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Written by Aashwany Chandra Mohan Photographs by Andrew Octavian and Azfar Afham

Oral Health Week

Oral Health Week (OHW) is an annual event involving the dental students and its faculty members. It is an ongoing annual event since 2009, aimed to promote oral health awareness among IMU students, faculty members and the public.


OHW 2016 is themed “Dental wars – The Floss Awakens. According to the American Dental Association, many are misled by myths about flossing such as “flossing creates gap between your teeth”, “flossing is painful” and etc. This, in turn have caused people to forgo the importance of flossing. Hence, OHW 2016 is focused on rebutting the myths and highlight the importance of flossing.

OHW 2016 committee led by Eugene Tan Pheng Chin from DT115 have definitely organised many programs for the two-day event. There were oral health educational booths at the driveway and the atrium to edify everyone about aesthetics, flossing and even teeth whitening. Besides that, they also had students from various courses to do on-stage performances and even the flash-mob.

Oral Health Week 14114945_1857133004521484_361327128388047040_o

Other than the performances, they have also invited the principal deputy director of oral health division from Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, Dr. Yaw Siew Lian to give a speech. Prof Khoo Suan Phaik, also gave a speech on behalf of the president of Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). The associate dean of school of dentistry, Prof Dr Seow Liang Lin, also praised the OHW 2016 team on their effort in conducting this event.


Eugene, the president of OHW 2016, also added that it took him and the committee almost 4 months to prepare for this event. It was definitely a challenging moment for all of them as they had to manage time for their assignments, revisions and organizing this event. Anderson Wong, president of OHW 2015, definitely guided the team throughout the preparation process.

“I would like to thank my committee sincerely for their effort in making this event a big success. OHW 2016, absolutely met the expectations, however, a bigger crowd for the event would have been ideal,” Eugene said.

The president of OHW 2016 also had a word of advice for the committee of OHW 2017. He added that they should be responsible, disciplined and be able to manage their time.

“May The Floss be with You” – Oral Health Week 2016

Check out more photos of this event on our Facebook page!

Oral Health Week


Oral Health Week

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Written by Teo Wei Yun Photographs by Andrew Octavian and Azfar Afham

Green Cultural Week is a student initiated event jointly organised by the IMU Hua Xia Chinese Cultural Society, IMU Malay Cultural Society, IMU Japanese Cultural Society and IMU Eco-Friends Club. This event sees the collaboration of three cultural societies and the Eco-friends society, and was aimed to create awareness about the different cultures to the students and staff of IMU, as well as to raise awareness about the impact of various cultural practises on the environment. The event was three days long (held from 22nd August 2016 to 24th August 2016) at the IMU Atrium, with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies held on the 22nd and 24th of August respectively.


There were a total of four booths which were set up hand in hand, including a photo booth, and four food booths set up by the Hua Xia Chinese Cultural Society, Malay Cultural Society, Japanese Cultural Society and Eco-Friends Club. The four clubs were harmonious in creating a lively ambience of the atrium of the IMU Bukit Jalil Campus

What’s new about this event was that it included an Eco-friendly fashion show competition segment which required participants to create traditional costumes made up of recycled materials. A recycled materials collection drive was conducted prior to the event and contestants were required to put on the ensemble that they have made and to perform a “run-way style” fashion show to display the costumes. A voting system was put in place as well, and the winning design with the most number of votes collected by the end of the third day would receive a prize.

The 3 Cultural Societies also put up information-cum-quiz booths to provide more information on their respective cultural practises. The quiz questions were based on the informational posters put up by the clubs, and participants who have answered a certain number of correct questions were entitled to small gifts prepared by the clubs as tokens of appreciation.

Through this, we hoped to encourage IMU students and staff to be environmentally friendly in a fun and innovative way by incorporating the concept of “going-green” through recycling in conjunction with promoting cultural awareness. In the end, the event managed to keep the jovial feel of IMU’s social life as well as being generating to the clubs.

Check out more photos of this event on our Facebook page!

