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Written by DeAn

One little bird
I met you by chance.
A duty of care
felt I had to grant.
From morning to night
you had me worried.
My memories by then
were filled with your stories.
I witnessed your struggles
I encouraged you through.
And anything you needed
I was always ready for you.
But the time will come
I should have known.
Moments have passed
and you sure have grown.
Spread your wings now
fly high in the winds.
Left me here to wonder
if more stories you’ll bring.

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by Wallflower

This may sound like a bunch of baloney or even incomprehensible rubbish. Well, if you’re not ready for your thoughts to be challenged and your world to be tipped upside down and inside out – go ahead and stop reading this.

You know when something happens and the likelihood for you to blame another person is high? Because it makes us feel better. Guess what, mistake happens as it is; it’s never planned. Like those careless errors you made on your exam paper, they just slipped. Let’s face it, it is a solution for a short amount of time. Slowly, you’ll wallow in your despair, and you realize it was you after all and it wasn’t them, and how ashamed would you be.

Your feelings and your thoughts are influenced by the way you perceive an event. The intensity of a heartbreak is not damaging unless you perceive it to be so. Your level of anger wouldn’t be as high as the skyscrapers, if you did not perceive it likewise. Why does the word ‘perceive’ pop out one too often on this article? Four times in this paragraph alone. Get ready for the fifth and counting, perceive or perception by definition is the ‘process of becoming aware of something through the senses.’ In a layman’s term, it’s when an event happens and you look at it either in a negative or a positive light.

I shall disclose an experience which I went through, it was a typical scene of a 21st century young adult drama. You know when you have that one person, and you thought he or she is the ‘one’ and everything was rainbow and things were going fine; you hung out often, he finishes your sentences, he laughs at your lame jokes, but well, sarcasm wasn’t really his thing yet I came to love his flaws, the funny way he pronounced my name or even the grammatical errors (when I was known as a Grammar Nazi among my friends), and I thought perhaps this is why it didn’t work out with the others before him. Our friends were happy for us, and I sat there and daydreamed, planning for adventures that we would embark on. I was indecisive on many things, I had to sleep on everything before taking any risks, but falling for him just happened and genuinely I have never been happier, even if I was, I couldn’t remember when.

prideandperceptionWell, let’s be honest, human beings never settle for less, we have something great but we always strive for more, it is something innate, it is a drive, a purpose in which without it life would be dull and pointless. Thus, I tested the waters because the uncertainty was killing me, I wanted a label because being in someone’s life without knowing your role is a discomfort. What am I? Are we dating? Are we just hanging out to cure our boredom? Those questions were my 11 pm thoughts. So, I did the unthinkable and took the plunge but in a safer, more grounded way. This is where I employed my crew of good friends to ask the guy where we stand. The answer wasn’t really music to my ears, I was friend-zoned. Rejected and dejected, I was speechless for a while. The thing about being rejected is that, especially by someone you like, is that it harms your self-esteem. You sought for their approval, some people would actually go to the extent of lying about their interests for this (but please don’t do that), thus, being cast aside by this one person has a major impact on you as a person. Because this one person was the world to you. You question yourself, nit-picking, perhaps it was your shoes. Maybe it’s the way you’re too sarcastic for him. Or he has someone else.

I dropped into a slump because I didn’t choose to be in that state, no one did and will. We all want to be happy like Joy in “Inside Out.” That is the one month that I won’t forget, especially when the inflicted wound kept bleeding and the memories kept bleeding. And both of you are all smiles as if nothing had happened. The world spins around and time never stops for anyone. I felt the utmost anger when he asked me out again, when he cares for my well-being, when he asked about my day – giving me hope that things would escalate from this position, perhaps, he was uncertain about his feelings just as much as I was. And, we would get the happy ending that we very much deserve so I would stop second-guessing myself. When he does those little things that makes me feel appreciated, the anger bubbles up again. I did come to a point where, if there’s no such thing as consequences, I would actually stand in front of him and sing Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” Yes, I would resort to that method if there’s no such thing as shame as well.

