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Interview by Andrew Octavian

Track and field is a form of sport which combines running, jumping, throwing, and a whole lot of energy. We managed to ask some questions about this sport with one of the captains of the IMU Track and Field team who is actively involved in the field of sports. Check out what Kok How (in green in the picture below) has to say about some questions regarding this sport and how it is around IMU and Malaysia.

Interview: Tracking the Fields with Kok How


What is Track and Field to you and how do you keep yourself motivated in delving into this field of sports?

Track and field is a test of determination, dedication, will power and courage of individuals. Athletes go through strenuous training which is physically and mentally demanding, not to mention time consuming. I also believe in hard work, and that those who have respected the training and honoured their commitment will cherish the results.

The reason why I run is quite simple really. I enjoy the satisfaction and the achievement I get from it, there’s all there is to say. It can be difficult to just aim to be successful, so I set targets every year and work hard to achieve them. That way, I not only shorten the gap to be successful, I also improve every time.


How is the team doing and what are your activities throughout the year?

The MAPCU competition is usually during the middle of the year, and we start training around February. Training is light at first, and it gets progressively tougher as we close in to the competition. Currently we train 4 times a week, resting on a weekday and on weekends. We’ve ran on the track, we’ve tread on numerous road, we’ve even crossed on sandy terrains and conquered many hills. We also alternate our trainings with beach volleyball, workouts with improvised equipment, and sometimes you will see us around IMU doing our core workouts.

IMU MAPCU Track & Field team has always been known to have the strongest team spirit. We go in with our heads held high, and win or lose we come out together stronger than ever. With talented athletes who come on board and the iron-willed dedication of the team, we are among the favourites of winning the competition.


What was it like to be a non-professional athlete to make it all the way to the finals of the competition you participated in?

I recently joined this competition called All Comers Meet, taking part in the 400m. The event was something like a state meet, and participants from outstation such as Melaka and Perak have come to show what they have to offer. Despite the tough competition, I managed to enter the finals. I was quite nervous because I was competing with national-level athletes, but I kept telling myself even if they were better, I would still give them a really good fight. I did manage a 6th placing in the end. One thing about these open competitions is you will never know what to expect. While it is a good place for exposure, it can be quite nerve-wrecking.


What would you say you would improve on in the long run in terms of this sports?

I guess the most important change needed to improve IMU’s quality in track and field or sports in general is a sports department. Sports is a well-established part of universities as is evidently seen in varsity championships all over the world and it helps to promote the university. Other universities like HELP, Sunway and Taylors have their own sports department which manages and organizes any of the universities sports events.

As for the MAPCU Track and Field team, Coach Keney has gone a long way to help continue the legacy we have in the MAPCU competition, as well as the MIVG competition. He was a national hurdler back in the 1990s, bringing glory to Malaysia during its Golden age in track and field. With his guidance, we have emerged champions in the MIVG since its establishment and minimum 2nd overall in MAPCU (winning in the years 2009 and 2011). The students in IMU change almost yearly, and he is the one who coordinates the students in every shift of athletes.

Interview: Tracking the Fields with Kok How

Any qualms in your term within the team?

Our team has 3 captains; me, Johann Ashaari and Deanna Nicole Lee. From handling attendance to recruiting members to balancing with studies, the life of a captain and student is one hell of a ride. We are many a times faced with situations where exam periods coincide with training. We do our best to work around the busy schedule, balancing training and study time. Together we strive towards our common goal, reminding and encouraging one another that we are all in this together and pour our heart and soul into preparing for the competition. We’ve worked hard, and we intend to do our best in the competition.


Any words of advice to track and field enthusiasts in IMU?

The FTAAAKL organises track events from time to time. Contact them to find out when is the next competition. Get together with other people who share the same passion. It’s much easier to train with some buddies rather than alone.

That is the easy bit. The training is the toughest of all. You will have days when you ask yourself why you work so hard, and on those days you must remind yourself how much you want to win. And if you keep at it, you will get there. As Muhammad Ali once said:


“I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.””

