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Every beginning has an ending

IMU Cup 2014 has finally come to an end. The annual, much anticipated event of IMU has definitely showcased some of the best sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork among all 6 sport houses.  It has been a gruelling, hectic month for each and every one of us who have shed blood, tears and sweat, just to taste the sweetness of victory.

The closing ceremony of IMU Cup was held in the Atrium. It was a glitzy highlight of IMU Cup with the final event, cheerleading. This is the only event where everyone gathered to support their cheerleading teams and scream their lungs out, literally! The ceremony started at about 7 pm with a dance performance and needless to say, the dancers brought the house down with their sexy moves. Phoenix and Pegasus were the first two teams to perform and both executed their routine quite impressively with minor glitches in stunts. Team Taurus was the crowd favourite and the screams were never ending as they took to the mat. Their tumbles, choreography and stunts were on cue, but the best was their ending pyramid which was unlike any other. Draco performed next and before starting, they engaged the crowd to chant along with them. They were the last year’s champion and it was definitely exciting to watch this team executing their almost flawless, clean routine. Hydra showcased great showmanship and their props were great accompaniments to their routine. Griffin was the final team to perform for the night and of course, they tried their best and performed well.

1497892_596893333769831_6362937857612128480_o1485931_597154110410420_8373073692882311927_o 10383831_596881963770968_6169438842585922606_o1801369_597154123743752_3728499845473391819_o10548962_596893633769801_683498270747904567_o 10714493_596882200437611_7862566191863163955_oThe ceremony proceeded with gold medals presentation to the respective winners of the sports events during the entire IMU Cup. During that time, the judges for the cheerleading event were having their discussions and tabulating the scores for all the teams which had performed. The moment everyone was waiting for has finally arrived with the announcement of the results. Taurus was crowned the champion with Draco as the first runner up and Hydra taking the second runner up. The overall IMU Cup champion was Hydra and there were screams and tears of joys from all the Hydra members. It was a fun-filled night with a rollercoaster of emotions filling every soul who was there to witness the ceremony. See you next year in IMU Cup 2015!

Check out JieCong’s Photography for more photos! 

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Wilson Seah Wee Ser,  Hydra House Captain (2014)

Wilson is a first year dentistry student. Throughout the entire duration of IMU Cup 2014, he has been actively involved in several sports events, namely cheer leading, track & field, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee and touch rugby.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on winning IMU Cup 2014! How do you feel about this victory?

Thank you! I felt so excited and touched when Hydra was announced the overall champion. Initially,we were 8 points behind Pegasus, but we knew we stood a chance in overtaking Pegasus when we were placed third in the cheer leading competition. Although cheer leading played an essential role, I still think that every captain and member of each event deserves the cup together because without any of them, the cup wouldn’t be in Hydra’s hands today.

I see. What was your initial goal for Hydra? Did the outcome match your expectations?

I believe every house captain’s goal is to win this Cup. Not only does the Cup represent a leader’s capability in leading his team, it also marks the effort of every house member. And yes it did match my initial goal.

What have you learned from being the house captain of Hydra?

The responsibility of being a leader in Hydra is totally different from any other posts I have ever held before. This is because house members are constantly looking up to the captain and the committee to finish the job. Leading a large group of people is definitely not an easy job, but fortunately I have learned how to cooperate with my committee and other house captains. The job got easier when all of us worked together towards a common goal. I would say teamwork is one of the most important lessons that I have learned from this Cup.

Apart from emerging as champions of IMU Cup and learning how to work with others effectively, what is the best part of the whole event?

The best part is definitely the blossoming of new friendships! You get to know people from different semesters and courses through the various sports events. It is a brilliant opportunity for IMU students to mix around and have fun. But to be honest, the friendships in the cheer leading team are the strongest as we spent almost every day together.

Will you join IMU Cup next year?

Yes definitely. I would like to try some new sports if possible. I love sports!

Last but not least, are there any messages you would like to share?