Well, I have digressed too much, it was supposed to be about perception, but my life story is up there. Even when I was typing this, I realize something that is very crucial. The way I see it, he broke my heart, so I have every single reason to be angry and he is just a clueless lad that needs a broken nose. But I have been looking through this whole situation with a fogged up glass, and I was unwilling to wipe away the fog that is the feeling of disappointment which has been clouding up my thoughts. Of course he wasn’t the wrong here, he shouldn’t be apologetic either, remember, I have never told him how I felt about him, and perhaps I had miscalculated his attention as affection when it was purely platonic.

The bottom line is I have deluded myself into it, I have read all the signs wrongly and that’s why I have been directed to despair. From the start, when someone is paying attention to you in the midst of the crowd, it does wonders to your self –worth. It’s all blooming daisies and there’s a skipping gait on your steps because finally you matter to someone else (other than your family members). The anger after the rejection is a completely natural human feeling; you have been tossed asunder, and suddenly you’re left alone once more. Yet, the lesson I have learnt is – never let another person define you, never let your emotions be your ultimate compass. Take good care of your heart (metaphorically speaking) never let it be swayed so easily.

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Written by Andrew Octavian

Am I happy?
No, not these days I’m not
They say, “You should be grateful,
You’re breathing, you’re alive!”

I wake up, I take time to decide
Do I live today,
Or can I do that tomorrow?
Breathing hurts, life’s a ball of pain

I know my parents meant well
When they said,
“Be more like your brother”
Three times a day, seven times a week

I know it’s my mistake
Getting F’s, flunking classes
I try, every day I try
But tomorrow never seems as good
As what I pictured it to be

One morning I woke up
“I’ll try to be happy today” I said
Night came, so did the voices in my head
So I decide to stop breathing
And for the first time in a long while
I felt free

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Dreams are commonly regarded as the vivid images that we experience during our sleep. However, dreams are more than colourful and exciting visions. To some, dreams are life goals; the hearts’ true desire; the ultimate Holy Grail. To me, to be able to dream is indeed a blessing.

To dream is to give me the courage to pursue my ambition. Dream high and reach out for the stars in the sky. At the end of the day, even if I failed to accomplish my mission, at least I will have managed to experience the spectacular panoramic scenery on the ladder to success. I would live my life knowing that I tried.

Dream high and reach out for the stars in the sky.

To dream is to keep myself sane. Some things are beyond the bounds of possibility, and will always be, no matter how hard I try. Having the ability to dream is to have the assurance that the impossible may become a reality when I am fast asleep. That would be my consolation.

To dream is to give myself a chance at happiness, whether it is to do well in university, to convert a loan into a scholarship, to have good companions to grow old together with, to have the opportunity to travel to beautiful destinations, or to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate. To dream is to hope for the best in the future.

As the famous saying goes – ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’. Be bold and dream the wildest dreams as you only live once. You will be surprised where a lot of discipline, self-determination and imagination can take you.


roseLexi C (BP114)

Aspires to inspire.



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You have received LifeTM! Subjected to only the following amount:


Section 1: LifeTM

LifeTM is the exciting product that changes and evolves into many countless possibilities, simply by making and/or not making ChoicesTM (refer to section 2)!

Disclaimer/ Terms and Conditions regarding LifeTM

  1. LifeTM is not returnable at any given time and under any circumstances.
  2. LifeTM is not exchangeable at any given time and under any circumstances with a new LifeTM, or with other person(s) who also possess LifeTM.
  3. Mint conditions of LifeTM may vary and is subjected to the economic and social settings of the receiver.
  4. Satisfaction towards LifeTM is subjected wholly to the perception of the receiver; desirable and/or positive outcomes are not guaranteed.
  5. Damages and/or premature termination of LifeTM is entirely the responsibility of the receiver, or in some other cases, the responsibility of other person(s) with LifeTM. No warranty for LifeTM is provided.
  6. Enquiries and services regarding operation and maintenance LifeTM are not, and will never be provided. For more information, please look to other person(s) that currently owned, or had owned LifeTM, for guidance and reference.

