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Written by Wallflower


Find your equal,
The one who will appear in the sequel,
Never leaving you to mull.
Find your equal,
The one who would wait at the end of the tunnel,
With a lantern standing still.
Never settle for those who are lesser than you are,
You and your sharp wit and sharper tongue,
God knows your worth is more
Than those small talks and lame jokes.


If only he knew how much he means to me,
Each passing moment I would steal a glance,
Hoping that the wind wouldn’t take him away from me,
But time ticks fast and soon I would be left alone.
Maybe that is why I am mean to him one too many times,
Void of sympathy and kindness
So it would hurt less when the time arrives
So I wouldn’t shed tears
When he leaves.
Even if I stop all the clocks from ticking,
Even if I pray a little more,
Even if I resort to begging,
He is the one that I dare not hope to be mine.


We walk aimlessly on a path few are brave enough to choose,
We watch as the lines of the past sever and deteriorate,
We met a little too late in our life
At least it seemed so for me,
Yet, the moments we share
I would treasure
And cling to until the very end of my breath.

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Written by DeAn

One little bird
I met you by chance.
A duty of care
felt I had to grant.
From morning to night
you had me worried.
My memories by then
were filled with your stories.
I witnessed your struggles
I encouraged you through.
And anything you needed
I was always ready for you.
But the time will come
I should have known.
Moments have passed
and you sure have grown.
Spread your wings now
fly high in the winds.
Left me here to wonder
if more stories you’ll bring.

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Written by Andrew Octavian

Am I happy?
No, not these days I’m not
They say, “You should be grateful,
You’re breathing, you’re alive!”

I wake up, I take time to decide
Do I live today,
Or can I do that tomorrow?
Breathing hurts, life’s a ball of pain

I know my parents meant well
When they said,
“Be more like your brother”
Three times a day, seven times a week

I know it’s my mistake
Getting F’s, flunking classes
I try, every day I try
But tomorrow never seems as good
As what I pictured it to be

One morning I woke up
“I’ll try to be happy today” I said
Night came, so did the voices in my head
So I decide to stop breathing
And for the first time in a long while
I felt free