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Written by Koe Jia-ju

When was the last time you heard “please” and “thank you” from someone making an order at a restaurant? Or when someone had given up a seat on a public transport to an elderly? Can you recall how often you see people pushing past the door instead of holding it open for everyone else? In this fast-paced era it seems as though what were once called basic courtesies of daily lives are now sorely lacking in the current society. Fret not, Courtesy Week which was organized by IMU Student Ambassadors (SA), was held from 8th to 19th August to raise awareness and aimed to instill courtesy as a part of everyone’s daily lives. Throughout the two weeks, several events to practice proper courtesy were carried out for everyone to practice namely elevator etiquette, escalator etiquette, language barrier as well as appreciation day. Not only that, The Most Congenial IMU People online voting competition allowed students to vote for the Most Congenial Staff, Lecturer and Vendor.

The Closing ceremony for IMU SA Courtesy Week 2016 took place in the driveway on the 19th of August and kicked off with entertaining dance performances and hilarious jokes by the emcees. Joanne Lee, the chairperson of this project, delivered her speech where she graciously thanked everyone who made Courtesy Week a success. This was then followed by a speech by the Deputy Vice President of IMU (International and Engagement), Dr. Mei Ling Young. Clearly reluctant to close such a purposeful event, she urged everyone to keep those practices going even though she was officially supposed to end the event.

IMG_6365 IMG_6373 IMG_6390 IMG_6356 IMG_6359 IMG_6363

After a fun and interactive Kahoot quiz, it was finally time to award the winners of the voting competition. The winners include Dr. Louis Liew Yun Khoon from Life Sciences and Dr. Chin Swee Yee from Pharmacy for the Most Congenial Lecturers, Mr. Sara and Ms. May Kuan from SSH for the Most Congenial Staff and lastly, the Malay Muslim Stall (Pandan Serai) for the Most Congenial Vendor.

Stemming from her daily frustration of having to ask people to make way when using the escalator, Joanne was inspired to come up with an event that would remind others the importance of being courteous. “We felt that courtesy is a basic value everyone should have, but is often neglected due to busyness.” She explained how they had set various themes on different days to raise awareness on certain courteous behaviours. The response was very pleasing. “On the 1st and 2nd day we did elevator and escalator etiquette which everyone practised accordingly so yay! On the 3rd day, we did flash mobs on breaking down language barrier, where we focused on speaking English so that those who rely on English to interact would not feel excluded as there are times when we tend to forget that we have friends whose first language is English. The 4th day was highlighted on showing appreciation and greeting one another. Often times, we forget to acknowledge the contribution of guards and cleaners. So the Student Ambassadors gifted them with handmade cards, just to say thank you.”

So, is common courtesy a thing of the past? Definitely not, in the community of IMU. As a saying goes, life is short but there is always time for courtesy.

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Written by Kruti Sri

There was a girl, who at the tender age of playing hide-and-seek in pursuit of friendship, dreamed of saving the townsfolk from the comprehensive ruin that they were hiding from. She lived in a town where thousands of dross formed a gruel, which no one bothered to skim due to the vile, unnamed angst of the streets. Spread all around lay the tranquil scent of dead stone, with nothing else left to parade.

Solitude was all she knew, but the girl refused to accept this as her new fate. She could hear the walls talking, telling her to refute the solitude she evermore dwelled in. The minute she stepped out, she could sense a magnetic pole of venture pulling her towards dissecting the townsfolk’s dread into its very fabric. Her quest proved not to be in vain as it led her to the ever higher ground, ever further than mankind’s convention when she found a flaming torch; a twisted tow dipped in wax that burned with an extraordinary rapidity and thoroughness and seemed as though its sole purpose was to enlighten her surreal odyssey.

She now possessed a faculty stronger than any material possession or money, a flaring power that could serve to guide the paths of thousands of souls toward the ultimate sense of liberty. So, she alleged to illuminate the lives of the townsfolk as they rummaged through the frigid, dark streets to find love, care, and other timeless forces that were long forgotten to sustain their existence despite all the volatile facades that clouded their compasses. In every bid she undertook to help the townsfolk, she empowered each one of them to uphold their actions and once they seemed as though they were on the brink, she shone the light down the slippery slide to their respective covets, nevertheless, she did not think her stint ended there. She was driven by the crux of their lives and the value of her spirit to venture so fearlessly down one after another cavernous crusade of every weakling, while voluntarily intercepting her own port of call.