Section 2: ChoicesTM

ChoicesTM is an important component in LifeTM where you will have to make decisions and choose from options to make progress with LifeTM. When deciding on ChoicesTM, apart from fulfilling your own needs/ wants/ hopes/ wishes, we recommend meeting one or all of the following conditions:

  1. Satisfies all the existing requirements of laws, rules and regulations, of any/all relevant institutions, state, country and unwritten moral codes.
  2. Fulfils expectations of, or is concurred by other person(s) with LifeTM of significant importance*
  3. Is beneficial* to one and/or many and/or all parties mentioned above.

* To be defined by the receiver of LifeTM

Failure to comply with at least one of the above may result in (not limited to) sadness, depression, incarceration, loneliness, loss, madness, social rejection, antisocial behaviours, feelings of inadequateness, death, other declines in mental health and negative feeling(s) or emotion(s).

Additional Notes:

  1. LifeTM is subject to change without prior notice
  2. In any situation involving other person(s) with LifeTM, refer to section (2) for recommendations.

Now that we’re completely clear, get out there and have fun with LifeTM! Build a spaceship! Have a family! See the world! Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy LifeTM!

Best Wishes,



Crow (BM113)

Scholar. Gentleman. Handsome. Also a bird.



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Who could forget the miracle of the day you first appeared? A moment when fantasy and reality lapsed and a lag cursed the thought, in what seemed an eternity of disbelief. Time left, beauty personified, and every obstacle dissolved. The world was free and impossibilities were void. You gave me life, and I was born a second time.

As quickly as you’ve made me, you’ve wrecked my balance and sanity against the shores of truth, shattered it into pitiful bits as thick as an atoms’ edge. I was poisoned with hopes and fantasies, ifs and maybes, and rendered useless to pass every day, every waking and unconscious second without the immortal pain of possible disappointment. I was torn and tormented, in an ferocious, ever shifting climate of unsettling bleak and warmth, and I’ve imagined hell to be a bliss if I would die in that moment.

As quickly as you’ve made me, you’ve wrecked my balance and sanity against the shores of truth, shattered it into pitiful bits as thick as an atoms’ edge.

As I bleed profusely, picking up every razor of truth and myself, I had glimpsed the future, and discovered my fate was non-existent without you.

Every time I see you or beheld you in my eyes and mind, I would know nothing but humility. Under the spell of beauty incarnate, my heart fell through endless heights, my mind in a trance of dreamful intoxication. And for the time we first spoke, I swore my life had closed on its final chapter. And for that time when our hearts were mutual, not even the glory of heaven or the horror of hell could impress me, for I had you.

And for that time when our hearts were mutual, not even the glory of heaven or the horror of hell could impress me, for I had you.

And when we met reality, like flowers approaching summer, beauty and perfection became temporal, and we spiraled down and fell and were almost lost. The kingdoms of passion were not constructed on impulses or in the first seconds alone. It demanded offerings, for us to be tortured, ripped apart and put together and ripped apart again, the hopes and wishes crushed so fine for a lone and secret purpose, and that was only to assemble the purest, truest essence of love. There we saw each other, crystal and thorough, hearten and complete, disproved and proved countless lyrics of love songs, and reality instead became the best teacher we have known, and few will ever have the fortune to discover.

Now, with a paved and concrete path of blind determination shot, stuck, and sunken ahead into the midst of a once wild and frightful time, we can begin to indulge the sweetness sown in those innocent times. When we are someday swaying slowly and silently to some slow music, hand in hand, warmth against warmth, heart to heart, all that will be needed, and ever will be needed is –




Crow (BM113)

Scholar. Gentleman. Handsome. Also a bird.



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When I first entered university, I realised that I am surrounded by four lone children in my group of friends (I haven’t met any before), so I decided to take this chance to find out whether we have any similarities as only child. Below are conversation and conclusion between me and a friend.

1. We think that no one else will be able to understand our world

We always give a lonely impression to others but in fact, we never have a moment of boredom.The long period of being alone enable us to create our own imaginary universe that we can enter no matter time and space.

