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From Japan to India, hummus to lapis legit, spicy to sour, they were showcased in the Food Cultural Day carried out by students of ND115. As a part of their coursework, they have chosen a specific country and showcased the different ranges of ingredients used in the foods which embody their culture. The event took place on 15/6/2016 in the Atrium of IMU Bukit Jalil Campus up until 4:00pm, but by then, people have gotten a taste of the different bits and pieces of culture of various countries. The showcase had successfully presented and displayed the foundation as to why food from different parts of the world are so different and how they have different benefits compared to those of different regions on Earth.

Here are some photos of the showcase. For more photos, check out the album on our FB page!

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Edit:  Good news for IMU students: Get 15% off when you visit myBurgerLab between 9th December 2014 to 14th December 2014! Hurry and take advantage of the offer!

Of Start-up Leaders & Burger Indulgence

Inspired by the epicurean experience gained from foreign lands, a trio of entrepreneurial spirit aspired to create an impact on the food and beverages (F&B) industry in Malaysia. A member of the trio, Wee Kiat, was the man of whom I had the chance to chat with just before the opening hours of their maiden project, myBurgerLab.

Ren Yi, Chang Ming and Wee Kiat established their very first burger-centric restaurant, myBurgerLab in July 2012, only 2 years after their graduation. With a norm of restaurateurs boasting admirable culinary background, the young graduates broke the glass ceiling when they emerge successful in the F&B industry with engineering and finance background. Started with the sales of 180 burgers per night, the diner has since grown exponentially and expanded to Overseas Union Garden (OUG) and Sunway with the support of their legion of student staffs – the energetic, vibrant and people-centric ‘Geeks’.

The dynamic trio started out with merely renting their friend’s diner in Publika to conduct a product testing with friends and family. Since then, they paved their way into a community-based business in SeaPark, Petaling Jaya by baking their very own charcoal black buns, grinding their own patties from Australian meat, oven-roasting cherry tomatoes, garnishing with American-imported cheese and mixing their own sauces – up until today.

Why the name myBurgerLab?

Usage of ‘my’ is intended to give a personal touch to customers and due to the experimental nature of the recipes, the word ‘Lab’ is incorporated thereafter.

Alright, let’s get down to business. THE FOOD.


Having heard about Beautiful Mess as the best beef burger in town, I decided to give it a go.

The crispy sharp cheddar snapped between my teeth as the salty, creamy flavor of cheese mingles with the fluffiness of freshly baked charcoal bun; a balance of texture at its finest. The brilliantly moist beef patty paired off nicely with lush, crunchy lettuce and honey mustard sauce. Tucked beneath the irresistible sunny-side up egg with dripping golden yolk goodness, were the fried Portobello mushroom strips. Each and every strip of the mushroom was perfectly crispy on the outside, thick and succulent on the inside.

The only down-side to the meaty creation was the slight imbalance of flavour. The saltiness of sharp cheddar and fried Portobello mushroom strips somewhat over-powered the glory of the otherwise, well-seasoned beef patty.

Overall, the RM18 burger was a value-for-money indulgence. The bold coordination of high-quality ingredients, the burst of flavours and the blend of textures are no wonder Beautiful Mess became the talk of the town!

Kick In the Face (RM16.50) is a feisty stimulation for the adventurous; The tangy and spicy creation involves mustard-grilled beef patty with peppery Jalapenos and Horseradish sauce garnishing. The savoury flavour was balanced off with a creamy slice of sharp cheddar, topped with sweet sautéed onions.

Spicy Hawaiian 2.0 (RM15) are made for chicken-lovers. The tender, succulent grilled chicken, in my friend, Dev’s exact word, “melts in the mouth”. Layered with velvety Swiss cheese and finely-sliced Shiitake mushrooms, the creation was meant to deliver a full-bodied bite. What’s more, the sweet-and-sour tang of juicy pineapple rings is infused into the melting pound of succulence.




 Nikol Goh (ME214)

Seriously macho foodophile coming through!