I would like to say thank you and great job to the organizers. They did a pretty good job this year and things were well-organized. As for IMU students, I hope more people can participate in IMU Cup next year as it will be a great experience and memory for all of us.

Thank you so much for accepting this interview. All the best to you and Hydra in the future!


10811701_10205121735192101_352688094_n 1599795_549937545140931_4438604088005627656_o 10548105_549935715141114_1897359927960395012_o

Photography credits to IMU Photography Society and  JieCong’s Photography!

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Written by Ivanova Anjani

I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘the whole world’ or ‘generations before him.’I thought there was only us. I thought there was only now.

– Lois Lowry, ‘The Giver’

I couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t groan in distaste anytime any of my language teachers assigned a mandatory book for the whole class to read. Not that I’m against reading books. In fact, I indulge in doing it. Which is also probably why having someone force you to read could be so irritating. It’s hard to enjoy things when you have no choice but to do it. Plenty of the books that were shoved into my sweaty palms were just copyrighted pages of chores. So it was quite a surprise to me when I was introduced to The Giver.

The Giver is, and has always been, a controversial book. It’s partially a book about the Sameness, a term given to the setting of the book. The characters live in a ‘utopia’ of literal monochrome. Every aspect of life is being controlled to the point that people can no longer discern colors. No one has to worry about global warming since climate has been made into a myth. The future they live in comes with the perks of having peace and no pain, but sacrificing every sliver of passion, love and free-will – not even memories of such things – that may have lingered on anything that exists.

What it is actually about is the coming of age of Jonas, a contradiction to the Sameness. Jonas is special. When all his friends were assigned to regular jobs in his Community, Jonah was picked to be the Receiver of Memories, a mysterious line of work that required the 11-year-old to be secluded away from everyone he knew. Jonas was put under the mentorship of the Giver. Under the Giver, Jonas was taught how to see the world in its true colors, literally and figuratively. Slowly, Jonas was able to see that there was something horribly wrong with his utopia.

Lois Lowry has written a wonderful book. Its literature makes you question the necessity of control and the consequences to a perfect world. Sure, many similar dystopian books have been published to rave reviews, but none quite like The Giver. Lowry successfully established a believable parallel universe. Jonas’’ rude awakening was accompanied by moving descriptions and convincing characters. However, the most magical thing about The Giver is its ability to connect with an audience like my high-school self: young and still superficial. The book was able to make a reluctant youth reader comply with the unusual circumstances in the book. I was able to understand, to relate, to what Jonas was experiencing. Even my less than bookish friends admitted that they enjoyed reading it.

The Giver has been around for over two decades but with the current string of Hunger Games-esque dystopian settings, a slow-paced dystopian book that can deliver its message as well as any should be a breath of fresh air that’s worth experiencing.

PS. The Giver is a good example of a book that’s better than its big screen adaptation!


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Interview by Alagueswari Caruppaiya (CH0113)


Ivan Sin (CH0111), President of the IMU Cup Committee

In conjunction with the recent IMU Cup Closing Ceremony, we interviewed Ivan, who tirelessly overlooked the organization of the games. Read on to find out how he manages to make him for studies!

Can you briefly explain the objectives of IMU CUP?

IMU CUP is an annual multi-sport event that serves the purpose of bringing students from different courses together, nurturing leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork, providing a platform to hone and display students’ talents and last but not least, identifying potential athletes within IMU.

Is it your first time handling a big event like this?

Yes, but I am glad that I have 4 years of experience from participating in IMU CUP to reflect on, which made the organizing process easier.

We were told that you volunteered for this position. What made you volunteer to be the president of IMU CUP committee?

I was the captain of Draco in year 2013 and I felt that there are something that we need to change. Thus, I volunteered myself to be the president of IMU CUP committee and I hope that the changes and modification I made this time improved IMU CUP 2014 in general.

What is the most challenging part during organizing this event?

The most challenging part of the process was to plan the IMU CUP timetable. My committee worked very hard to gather timetables from all courses and analyze them to come out with the best timeline.

How do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?