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Reported by Aashwany Chandra Mohan

IMU Cup 2015 was just over. After battling all the sports events, we were looking at days of facing one of our biggest fears: EXAMS! While resuming back to books, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the captain of the winning house of IMU Cup 2015. It’s none other than WINSTON LOW, captain of the Pegasus house. In the midst of attending classes and collecting MPU forms around the campus, I managed to get the captain’s 15 minutes on IMU Cup 2015 experience.

How did it feel to be chosen as the captain of the Pegasus house during the annual general meeting (AGM) of the houses?

To be honest, I was quite relieved. Towards the end of IMU Cup 2014, most of us in Pegasus knew who was going to go for the captaincy and it was between Jeihiin and myself. To add to that, Jeihiin is quite popular among the students and I was slightly worried. Even the previous captain, Jimmy Khalaff, added that it would be great if both of us (Jeihiin and Winston), would go for the captaincy. At the end of the day, I told myself, we will see how the votes go during the AGM. For me, it was a nerve-wracking moment. Seeing the results, I was certainly delighted.

Any word of advice from the previous captain, Jimmy Khalaff?

I’m not sure whether there was any advice but he did guide me on the basic tasks to be completed as a captain such as assigning sports captains and also to make sure the all the sports, the progresses and the funding go smoothly. In case, if there was a rise in problems, make sure to do a follow-up and get help from the IMU Cup committee itself.

How was it working with other Pegasus committee members?

I think it was quite easy. My committee members executed their responsibilities well and you didn’t really have to push them for it. They knew their roles. As students, we also have to balance our studies and also focus on IMU Cup. So I just had to remind them at times, on certain tasks to be completed. I’m glad that I had a good team. They helped greatly, especially during T-shirt distribution and fundraising. I’m not sure about other houses, but my committee was willing to skip some classes, at times. I know it’s undoubtedly not a good thing to do but they put all their efforts in making things happen.

How did you find your responsibilities as the captain?

Mainly, I have to make sure my committee members do their duties. I have to also find some sports captains as it wasn’t easy to get the captains for some of the sports. I must make sure that the sports captains are having regular trainings as much as possible. It’s definitely not impossible to manage all the captains but it’s a smarter choice to split the management of the sports captains. So, we divided the sports among my committee members. For example, 1 committee member will be in charge of 6 sports and the vice-captain and I will be in – charge of more sports. At the end of the day, despite dividing the responsibilities, I must make a follow –up to ensure it works well and push the team harder when necessary.

How was it finding sports captains and players for all the sports?

Well, that one is definitely not easy. *emphasis on “not easy”* Well, it’s easy for the sports in which my committee and myself have participated in last year cause we know the players. Some of the sports like dance, volleyball and others weren’t that easy. Some of them were assigned last minute and we have some sports where the captains resigned last minute. It was definitely panicking to see those drastic changes. In terms of finding players, Pegasus is quite lucky where some of us can participate in many sports. We were actually quite fortunate that the sports captains did manage to find players. Only worry was definitely getting sports captains, as people don’t really volunteer for it.

Hydra has been one of your toughest opponent since last year. How was it for you to handle that as a captain?

It was sort of worrying. Joining last year’s IMU Cup, somehow we know their abilities and potentials in most sports. Although in the first 4 sports, we dropped only 2 points, we had one 1st runner up and three winning sports. Many were saying that Pegasus is going to win the championship this year in the beginning itself. They were stating that there is no competition this year as Hydra was way behind. But I denied that because the first four sports are the strong sports where I know we are good in and we should go for gold. That will help us in leading the board in the long run. This is mainly because I know Hydra is good in basketball, volleyball and also track and field. I’m making sure that we are points ahead. Comparing from last year and this year, I’m glad that we led the board from Day 2. Knowing that they are strong, we must be ahead of them.


Other than Hydra, are they are other houses that you find that was a tough competition?