Her odyssey had turned into an obsession so complete and solitary in itself that it shut out all other human experiences that contributed to her bliss. Soon it was hard to determine whether her kindness was a bliss or whether it has turned into an ineffable essence of blazing forth her newfound power. She became a paragon of altruism and diligence across the entire terrain, but there was only one thing the torch could not do. It could not turn her into a person who could love and be loved like everyone else. She had the competence to understand, and perhaps, even be deeply convicted to the profound emotions like love and care, but she had no soul of her own to identify with these emotions. It felt as though her familiar solitude had now transformed into an aching chasm that sat beside her. The torch was her only instrument to flee from this chaos. She felt the crimson flame climb up her blood and she yearned to believe all of this was an agonizing nightmare, except, there was nobody there to wake her up.

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Written by Toh Boon Kheng

It isn’t the same anymore.

Without you here,

A park is nothing,

But a lake of green grass,

But an air of shaded gloom,

Because it feels dark,

And I drown,

With memories of you,

Forcing their way into my lungs,

While I instantly forget to breathe.

I guess, in a way,

You still leave me breathless.

We used to walk here,

But I guess I should get used to this,

With this emptiness by my side;

Day by day,

Step by step.

I swear the wind sounds like you breathing,

Slowly, calmly, softly,

And it hurts,

It hurts to think of you,

It hurts to know,

That I would drop the world,

To hear you breathe one more time.

The wind still blows,

It’s as if you are filling my arms,

And I can feel you there like before,

As though you never left,

As though I could still love you,

As though I could change your mind,

As though, because it is not real,

And the wind passes by.

The park is just a frame,

One I walk by to look,

Alone and in pain,

To remember what once was.

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Interview by Aashwany Chandra Mohan / Photography by Andrew Octavian

Hey, Richard! First off, what’s your role in the team?

I am the founder and captain for this IMU Cheer All Star Team. My main role is to take care of the team including coordinating practices, fund raisings, communicate with the coaches, and most administration matters with IMU and the event organizer.

Can you brief about the competition that the team just participated in?

We are participating in the largest cheerleading competition in Malaysia called CHARM Cheerleading Championship (C3) – The Malaysia Open , organized by Cheerleading Association and Registry of Malaysia (CHARM). This participants of this competition came from all around Malaysia, and this year Singapore sent in their teams as well! There are different categories to participate in, and we are participating in Level 5 – University category.


What made you and your teammates participate in such a competition?

IMU Cheerleading has grown a lot since IMU Cup 2015, we can see the improvement in compare with the previous years, this is the reason I think that we should move towards another achievement. This team is a platform for all Cheerleading lovers in IMU to come together and perform in a larger stage, all our teammates come from different sport house and different cohorts, and we are doing stunts which are way harder than what we are doing in IMU Cup

How did you think you do and how are you planning on going with the team, for example for next year’s competition or other events?

I think I have plenty of aspect need to be improved. Since this is the first team in IMU history, we don’t have much resources and  thanks to other experienced cheerleaders in the team in helping me with managing the team when I’m not available. Personally this competition will be my last competition. I won’t be participating any other cheerleading competitions including IMU Cup. If we managed to form another team next year, I am more than happy to share my experiences and give some suggestions to the new captain.


What would you say would be the most difficult thing to coordinate in a cheerleading team?

I think the most difficult part is to gather the whole team to practice together. None other medical university than us took part in this competition, we all do understand how busy our students are with their exam and huge workload. Our competition were in end of July, same goes to dental’s and chiro’s end of semester exam. Studies always come first, and I have to le them to focus in their exam. Therefore to be exact, we only have 4 days of full attendance to run our routine before competition.

What are you hopes and expectations for IMU team in the future?

IMU Cheerleading has gone so far for the past 2 years, I do hope that it will continue to grow under the new captain and SRC sports rep. As cheerleading needs a huge contribution of time and effort, I hope that the amount of cheerleading enthusiast won’t reduce, and continue to participate in larger stage other than IMU Cup.

Check out some photos of their practice before the competition!

IMG_5143 IMG_5191 IMG_5319 IMG_5285

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Written by Gan Pei Hong

Don’t know where to have your meals? Here you go − Wayne’s Café, it’s just located at Sri Petaling, among the new shop lots with quite a prominent signboard. According to the lady boss, Wayne is actually the name of her son. The café is cosy with modern design. The main tone of the restaurant is black and grey, with some wooden colour.1

Wayne’s Café more than just serve cakes and coffee, they shine for its pork dishes. Whether you are a pork lover, a café lover, or a gathering for lunch or dinner, Wayne’s Café can be one of your choice. Here I introduce you their main dish – Roast Pork.