I believe that self-discipline is always very important. Being a final year Chiropractic student, I have to divide my time between an academic research, clinic posting, studies and also the planning of IMU CUP. The key to manage my time is to always stay focused and efficient on the work that I am currently doing. I will have to admit that is was not an easy pursuit but when there is a will, there is definitely a way.

The key to manage my time is to always stay focused and efficient on the work that I am currently doing.

What is your message to the citizens of IMU?

I would like to emphasize that IMU offers the best extracurricular activities and student life compared to all varsities in Malaysia. Regardless of your course, batch or even your skills in sports, as long as you are willing to learn and have the right attitude, you are always welcome to join the events in IMU CUP. Do not be discouraged to participate in the event due to any reasons because every single student in IMU has the rightful chance to shine in the games. I hope that we can achieve higher participation and improvement in future events. Thank you all for your support!

Thank you all for your support!

Check out JieCong’s Photography for more photos! 

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Velaiyilla Pattathari (VIP) (English: Unemployed Graduate) stars Dhanush, Amala Paul, Vivek, Saranya Ponvannan, and Samuthirakani. The story revolves around Raghuvaran (Dhanush), a graduate in Civil Engineering, who has been unemployed  for four years, and still looking for a job. His younger brother Karthik (Hrishikesh) has a great job in an IT company. Raghuvaran constantly faces rejection from various engineering companies. One day, his mother passed away due to a heart attack. He slowly falls into a deep depression and is constantly wracked with guilt over not answering a phone call which could have saved her life. He eventually falls for his neighbour’s daughter, Shalini (Amala Paul), who initially dislikes him, but warms up to him after sympathizing with his difficulties. Raghuvaran strives hard to get the best possible job and put himself on the right track, but is faced with many obstacles from different rivals along the way. Will Raghuvaran finally be able to redeem himself and find happiness with the right job, partner and family?

Will Raghuvaran finally be able to redeem himself and find happiness with the right job, partner and family?

VIP is a satisfaction-guaranteed film for all Tamil movie fans (and not to mention, die hard Dhanush fans)! A heavy script, carried by Dhanush himself, relies on much of his body language and expressions – which are totally impeccable. This film profoundly explains the predicament of the unemployed which is a relatable experience amongst many graduates. The superb cinematography and catchy music truly got off my seat and wanting to dance. Dhanush keeps his fans hooked and the audience entertained throughout the movie with his charm. Die-hard fans of Dhanush (and possibly new ones) – you definitely do not want to miss this one!

” …you definitely do not want to miss this one!”

I watched this Tamil movie during the Diwali Week Movie Screening without any subtitles but it was awesome as the movie storyline moved me! Amazingly, I stayed in the theatre hall for the whole three hours!


Firdaus A (BP114)

A subtle writer, Gaga fanatic, and an infamous bathroom singer.





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What is debate?

Debate, in essence, is simply the defence of an opinion or stand. It incorporates critical thinking with public speaking, as well as the ability to think on one’s feet (literally and figuratively). The reason why debating is an oft sought-after skill is that it trains people to think about issues from all possible angles and aspects. At IMU Debating Society, we recognise that debating is an excellent way to allow us to better ourselves as thinkers and speakers, and our society has been around for almost as long as the university, making us one of the oldest clubs in IMU.


We organise three tournaments yearly – Health Science Debate Open, IMU Debate Open, as well as the debate segment of IMU Cup.  We also attend other intervarsity tournaments both locally and internationally, allowing our members to gain valuable exposure to the culture of debating inside and outside of Malaysia.

Local Inter-Varsity tournaments
Avicenna Medical Debate Competition
UKM Med Debate
Taylor’s IV
National Novice
KDU Pro-Ams

International tournaments
SMU Hammers
United Asians Debating Championship
Australasian Debating Championship
Asians British Parliamentary
World Universities Debating Championship

Currently, we hold weekly trainings on Sundays, 2 pm to 5 pm, conducted by our external trainer Tariq Maketab, a practicing litigator with Lee Hishamuddin Allen & Gledhill. He has had an illustrious debating career, such as winning the 2006 Royals tournament and reaching the semifinals for the 2007 and 2010 Asian British Parliamentary tournaments. Maketab is an experienced adjudicator and coach as well, and you can be sure that you will learn a lot from him during our sessions!