Initially, it was Draco. Before basketball and other sports, Draco and Pegasus were neck-to-neck. They were one of the tough opponents before Hydra. Draco was the 1st runner ups for quite a few sports and even though they didn’t get as many gold medals. But the difference between the gold and silver was only 2 points. So, if Draco has five 1st runner ups and Pegasus has 4 wins, 5 silver medals is better than 4 gold medals. They posed quite a threat but when the points from Chariofare were out, it was a big blow for them. If I were to face such situation, I would be devastated because Chariofare isn’t really considered as a competitive sport. To add to that, the point difference between the winner and the last place is 20 points which is big as compared to the previous years which was 8 points. We got 2nd and Hydra got 1st and the point difference was 4. It makes a difference, let it be small or big.

How does it feel to bring the cup back to Pegasus?

ECSTATIC.  It’s such a nice feeling. The way we lost it last year, it made the win more suited this year. We lost it on the last day last year after leading the board on and off. We made sure we didn’t put too much pressure on our cheerleaders and they did better this year. We are definitely delighted and happy.

With cheerleading being the last event and with the point margin of 18 points between Hydra and Pegasus, was there any thoughts that Hydra might do better and win the cup?

Honestly, I want to think and weigh all the possible outcomes that may take place. Mathematically speaking, 18 points is not a sure win. Anything can happen. Hydra could’ve won the cheer competition and we could’ve gotten last. And with those changes, they could’ve won the cup. It’s very unlikely and after the cheer performances many said Pegasus would win the cup as Taurus and Draco have a strong stand in cheerleading. It’s not given until results were in. Once I saw Taurus’ performance, I was quite relieved.

Any advice to the captain of Pegasus for the next IMU Cup?

Good luck. There will be more pressure than when I took up the position as now we are defending champions. There will be pressure. It is expected. Then again, the house has a lot of talented people and it’s not the captain alone that leads the house to victories. You have your committee, your sports captains and your athletes. Without all of us working together, you could definitely not win it. It’s a cumulative effort.

One word to describe the entire IMU Cup 2015 journey.

*after a long pause and erms* PROUD! I’m proud to be in Pegasus and this year we have set quite a lot of milestones. Dominating all racquet sports and I don’t think so that has been done before. We led the board throughout IMU Cup since Day 2. These are things that make you feel good. I’m not sure whether any other houses have done that before but I’m surely proud of Pegasus. It’s certainly great to know that our team have made this achievements for the next batch to follow.


“The way we lost it last year, it made the win more suited this year.” – Winston Low

And so we ended the interview with the proud captain. It was undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for me to interview a polite and a down-to-earth individual. We, from IMU Editorial Board, wish him and his team all the best in their exams and future endeavors. Not to forget, we would also like to congratulate Pegasus, for winning the cup for the 2nd time around.


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Ong Joo Yi, Taurus House Cheerleading Captain 

Joo Yi is a chiropractic student in her sixth semester. She has led her squad to victory in the IMU Cup Cheerleading Competition – hands down the most beloved event in IMU. We met up with her to celebrate her victory 

What’s the secret of success of your team?

The secret of winning this is a lot hard work, discipline, never give up and positive energy from each other.

How did your team start up? How was the recruitment process?

Many newbies came and showed their interest during tryouts – some knew by word of mouth, some by Facebook notice and some came with friends. But only a few made it through as we needed to limit our numbers. It wasn’t very tough recruiting because initially we had about ten seniors from last year’s team joining. Some strong friendship bonds were formed last year! Unfortunately, later on some of them couldn’t cope with studies, so we had to find replacements. Despite this, I’m glad to say that I had no trouble in forcing people into joining the Taurus cheer team – most of them are very disciplined.

Talk us through your training process. 

We started our practice around the end of April. During the first two months, members came and went, so we were teaching the newbies the basics about cheerleading to give them a rough idea of what cheerleading is about. We started practicing the tougher skills that are to be included in the routine in mid-July.

We did a lot of strength training, stretching to improve our flexibility, jumps and stunts. Personally, I had a lot of hope in this year’s team! I thought we might have a change to win this if we worked hard and started early. I conveyed the message to every member of the team – that we are aiming for something big this year. I am so glad that they have been with me throughout this whole journey. We finally made it!

I am so glad that [the team] have been with me throughout this whole journey.

Tell us about the happiest and saddest moments of your team.