(But don’t worry, we don’t have delusional disorder)

2. We might seems a bit cold…

We both agree on this issue, that it’s probably due to our calmness in facing whatever difficulties.We think that overreaction wouldn’t be much of a help in any situation and it’s not that we want to ignore others,we are just trying to help by thinking rationally.

3. We can repeatedly do something for a long period

We can repeatedly watch a movie or listen to a song if we love it,without getting bored of it.There’s also a rewind button installed in our head that allow us to review every scene again and again until it is imprinted in our memory.So,it’s kinda hard to change our first impression towards somebody because it sometimes just shows up in our mind.

4. We treat everything with a postive mindset

We tend to think that others treating us well is something extraordinary,but if we encounter any unfair treatment we won’t be upset as well because we often view the world with a positive manner. (So a lone child can be a very good friend haha)

5. We must spend some time alone.

Fact 5 is extremely important because if we don’t do it, we will lose our sanity.

Last but not least,the facts above are just for a pleasure reading. Everyone is unique in their own way and we should not judge a book by its cover. Friendship is a full-time occupation and we should spend some quality time to understand our friends better.


Yew Wing Yee (BP114)

I wake up in the morning wondering what to eat for lunch.



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If you have not heard of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), here’s a short introduction:

DotA is a free game or ‘digital sport’, consisting of 112 playable characters known as ‘heroes’. Each hero has a minimum of 4 skills, and up to 134 purchasable ‘items’. Then there is everything else you need to learn in order to play the game, i.e. last hitting, denying, etc. Like any other sport or game, a basic understanding of ALL these things is required before you can begin to properly begin to enjoy the game. Its ridiculous complexity is probably why it is still fascinating millions and millions of players across the globe since its creation in 2003. Fast forward to 2014, and a newer version – ‘DotA 2’ – has been released. It has about 10 million players, and an international tournament was hosted this year for various players from countries such as Ukraine, Europe, China, Russia and USA, with a total prize pool of almost 11 million USD, about half of it going to the winner.

About five years ago, when I was first coaxed by my cousin into playing DotA, I never would have believed a mere computer game could induce so many life changing realizations. I’ve been playing the game with a passion since then, and though it may not have taught me these valuable lessons first hand, it definitely pushed me into taking them to more closely to heart, the first being:

5. Dealing with less capable teammates

A point about DotA I did not mention previously is that it is a team-based game, with five players on both sides. Teamwork, communication, and cooperation are important if you want to win (most people do). Sadly, this can also be a problem, especially when it is your precious free time you are spending to enjoy the game. Unless you have your own five person team, you are going to be placed together in a team with four complete strangers, who may or may not (a) speak your language (b) share your standards and (c) share your desire to win.

So, instead of getting angry and cursing the high heavens over the disfigured, handicapped, human-animal hybrid team that you are given, you scrap together whatever skills and efforts your team has to offer, and try to make your 30-50 minutes of game time as enjoyable as possible, and hope the opposite team has worse teamwork than yours. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t make assumptions of their personality or character based on their game playing skills, these things do not matter to the task at hand, but it would be nice if they would put in some effort, or at least show that they want to.

You learn to work with what you’re given, instead of complaining and straight up quitting, because you’re not going to have an A-team for every group project or activity you’re going to work on.

You might ask: why not just play with your friends? Wouldn’t that solve the problem? I too, was naïve enough to believe that notion. But having your close friend disappoint you is a far worse feeling than having it come from a total stranger. Which brings me to my next point.

You learn to work with what you’re given, instead of complaining and straight up quitting, because you’re not going to have an A-team for every group project or activity you’re going to work on.

4. Imposing standards on others (and having unrealistic expectations)

This might seem a little obvious, but it slaps you in the face when you’re actually trying to accomplish it. People play DotA for different reasons, and some people don’t mind being bad at the game and so they don’t spend too much time on it. And sometimes that person can be your friend of more than 10 years, with whom you’ve chaired committees and worked on many projects with, but that doesn’t mean he shares all of your standards. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect people to fulfill your expectations. If they happened to meet said expectations, consider it a blessing, but don’t blame others when they fail to do so.