The typical session comprises a round or two of debate, followed by adjudicator feedback in which Maketab teaches us how to refine our arguments and think about the debate motion from different perspectives. Once in a while, he has also provided crash courses in key topics such as International Relations.

On top of the training sessions with Maketab, there are currently plans to have an additional session on weekdays, to be conducted by senior debaters. Regardless of prior experience with debate, we encourage all interested parties to come for our trainings. All we need from you is enthusiasm and dedication to perfecting the art of debate.

Our Achievements

UKM Med Debate 2014 Champions
Avicenna Debate 2014 Finalists
UKM Med Debate 2013 Champions
Avicenna Debate 2013 Champions
IMUDO 2013 Semi-finalists
HSDO 2013 Semi-finalists
ABP 2013 Pre-quarter finalists
KDU ProAms 2013 Quarter finalists
SMU Hammers 2013 Quarter finalists

About Us

Our 2014/15 committee are:

President: Leonard Goh Zhong Ning
Vice President: Lalina Priya Murugan
Treasurer: Nur Izzati Binti Rozali
Secretary: Safaa Bouheraoua
Training Coordinator: Wan Nuraisyah Azzahrah Binti Wan Zuki


Join our Facebook group here!

Photo credits: Yiing-j Yap and Choo Wan Yee from IMU Photography Club

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My entire childhood was a magical journey where I have studied, charmed, battled alongside, stumbled and triumphed with The Golden Trio. While playing Hermione, Emma Watson molded perfectly into the role of our modern literary heroine intended by Joanne Kathleen Rowling. As I grew older, even after their tale ended, Emma Watson became the trailblazer who helped define a generation and embodied the true spirit of feminism. With or without a wand, Emma Watson never ceased to amaze me. I think I owe her a tribute and sketching her portrait is the least that I can do.

Nikol took approximately 32 hours to complete this masterpiece with a reference photo from a magazine. She used a 2B pencil and a kneaded eraser.

Nikol G10744636_10152800793767769_740287415_noh (ME214)

Seriously macho foodophile coming through!



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Ng Woon Woon, Phoenix House Cheerleading Captain

Woon Woon is the Cheerleading Captain of Phoenix. A medical student in her third semester, she is actively involved in extracurricular activities as a Student Ambassador and also as a member of the MAPCU Track and Field Team.


The final cheerleading competition is this Friday! How are you feeling right now? What is your goal for the team?

Very excited! Initially, I was more focused on winning the match. However, as the competition date gets closer, I tended to put more emphasis on the bonding sessions we shared. I hope we can perform our best during the competition and no injuries will occur. Winning will be a bonus!

Would you share some of your experiences with the team? What is the most interesting part of the training sessions?

I love bonding with my teammates! We practice together almost everyday, we help each other to improve, and we are like family, really.

What obstacles have you faced throughout the process? 

So far, no major injuries have happened in my team. All the members are awesome! One issue we faced was the lack of mats – we hope IMU can provide us with more practice mats in the future. There is also a lot of extra work to be done because we need to adhere to the new safety guidelines. For example, we need to make video recordings of the stunts we plan to do in order to get approval from the university before we can begin official practice.


Is there anything you wish to share with the other students?

University life is not just about studying! Join some extracurricular activities! You will definitely learn a thing or two, and meet amazing people!

Any words for your team before the big day?

I love you, Phoenix! 😀 😀 😀

Photography credits to JieCong’s Photography

Did you know?

Cheerleading teams in IMU usually start preparing for their competitions as early four months before it. A cheerleading routine, although short, requires weeks of planning and experimenting within a unit and as a whole team before it can be executed perfectly with all members hitting cheerleading stunts on the exact same count. Injuries, big or small, are also extremely common during practice sessions. Practice sessions one month prior to competition happen 3-4 times a week lasting 4 hours or more. Like many things, cheerleading is a stressful but exceedingly rewarding sport, so do come and show your support!