After being together for 6 months, the happiest moment is that we are able to meet each other through cheerleading, and the friendship bonds formed through this are unbreakable. Learning to put your lives into others’ hands and being able to trust them are some of the most precious things that we gained throughout this whole journey. The happiest moments are definitely when we could hit perfect stunts and master new skills. Everyone is so happy to learn and they are very open minded towards suggestions.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank for your success? What advice would you like to give to those anyone who might be interested in cheerleading?

There are many people that we would like to thank for making this dream come true. We have very dedicated coaches who are very motivating – always encouraging us to try new things even when we want to give up.

I would like to advise those who are shy but interested to be brave and give yourself a chance to experience this journey yourself! It is very fun to be able to know people from different courses. From being strangers on day one, to being inseparable best friends after 6 months of training. Not only that, when you achieve something in cheer leading, the feeling is beyond amazing, you will be proud of your achievements. Never try, never know. So I would advise those who are interested in cheer, to step out of your comfort zone, to give yourself a chance to be a part of this family.

 Be brave and give yourself a chance to experience this journey yourself!



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Wilson Seah Wee Ser,  Hydra House Captain (2014)

Wilson is a first year dentistry student. Throughout the entire duration of IMU Cup 2014, he has been actively involved in several sports events, namely cheer leading, track & field, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee and touch rugby.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on winning IMU Cup 2014! How do you feel about this victory?

Thank you! I felt so excited and touched when Hydra was announced the overall champion. Initially,we were 8 points behind Pegasus, but we knew we stood a chance in overtaking Pegasus when we were placed third in the cheer leading competition. Although cheer leading played an essential role, I still think that every captain and member of each event deserves the cup together because without any of them, the cup wouldn’t be in Hydra’s hands today.

I see. What was your initial goal for Hydra? Did the outcome match your expectations?

I believe every house captain’s goal is to win this Cup. Not only does the Cup represent a leader’s capability in leading his team, it also marks the effort of every house member. And yes it did match my initial goal.

What have you learned from being the house captain of Hydra?

The responsibility of being a leader in Hydra is totally different from any other posts I have ever held before. This is because house members are constantly looking up to the captain and the committee to finish the job. Leading a large group of people is definitely not an easy job, but fortunately I have learned how to cooperate with my committee and other house captains. The job got easier when all of us worked together towards a common goal. I would say teamwork is one of the most important lessons that I have learned from this Cup.

Apart from emerging as champions of IMU Cup and learning how to work with others effectively, what is the best part of the whole event?

The best part is definitely the blossoming of new friendships! You get to know people from different semesters and courses through the various sports events. It is a brilliant opportunity for IMU students to mix around and have fun. But to be honest, the friendships in the cheer leading team are the strongest as we spent almost every day together.

Will you join IMU Cup next year?

Yes definitely. I would like to try some new sports if possible. I love sports!

Last but not least, are there any messages you would like to share?

I would like to say thank you and great job to the organizers. They did a pretty good job this year and things were well-organized. As for IMU students, I hope more people can participate in IMU Cup next year as it will be a great experience and memory for all of us.

Thank you so much for accepting this interview. All the best to you and Hydra in the future!


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Photography credits to IMU Photography Society and  JieCong’s Photography!

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Interview by Alagueswari Caruppaiya (CH0113)


Ivan Sin (CH0111), President of the IMU Cup Committee

In conjunction with the recent IMU Cup Closing Ceremony, we interviewed Ivan, who tirelessly overlooked the organization of the games. Read on to find out how he manages to make him for studies!

Can you briefly explain the objectives of IMU CUP?

IMU CUP is an annual multi-sport event that serves the purpose of bringing students from different courses together, nurturing leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork, providing a platform to hone and display students’ talents and last but not least, identifying potential athletes within IMU.

Is it your first time handling a big event like this?

Yes, but I am glad that I have 4 years of experience from participating in IMU CUP to reflect on, which made the organizing process easier.

We were told that you volunteered for this position. What made you volunteer to be the president of IMU CUP committee?

I was the captain of Draco in year 2013 and I felt that there are something that we need to change. Thus, I volunteered myself to be the president of IMU CUP committee and I hope that the changes and modification I made this time improved IMU CUP 2014 in general.

