charity, with the beneficiaries for this year being:
1. Pertubuhan Hospice Negeri Sembilan
2. Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
3. Dignity for Children Foundation
4. IMU Cares Disaster Fund

Up till 20th September, with the support of sponsors and effort from our students prior to Chariofare
Day, we were happy to report reaching an initial amount of RM100,000. (The final amount would be
made known at a later date.) A special mention was given to Prof Ong Kok Hai for raising the most
Charity Runrun

The event that never failed to draw a sizeable crowd was the Charity Run. Even though this year’s
event was marred by a heavy pre-dawn drizzle, the 1,200 registered participants were out in full
force. By 8 am, all participants from Categories A (men – 7km), B (women – 7km) and C (teams – 7km)
were at the Finishing Line. The list of five winners from each category were presented with prizes at
the Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony
The Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the programme was Ismail Keekeebhai who did a commendable
job of moving the events along smoothly and seamlessly. He certainly livened up the occasion with
his wit and cheer!
IMU_3607The VIPs present to officiate the ribbon-cutting to kick off Chariofare 2014 were :
– YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman, President of IMU
– Dr Mei Ling Young, Provost of IMU
– Prof Peter Pok, Executive Dean
– Prof Ong Kok Hai, Director of External Affairs
The guest of honour was Datin Paduka Marina binti Mahathir
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was followed by a short speech from our guest of honour, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

Prize-Giving Ceremony
The winners of the Charity Run in the morning were called up to receive their medals from the VIPs. YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman presented the medals to winners of Category A. Dr Mei
Ling Young presented the medals to winners of Category B; and Professor Ong Kok Hai presented the
medals to winners of Category C.
For his efforts at raising the most money for charity this year, Prof Ong himself was awarded with a
medal. Bravo!

Lucky Draws
Two rounds of lucky draws were held with fantastic prizes prizes given away to the lucky winners.
Prizes included autographed copies of ‘Telling It Straight’ by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir; 4D/3N
Langkawi-Phuket cruises, 40-inch TVs, a one-night stay in Mandarin Oriental with dining included,
and even an iPhone 5c! Other prizes included Fitness First memberships, tickets to Legoland,
Kidzania, Puteri harbour and sports bags.

Students’ performances
What is a carnival without performances? Interspersed between the prize-giving ceremony and lucky
draws were performances from IMU students. Highly entertaining, the varied performances
demonstrated the versatility and talents of our students. Guests were treated to a guitar solo,
beatboxing, a repertoire of dances and songs from the Living Dance Academy and students
While the opening ceremony, performances and lucky draws were drawing enthusiastic response
from the crowd in the Atrium, other events were being held simultaneously. There were Games
(Dunking Booth, baseball, futsal among others); and Crafts (nail art, face painting and others). There
was even a Photo Booth to help encapsulate your memories in a handy group photo!

IMU_3847 DSC_6381







Food sale @ Carnival!

The food stalls were hugely popular and offered delicacies ranging from nasi lemak to Gulab Jamun
to omelettes and pancakes. There were 26 food stalls in operation. Needless to say, there wasn’t
much leftovers at the end of the fair.

IMU_3872 IMU_3859







Moving on to…Chariofare 2015!
Chariofare has always been a much anticipated event in IMU. The work is constantly on-going and
we are always glad for new hands coming onboard. The working committees would comprise IMU
students from different intakes. There is no restriction as to your age or intake. If you have the time,
the commitment and passion for some charity work, then Chariofare 2015 is your cup of tea!

Make sure you keep an eye for the committee recruitment on the Chariofare Facebook page!

We hope to see you next year! 😀ere

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In conjunction with the MidAutumn Festival on 8th September, a group of students led by Zhu Jian Feng have organized ‘The Loss Of Moon Cake’ dinner night on Friday, 12th September under Hua Xia Cultural Society. The main objective of this event is to raise funds for HIV patients. Secondly, it is to encourage students to involve themselves in co-curricular activities, and to promote the MidAutumn festival.

Throughout the week before the event, stalls and games booths were set up outside library and in the atrium to sell tickets and raise funds for the event. Mooncakes and handmade cards were sold, and the atrium was decorated with models of handmade lanterns.

The dinner night was a success as around a hundred students participated. “I should have reached earlier, the food is running low! But the mini games were really fun,” said Erik, one of the participants. Pomelo and Chinese tea were served as a iconic food for MidAutumn Festival, classic MidAutumn Festival games such as riddles and mooncake designing competitions were held.

The dinner night was a success as around a hundred students participated.

“I hope everyone is having fun in this event, I personally enjoy this event very much, a big thank you to the organizer and the volunteers that helped out,” said Yong, one of the participants of the night.

moon 3



Written by : YXY

Photos by : Jun Rong (Jun X Photography)

Photo Source: IMU Photography Club (All Rights Reserved)


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On the 8th of September, the day every citizen in IMU had been waiting for, the official opening of IMU Cup 2014 took place. IMU Cup 2014 started off gracefully with its very first event that is the Dance Showdown. The emcee for this event was Khemerin Eng.

There are 6 houses in total – Pegasus, Taurus, Phoenix, Draco, Hydra and Griffin. All 6 teams worked hard and presented a very entertaining show for the citizens of IMU. Blood, sweat and pain are the 3 things a team must sacrifice in order to win. But in this case, the teams put an extra effort in coming up with the most creative steps as well in order to capture the interest of the onlookers and the judges of course.

The dancers portrayed many genres of dance such as hip-hop, contemporary, and Latin. The Griffin team stole the show with their cloying and dizzying hip-hop steps with a dash of Latin dance thrown in to heat up the atrium. The gentlemen danced alongside the beautiful ladies, not missing a beat at all and ultimately setting fire to the dance floor. The choreography was just mind blowing, and the songs were obviously hand-picked as they were very catchy yet simple.

The gentlemen danced alongside the beautiful ladies, not missing a beat at all and ultimately setting fire to the dance floor.

As entertaining as the show was it had to come to an end, with Griffin walking away as Champions. Pegasus bagged the second place as Taurus clenched the third place. The other teams may not have won the dance showdown, but they certainly have won our hearts!


written by Alagueswari a/p Carruppaiya (CH113)