The roast pork is quite juicy yet the texture of the skin is super crunchy. The dishes served with brown sauce and apple sauce as well as roasted potatoes and some veggies. The former one is savoury whereas the latter one is refreshing. However, not every people like the apple sauce. It is totally based on personal preference. This roast pork cost RM 25.


A friend of mine tried their mushroom soup and according to her, the wild mushroom soup is not the typical creamy ones but comes in a richer flavour. Although it might taste a bit salty for some people, the taste of the soup would be just nice if you have it with the garlic bread that served together with the soup. It costs RM 8.


As for the drinks, those who like white coffee with a velvety texture, may give a try on their flat white. They use Lavazza, the century old Italian coffee brand according to the boss. The flat white is smooth and rich. The expresso is supported by the creamy microfoam, which is the steamed milk with little bubbles. It costs RM 10. There are also non-caffeinated drinks available in the café such as tea and smoothies. The red berries smoothie is not thick and creamy but it looks a bit more like a flavoured shaved ice. Nevertheless, the taste is great. There are definitely several types of berries added in the smoothie but I couldn’t figure out what are they.


Other than that, there are also cakes and desserts available in Wayne’s Café. Other highly recommended selections in Wayne’s Cafe includes Wayne’s Burger, Roast Pork Sandwich, Pork Meat Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Pork Bacon, Linguine Carbonara with Pork Bacon, Wayne’s Roast Chicken, and Golden Meatball. Other non-pork options are Prawn Fritters, Pan Seared Seabass, Chargrilled Lamb, Rib Eye Steak, Chicken Gorden Bleu, Grill Cajun Seabass Fillet, and Wayne’s Golden Fried Chicken.

Wayne’s Burger (beef or pork patty) RM25
Grilled pork neck RM18
Roast pork stew pie RM25
Black Forest cake RM12


Wayne’s Café @ Sri Petaling
Address: 10, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 – 9055 3362
Opening Hours: Tue – Fri (11am – 10pm); Sat – Sun (10am – 10pm); Closed on Mondays

Adapted from:



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Written by "Planners on a Mission" Team

A total of 5 teams, consisting of 16 students from IMU participated in the myPSA Young Entrepreneur Program 2016 which took place in Wisma MPS and Taylor’s Lakeside University. Students were able to widen their knowledge on entrepreneurship through workshops, forum, and talks in the 3 days period. On the last day of the event, a pitching competition was held whereby each team have to pitch their own innovative startup idea.

Team “Planners on a Mission” which comprises of Ong Sze Ling, See Mun Ling and Hong Khai Shien from IMU managed to secure championship title in the competition. It was indeed an eye-opening event which was worth participating in. Students are encouraged to take part in such events to not only widen their perspective, but also widen their network.

Here’s what the winning team have to say when asked regarding their victory.

Young Entrepreneur Program captivated our attention to join as it can serve as a platform for us as well as fellow aspiring entrepreneurs to convey our ideas to a wider audience. As entrepreneurship can be defined in many ways, entrepreneurship for us involved in the Pharmacy profession means fulfilling our responsibilities to the society. As a pharmacist, we have the responsibility to give our best services to our patient for the betterment of their health. Hence, continual improvement and new ideas that can improve the pharmacy system in terms of workflow, accessibility, and reliability is essential to eradicate any discomfort that might be faced by the patients.

This program has definitely broadened our knowledge on the entrepreneurship arena. There were many useful workshops for every participant during the 2 and a half days’ program. Through these workshops, we have learnt that as aspiring entrepreneurs, there are many factors that have to be taken into account when launching a new product. For a new product to be successful, the value proposition, target market, revenues, sustainability and more, have to be carefully planned out. These criteria are essential in order for entrepreneurs to look for potential investors. We have also learnt that there are actually many funding companies in Malaysia where interested entrepreneurs can look into for monetary support.

Overall, the experience and exposure gained from this program are greatly beneficial; and we are extremely thankful for all the committees of YEP for organizing and making this program a success.

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Review by Aashwany Chandra Mohan. Photos by Aashwany Chandra Mohan & Jaryll Ong.