What is the most challenging part during organizing this event?

The most challenging part of the process was to plan the IMU CUP timetable. My committee worked very hard to gather timetables from all courses and analyze them to come out with the best timeline.

How do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?

I believe that self-discipline is always very important. Being a final year Chiropractic student, I have to divide my time between an academic research, clinic posting, studies and also the planning of IMU CUP. The key to manage my time is to always stay focused and efficient on the work that I am currently doing. I will have to admit that is was not an easy pursuit but when there is a will, there is definitely a way.

The key to manage my time is to always stay focused and efficient on the work that I am currently doing.

What is your message to the citizens of IMU?

I would like to emphasize that IMU offers the best extracurricular activities and student life compared to all varsities in Malaysia. Regardless of your course, batch or even your skills in sports, as long as you are willing to learn and have the right attitude, you are always welcome to join the events in IMU CUP. Do not be discouraged to participate in the event due to any reasons because every single student in IMU has the rightful chance to shine in the games. I hope that we can achieve higher participation and improvement in future events. Thank you all for your support!

Thank you all for your support!

Check out JieCong’s Photography for more photos! 

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Ng Woon Woon, Phoenix House Cheerleading Captain

Woon Woon is the Cheerleading Captain of Phoenix. A medical student in her third semester, she is actively involved in extracurricular activities as a Student Ambassador and also as a member of the MAPCU Track and Field Team.


The final cheerleading competition is this Friday! How are you feeling right now? What is your goal for the team?

Very excited! Initially, I was more focused on winning the match. However, as the competition date gets closer, I tended to put more emphasis on the bonding sessions we shared. I hope we can perform our best during the competition and no injuries will occur. Winning will be a bonus!

Would you share some of your experiences with the team? What is the most interesting part of the training sessions?

I love bonding with my teammates! We practice together almost everyday, we help each other to improve, and we are like family, really.

What obstacles have you faced throughout the process? 

So far, no major injuries have happened in my team. All the members are awesome! One issue we faced was the lack of mats – we hope IMU can provide us with more practice mats in the future. There is also a lot of extra work to be done because we need to adhere to the new safety guidelines. For example, we need to make video recordings of the stunts we plan to do in order to get approval from the university before we can begin official practice.


Is there anything you wish to share with the other students?

University life is not just about studying! Join some extracurricular activities! You will definitely learn a thing or two, and meet amazing people!

Any words for your team before the big day?

I love you, Phoenix! 😀 😀 😀

Photography credits to JieCong’s Photography

Did you know?

Cheerleading teams in IMU usually start preparing for their competitions as early four months before it. A cheerleading routine, although short, requires weeks of planning and experimenting within a unit and as a whole team before it can be executed perfectly with all members hitting cheerleading stunts on the exact same count. Injuries, big or small, are also extremely common during practice sessions. Practice sessions one month prior to competition happen 3-4 times a week lasting 4 hours or more. Like many things, cheerleading is a stressful but exceedingly rewarding sport, so do come and show your support!

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Go behind the coffee chemistry happening in front of our campus – The Mad Alchemy speaks!

For many students morning classes may be a torturing routine. How do you get rid of your Monday blues, you ask? A cuppa will be just the thing and we have none other than The Mad Alchemy for us to grab some quality coffee.

Lee, the ‘mad one’ behind the wheels, runs the stall with his staff. Lee doesn’t have that suntanned skin from nothing – he has experience brewing coffee on wheels on the streets near IMU for five to six months.
“I worked in the telecommunication field but suffered a lot of stress from my job. I vividly remember my days being a workaholic and staying awake for 34 hours straight.”

I vividly remember my days being a workaholic and staying awake for 34 hours straight.

“In time I grew tired of my job. Brewing coffee has always been a longtime hobby of mine and I enjoyed having my own coffee at home. After sometime, I realized it was a shame seeing my coffee powder and milk expire as I couldn’t finish them on my own.”

An idea came to mind – why not start a business? This will not only enable him to get a break from his tedious and dull job, but will also allow him to share his passion for coffee with others.

“Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat, so why not step out? After all, there’s nothing to lose.”

With that, Lee started out on his wheels, but he faces some difficulties as well. “In Malaysia, the weather conditions are the biggest challenge, especially during the rainy seasons. Our opening hours depend on the weather, and lugging an 80kg electric generator is definitely a problem.” He laughs and jokes that this is how he works on his muscles. “The outdoor conditions also hasten the coffee oxidation and we must test our coffee powder every couple of hours so I drink approximately 9-10 espresso shots every day!”

His turning point came when the Student Representative Council (SRC) of IMU invited Lee onto campus. Lee is glad for the consistent supply of electricity and is relieved that business is becoming more stable.

The turning point come in when the Student Representative Council of IMU invite Lee into their campus, aside the consistent supply of electricity,Lee claimed that business is becoming more stable.”We get regular customers nowadays. We know what they want without asking!”

So why the name ‘The Mad Alchemy’?



In Lee’s words, “Alchemy is related to chemistry, and I think brewing is similar to carrying out a perfect chemistry experiment. The ‘mad’ is a nod to myself as a ‘mad guy’, who took a huge risk and just set up this stall. When I recall the old times on the wheels, it was really tough and I don’t know how I did it.”

As he is a coffee lover, I asked him about his thoughts on a good cup of coffee. “For me, the taste comes second to what is truly important – the experience. It’s about your barista and the companionship between the barista and the customer. Coffee is about sharing – about spending time with someone whose company you enjoy.”

Coffee is about sharing – about spending time with someone whose company you enjoy.

When asked for advice, Lee’s words truly inspired me. “If you are willing to take the first step, the second step isn’t as hard as you think. Think about your worst case scenario, it is not as bad as you would imagine. So why not step out and try?”


Winnie Yew (BP114)

I want to be lost and found.




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Chai Kah Chun (Lawrence), President of the Table Tennis Club 

Lawrence is a Pharmacy student in his third semester. Read on to find out about his experience in the current IMU Cup as both a participant and an event organiser.


You are in charge of organizing the table tennis competition for the upcoming IMU Cup – how has progress been?

The preparation has been great. However, the main problem is recruiting participants for the competition. It’s quite difficult to get students to join the game as IMU students are often focused on studying and they generally avoid activities that distract them. Furthermore, table tennis is a game that requires 10 players per team. As such a high number of players is required, forming a team proved difficult.

What was the most challenging part of this event for you?

Like I’ve mentioned, urging people to enter the competition was quite challenging – I had to persuade them to join! We had to form a strong team with the complete set of players within limited time. Furthermore, time management was also another obstacle as I needed to maintain my performance academically while handling both my responsibilities as a team player and as president of the Table Tennis Club.

What is the most interesting part of this event for you?

I had the opportunity to meet new people and to form new friendships. It helped me be more inquisitive and eager to fulfill my duties as a leader.

What was the responsibility of the post you hold?

As the President, I have to know the direction the event intends on going, as while as assign different tasks to those responsible .Ultimately,  I have to make sure that the event runs smoothly. Besides that, I have to encourage committee members and players alike to participate and, contribute ideas before finalizing any decisions.

What have you put in place to make the team work out?

All the committee members are friends so there was already a strong bond initially. To further strengthen that bond, I constantly encourage good communication, having created  Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

How do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?

I had to sacrifice time spent hanging out with friends and family in order to keep up with my studies. However, I would like to think that all these extracurricular activities help me perfect my time management skills. Thus, I have no regrets being active in them.

What are your expectations for this event?

I hope that interest in table tennis will continue to grow and that aspiring participants take up the chance to play in any future events! Personally, I would consider my progress thus far as an achievement.

Is there anything you would like to convey to other IMU students?

Table tennis is a very interesting sport! It’s not as hard as people imagine it to be and our club organizes trainings for those new to the sport. Students should also learn to partake in extracurricular activities as it helps them master the art of time management and other skills they cannot learn through studying. For those interested, you can join the IMU Table Tennis Club on Facebook. We conduct training sessions twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in front of 4.02 at 7 pm. Do come join us!