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This is a recount of all that I am able to remember before my time runs out. If anything should happen to me, I hope that at least, this would offer some help in explaining what had transpired.

It started on a Wednesday, I remember the night fell with signs of a thunderstorm and the wind was howling while the trees danced and the air was cold as a stale puddle. Yet, as I looked out the window after 4 hours in the library writing my assignments, not a single drop had fallen. It was almost 1 a.m. and so I decided to pack up and leave before it did. I exit the library and headed into the hallway towards the stairs that would lead me 3 floors down and out of the university. I lived in the apartment right across the road, and the brief exercise would work up the heat I need to braze the chilling weather outside.

It was when I was halfway across the hallway that I saw, the girl in the red shirt, with pitch black hair that ran down almost to her waist, as she hurried out from one of the doors into the hallway, carrying her books she rushed towards the stairs. In her haste, I noticed she unknowingly dropped a white ribbon, and after I had picked it up I chased after her in hopes of returning it. But when I reached the staircase, I could neither see her nor hear her footsteps. I turned back to the room she exited from to see if she had friends that could return it to her instead, just to discover that the room was vacant.  I continued to make my way back home, fiddling the white ribbon between my fingers. The moment I stepped out on to the road, the rain poured down heavily.

I had completely forgotten of my encounter with the girl in the red shirt, and bringing home the white ribbon on the next day. I do recall waking up to soreness on multiple sites of my face, and later that day having several people point out the unusual paleness of my complexion, to which I casually disregarded by attributing it to the piling amount of work and lack of sleep. In fact, it was one of the very rare times I had such a statement made about my façade. After 3 days, the remark had become a normal greeting, and the intensity of the sores had increased so much that they felt like bruises. Each day I was more tired and lethargic than the day before. I could barely climb out of bed, or find the strength to even stand.

Each day I was more tired and lethargic than the day before. I could barely climb out of bed, or find the strength to even stand.

Eventually I sought medical assistance, but they could find nothing wrong with my physiology. My face was decolourised and I was evidently exhausted, but there were no bruises on my face despite the constant pain I feel, and there was no anaemia. Regardless, I was advised to rest at home, and that’s when it all began.

Even after the first day of resting I felt worse than before. I decided I would try to get some simple house work done with what strength I had, and so I headed to tidy up my desk. As I rummage through my desk, I came across a red ribbon, lying beneath some paper notes. Upon closer inspection, I realised it was the same ribbon belonging to the girl in the red shirt. At that very moment I heard a brief but quick shuffling of footsteps, leading from my room and into the living room. Slowly I followed the supposed direction of the sound, but I found no one there in the living room. Instead, in front of the ground before me I found the red ribbon, lying there before my feet.

The next day I found the red ribbon suspended in my container I used for drinking water, together with it were some flies and cockroaches, and an assortment of other common small insects, drowned and floated on the surface. I decided to lock the red ribbon in a lock box by my bedside. That night as I was falling asleep, for a moment I could hear a deep breathing in my room, the sound was resonating as if it was trapped in some place, and it paced faster and faster. As I was pondering whether to trace it to the source the breaths had ceased. The next morning, I found the red ribbon lying beside me, and the box was still sitting locked in its place.

Yesterday I asked to stay over for a night in a friend’s house after I threw the red ribbon out of the window of my room on the 16th floor. Taking one look at me he of course could not turn me away, I was essentially a red eyed white zombie with eye bags. I of course did not disclose the true reason in fear that he might worry that I was losing my mind and my health.