3. Handling critics and comments

As with any online social platform, where users can communicate anonymously, there will be no shortage of people who have no reservations in insulting and belittling others. DotA 2 is certainly no exception. Dealing with negative comments and critics is an everyday ordeal for a DotA 2 player. Most would choose to ignore, some fire back, and too few would surprisingly ask for suggestions for improvement.

It’s tempting to retaliate verbally when insulted, especially in such an anonymous setting. I did give in initially, but only after a long time I realised that it was not benefiting anyone, especially myself, as I found myself spending my time just being rude to others. When you have a need to improve yourself in something, the opinion of others matters. However, the trick is to differentiate constructive criticism from toxic nonsense. A good way to receive more useful criticism is to ask why the person made that comment about you.

Self evaluation and introspection is a difficult thing, it forces you to admit that you are not as capable as you imagined, and to deal with issues you’re sometimes not ready to face. But with enough time with yourself, and some humility, you’ll eventually learn to ignore the rubbish, and gain ideas on improving yourself based on what others have said about you.

2. Accepting failure

I have spent about 2800 hours on DotA 2 over a period of five years, and I’ve had my share of mistakes and defeats. Failing is a good thing to make your weaknesses apparent, but not so when you’re in denial. It is particularly painful when you have put in effort, it makes it seem like you’ve wasted all the hard work, and eventually you resort to blaming others. I do admit that sometimes someone besides you is responsible for the defeat, in that case refer lesson 4.

If the problem lies within you, then know that you should keep trying to improve yourself. It’s a good thing to have ideals and examples that you look to for certain things, but reaching that level should come eventually and not immediately.

You’re not constantly being evaluated, life is not a competition, and there is always something to improve on. Occasional mistakes are fine, but regret is a maggot that eats your vitality. Accept that you were weak before, seek to improve and move on. When you’re striving to be good at something, failing eventually becomes a welcomed habit.

You’re not constantly being evaluated, life is not a competition, and there is always something to improve on.

Up to this point it seems that I was simply recycling old teachings and sayings with relevance to DotA. Perhaps that is why they were able to survive so many generations, because they are truth. I leave you (finally) with the most important lesson I’ve learned:

1. True learning is derived from passion and freedom

I’ve never complained about playing DotA 2. For a few months I ate DotA, I slept DotA, I breathed DotA, and I lived DotA. I have never had to race to meet assignment deadlines or had any quiz or exams on DotA (though I would gladly do so), and I never had to revise the things I’ve learnt. I was continuously captivated, and so eager to share and practice what I’ve learned.

Its allure is not simply because it is a game. If that were the case then many other games would have met the same kind of success. I believe it is simply the result of being equipped with the means to seek information, and being allowed to pursue one’s curiosity and passion without constraint. That is simply the best way to learn.


Crow (BM113)

Scholar. Gentleman. Handsome. Also a bird.


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By Navin Chandran (ME113)

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot lately about children. Not about having them or anything of the sort, but more about their significance. Their place in the world that seems to go unnoticed and unappreciated by anyone and everyone.

We’re always searching for new opportunities. New chances to start over, put the broken shards of our life back together and hopefully leave the shadows of our past behind us for good. And yet every single time that precious chance displays itself, we come along and we mess it all up. I can’t fathom how long it’s been, how many generations have been raised and lost, how many lives and how much time have been wasted as we set ourselves into this vicious cycle over and over and over again.

We’re always searching for new opportunities. New chances to start over, put the broken shards of our life back together and hopefully leave the shadows of our past behind us for good.

Children represent the very best and the very worst of humanity. They represent the unassuming youth we’re born with and lose along the way to the great chain of industry and progress. They represent the pristine, unspoiled nature we’re blessed with and at the same time the very depths of depravity to which we have to be exposed to crack and damage that porcelain mould.

Children aren’t born prejudiced, or hateful, or despicable. They aren’t born thinking “he’s black” or “she’s a Jew”. They aren’t born with sickles and daggers in their hands, ready to stab and hurt everything in sight. They’re moulded. We take them, and instead of creating a portrait of beauty and perfection we shape them after ourselves, into a swirling torrent of hatred and despair.