One of the famous Korean coffee & dessert café have set their first outlet here in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The outlet targeting all mango lovers definitely has a sophisticated look at The Cube. It will absolutely be a regular place of interest for most of you as its situated slightly further from the hustle & bustle of KL city.

Mango Six
MangoSix @ The Cube

The moment you step in to the restaurant you see a display of their famous drinks on your right. Like mentioned earlier this café also serves other beverages such as coffee, espresso along with some mango desserts and delicious cakes.

The display of their famous beverages

Do keep in mind that the mango beverages & desserts made here are 100% from the mango fruit and not some mango essence or fake flavouring. However, I would advise all to stick to their specialty as the white chocolate drink wasn’t a winner in this case.

From left to right: Mango Melon, Mango Coconut and Mango Shake
The tallest drink among all: The not-so-tasty White Chocolate
Location: 3.5/5

If you are heading here from Bukit Jalil, slight traffic is expected upon entering Puchong. However, the café is easy to identify once you are in Bandar Puteri area.

Parking Availability: 4.5/5

Free parking right outside the building.

Café Atmosphere: 4/5

An elegant infrastructure with a beautiful ambience.

Cost: 4/5

The drinks here are totally reasonable with a maximum of RM15. The cakes and pastries range around Rm13 – RM16.

Taste: 4/5

An absolute delight and a total thirst-quencher on a sunny day.


Address: The Cube, No 11 Jalan Puteri 7/13A, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Opening hours: 9am-12am daily

Contact: FB – https://www.facebook.com/Mangosix-Malaysia-858112477541956/

I’d certainly recommend this place for a post – lunch hangout or even a fancy high tea location.


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Written by Kruti Sri

In the food universe, they say that local is the new exotic. So we might as well make the best of this season’s gleaning of refreshing and salutary fruits before the season shifts from blossoms and mellows to sunburns and summer streets. But here’s the thing about fruit salads- they are boring! Here are a few helpful knacks you can use to jazz up your mediocre refreshing accompaniments:

Cheesy Truth


There is no harm in experimenting with the delightful, smooth, yet tangy flavours of this dairy paragon called cheese. When it comes to cheese, not all fruits dally well with it; go for the ones that are less acidic, and those that have a plush, distinctive flavor. Melons, peaches, cherries, grapes, and mangoes work ideally well with crumbled fresh firm cheeses such as ricotta, cottage cheese, feta, or goat cheese. The keen tang from the cheese tones the robust flavours of the fruits.

Chocolate-y Goodness


How can anyone go wrong with chocolate? Its rich, luscious indulgence can make even a fruit-recluse devote themselves to fruits. Although explicitly, everything seems to pair well with chocolate (seriously, even grass would taste divine with chocolate), through ample experimentation throughout childhood, I found that bananas, berries, and mangoes can make anyone pleased as peaches. Use it as a dip, or drizzle a bounteous amount of hot and melted chocolate over the fruits, you won’t regret it!

A Green Quirk


It’s time to finally take the plunge. I know the affliction, but if you want a nutrient-filled combo of succulent fruits and fresh greens, here is how: The aroma from the balmy leaves, typically mint, baby spinach, iceberg lettuce, and celery, is an excellent addition to the fruits rich in acids, like oranges, grapefruits, berries, and pomegranates. The tartness from the fruits cuts through to disguise the rawness of the leaves to fabricate a crisp concoction. You won’t hate the greens ever again.

Spice It Up
Two women are shuffling red pepper which were wet by the dew drops last cold winter night in a village near Jodhpur,Rajasthan,India.Red peppers are plucked from plant and spread in field to dry for making spice powder.This spice powder enhances the taste of food.
Two women are shuffling red pepper which were wet by the dew drops last cold winter night in a village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan,India.Red peppers are plucked from plant and spread in field to dry for making spice powder. This spice powder enhances the taste of food.

Rouse your taste-buds by spicing things up a little with the warmness of the spices, like star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, chili powder, and vanilla. Likewise, aromatic herbs and oils, like fennel, rosemary, chia, thyme, and the chives, also deserve a shot. These work wonderfully well with sweeter fruits, essentially bananas, dates, mangoes, pineapples, and apples, as they infuse their flavours into the fruits and develop a sweet and spicy delight to gee up an ordinary day with.

Hopefully, these smacks help you add a little sugar, spice, and everything nice to your fruit mélanges this spring!