That night, I dreamt of the girl in the red shirt. She was standing over my friend while he was asleep in bed, and she raised her hands and half clenched her fists and her nails broke and blood poured out from them. Her wrists broke open and long leech-like things slithered out from there and they flayed violently towards him. I was awoken from my sleep by some faint screeching noises, and I opened my eyes to find a figure making its way halfway up the wall across my bed. It was her. One hand after the other she clawed her way up the wall while with her legs aided her ascent to the ceiling. Her long black hair fell backwards as she crawled across the ceiling. With each movement her nails softly scratched the surface, until she was directly above me. In the place where her face should be, fresh and shimmering bright red, there was a disfigured and violated remain. I watched as she continued moving down the other side of the wall until head was above mine. A slit opened from the center from one end to the other, and revealed 2 rows of curved yellow fangs, drips of blood came gently down, and the stench of decay filled my every breath, as she moved closer and closer to my face.

…I opened my eyes to find a figure making its way halfway up the wall across my bed.

I have no memory of what had happened after. This morning, the ribbon had once again appeared beside me in bed, my friend appeared to be unharmed and I immediately moved back to my home.

Tonight, I exhaust all strength and vitality I have left in me to write this. My mind is unable to give in to my urgent need of sleep after what I’ve witnessed. As I write I listen closely to the tender scraping inching closer towards me…


Crow (BM113)

Scholar. Gentleman. Handsome. Also a bird.


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Go behind the coffee chemistry happening in front of our campus – The Mad Alchemy speaks!

For many students morning classes may be a torturing routine. How do you get rid of your Monday blues, you ask? A cuppa will be just the thing and we have none other than The Mad Alchemy for us to grab some quality coffee.

Lee, the ‘mad one’ behind the wheels, runs the stall with his staff. Lee doesn’t have that suntanned skin from nothing – he has experience brewing coffee on wheels on the streets near IMU for five to six months.
“I worked in the telecommunication field but suffered a lot of stress from my job. I vividly remember my days being a workaholic and staying awake for 34 hours straight.”

I vividly remember my days being a workaholic and staying awake for 34 hours straight.

“In time I grew tired of my job. Brewing coffee has always been a longtime hobby of mine and I enjoyed having my own coffee at home. After sometime, I realized it was a shame seeing my coffee powder and milk expire as I couldn’t finish them on my own.”

An idea came to mind – why not start a business? This will not only enable him to get a break from his tedious and dull job, but will also allow him to share his passion for coffee with others.

“Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat, so why not step out? After all, there’s nothing to lose.”

With that, Lee started out on his wheels, but he faces some difficulties as well. “In Malaysia, the weather conditions are the biggest challenge, especially during the rainy seasons. Our opening hours depend on the weather, and lugging an 80kg electric generator is definitely a problem.” He laughs and jokes that this is how he works on his muscles. “The outdoor conditions also hasten the coffee oxidation and we must test our coffee powder every couple of hours so I drink approximately 9-10 espresso shots every day!”

His turning point came when the Student Representative Council (SRC) of IMU invited Lee onto campus. Lee is glad for the consistent supply of electricity and is relieved that business is becoming more stable.

The turning point come in when the Student Representative Council of IMU invite Lee into their campus, aside the consistent supply of electricity,Lee claimed that business is becoming more stable.”We get regular customers nowadays. We know what they want without asking!”

So why the name ‘The Mad Alchemy’?



In Lee’s words, “Alchemy is related to chemistry, and I think brewing is similar to carrying out a perfect chemistry experiment. The ‘mad’ is a nod to myself as a ‘mad guy’, who took a huge risk and just set up this stall. When I recall the old times on the wheels, it was really tough and I don’t know how I did it.”

As he is a coffee lover, I asked him about his thoughts on a good cup of coffee. “For me, the taste comes second to what is truly important – the experience. It’s about your barista and the companionship between the barista and the customer. Coffee is about sharing – about spending time with someone whose company you enjoy.”

Coffee is about sharing – about spending time with someone whose company you enjoy.

When asked for advice, Lee’s words truly inspired me. “If you are willing to take the first step, the second step isn’t as hard as you think. Think about your worst case scenario, it is not as bad as you would imagine. So why not step out and try?”


Winnie Yew (BP114)

I want to be lost and found.