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ernest 2

Ernest Ng Cheng Ern, Captain of the Swim Team (Griffin) 2014

Ernest Ng Chang Ern is a medical student in his second year. Here he shares with us his responsibilities as Captain of the Griffin Swim Team.



Can you give us a brief overview about your role as captain for your team?

Oh of course! My role as Captain includes gauging the interest of Griffin members in swimming, ensuring that they join the type of race that best suits them, organizing regular training sessions with the team and most importantly, keeping the team spirit up and inspiring them to victory!

As the team captain, you are bound to go through ups and downs while handling your team in the upcoming swimming competition for IMU Cup. What has been the most challenging part of this event for you?

I think getting people to join and putting them in the right events is the most challenging part. You see, swimming is often viewed as a survival skill as opposed to a competitive sport. There are people who swim well but just not competitively so it wass quite challenging convincing them to join the team.

What have you done to work around this problem? 
So far I am still trying to further build on their interest while teaching them ways to improve on their technique so that they will be more interested in competitions.

Tell us what the most interesting part of this event is for you.
Winning would definitely mark it as a great experience. The sense of satisfaction you feel after a victory just tells you that all the hard work your team has been through has paid off.

As this is quite a time consuming task, how do you manage time between your studies and extracurricular activities?
Be focused on one sport! Since Semester 3 is relatively more relaxed compared to Semester 2, I don’t find time management a major obstacle.

What are your expectations for your team?
I am expecting Griffin to get at least third place. I also want more swimmers to continue swimming recreationally because to me, swimming is definitely more than a sport.

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with other IMU students?
Study hard, BUT experience life harder! I’ve learnt so many soft skills such as time management and networking through joining events such as IMU CUP; YOU too involve yourself in events happening around campus!

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mook cake 2

In view of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hua Xia Cultural Society of IMU organised the ‘Loss of Mooncake’ event. It involved a variety of games, with the highlight being the closing night on the 12th of September. We spoke to Chu Jian Feng, Organising Chairperson of the event, where he shared his experience being at the helm of this project. 

Can you briefly explain the objective of this event?

The main objective of this event was to raise fund for HIV patients. Besides that, this was actually an initiative taken up by my batchmates and I, thus I would urge all students to also be self-driven and to seize the chance they have to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Last but not least, it also provided a platform to promote the Mid-Autumn Festival among the IMU community.

I would urge all stuents to be self-driven and to seize the chance they have to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

Was it your first time handling an event like this?

I have had prior experience organising similar events in secondary school but managing the ‘Loss of Mooncake’ event still proved a challenge as I was not familiar with the protocols in IMU. However, I did have more freedom to plan the activities we decided on despite also having to bear a heavier responsibility.

What were the activities conducted for this event?

Throughout a few days, we fund raised through setting up a few game booths at the driveway, while also selling tickets for our dinner. On the night of dinner itself, we had a few game booths set up for guests as well as an exhibit on the culture and origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What was the most challenging aspect of organising this event?

Communication! As most of the main committee were on holiday during the planning of the event, we had to resort to Skype for our discussion.  There was also some miscommunication during the preparation. Fortunately it was resolved and our plans were carried out smoothly.

What was the most interesting experience of this event?

I would say that the best experience from this event was the friendships formed. I had a great time bonding with everyone by working on this project together.

Is there anything that you want to convey to your committee as well as the rest of the IMU community?

I would like to give my thanks to Chan Weng Sang, Rebecca, Charlene Ye, Yen Ling, Yen Ching, and the rest of the committee for contributing a lot to this event. I truly appreciate the efforts in making this event a success. If the opportunity presented itself in the future, I would not hesitate to work with them again.

I also really appreciate the help of Ray Tan Zheng Liang for granting us this precious opportunity to organize this event under the Hua Xia Cultural Society. Our event advisor, Mr Lim Chee Siong, was very helpful through the process of planning and executing this event.  I would also like to extend many thanks to Jun Rong for agreeing to be our photographer for the dinner night.

Lastly, I thank all the participants of this event, as your involvement was what cemented the success of this event.


The family photo of the committee board for The Lost Of Moon Cake.