When I think about the Stolen Generations, Columbine, Sandy Hook, I can’t understand why we put children through the horrors our soldiers and freedom fighters are already facing. That’s why they do what they do, isn’t it? So we don’t have to. So we can sit safely in our houses, enjoying the life we’ve earned and gotten accustomed to, and raise our children to appreciate that and work for a better future. How are we to give them that future if we kill them ourselves day after day?

Why do we put our children through horrors they’ll never recover from? Why do we keep them locked up, terrorise them, rape them, shoot them, blow them up? Why do we damage them, give them no horizon to look forward to? Life makes us all jaded, eventually.

Why do we put our children through horrors they’ll never recover from?

Eventually we’re swallowed up and spat out onto the cold concrete floor; forced to pull ourselves to our feet by our bootstraps and stumble forward. Why do we have to make it harder for the innocents, for those who look out at the world with wide eyes and a mind hungry for knowledge? For those who ask a hundred questions a day and want nothing more than to understand the world they see and feel, so different from the warm, comfortable womb they were so cozy in.

Why can we not afford them the very best we and life has to offer, before they discover for themselves it’s not all it’s made out to be? Why do we chip at them, whittle them down before they’re even fully formed? How long will it take before we learn and realise that children are our true once in a lifetime chance, and that they are truly the coin we can only spend once?


Navin Chandran (ME113)

Navin sees the world not in black and white, but in furrowed shades of grey. He spends his time riding the dusky isles like a ship in a maelstrom, trying to find order in the madness and slowly learning that chaos is part of organising one’s universe.


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I’ve always wondered, at what point in our lives do we come to realise, if at all, that the universe, unfortunately, does not revolve around us.  Maybe if you will it hard enough, things will end up fine. Just maybe. But we all know that that is not always the case.

We always imagine ourselves as main protagonists with an epic storyline ahead of us. There’s the romantic notion that every miniscule act will lead to an advancement in the plot, and that for every ounce of adversity we go through, we have to come out stronger eventually, prepared to face an even bigger foe. This too, is not always the case.  You will find yourselves with days of stagnation and there will be days where you’re broken beyond recognition. And that all, is fine.  There will be times where you face a dead end and there will be times you ask “Why?”  Sooner or later you will realise, there isn’t always an answer and that you can only cower and cry. And that too, is fine.

You will find yourselves with days of stagnation and there will be days where you’re broken beyond recognition. And that all, is fine.

It’s hard to imagine how the world will keep going on when you cease to. After all, you’re only able to experience it through one perspective, one mind and one identity. Ironically, because of this singular perception of the world, it’s even harder to imagine that the story of the world takes a turn when yours ends. Not the world in general but those whose world you were a part of. How easy it is to just slip away, not knowing that someone might have been holding on.  A tiny blip along the course of time, a permanent scar in one lifetime.  Time numbs but it does not necessarily heal. People will move on but a part always lingers, a part that never forgets.

Shakespeare compared the world to a stage with all the people actors in the play of life. Actors don many masks. A frustrated scowl could transform into a charming grin at a moment’s glance. Words of scorn turn to words of praise. I guess, versatility is a necessary skill if you want to keep your show running. But what of those who go weary of wearing masks? What lies behind the plastered smile? Maybe after each performance, the cracks start showing. However, the show runs on a tight schedule, it goes on with or without you. The rest of the crew would shun you and the audience care not for what lies underneath. To remain on stage, you hope the mask, and yourself, push through another performance.

We may all be ripples amongst raging water, but it takes a ripple to form a wave.

We may all be ripples amongst raging water, but it takes a ripple to form a wave.  We may only be a minor mention in the story of the world but we all have our stories to tell, and there are people willing to listen.


Soh Zhi Min (ME113)

Zhi Min is a self-deprecating pessimist who can’t give herself a break. Followers of the MBTI would be intrigued to know that she identifies as INFJ. The world she sees is a juxtaposition of the chaotic and the mundane, with a fair share of the absurd. She spends her free time zoning out, trying to make sense of it all.