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Report and Photographs by Andrew Octavian, Eunice Ling Wen Shi, and Azfar Afham

Making our way to Seremban at the break of dawn for the annual Goodwill Games conducted between the Bukit Jalil IMU Campus and IMU Clinical School was especially enthralling. Sleepy eyes quickly turn bright as attendees arrived at the destination, Kompleks Belia & Sukan Paroi. The contenders from Bukit Jalil and Clinical School, donned in red and blue variants of the Goodwill Games T-Shirt respectively started their warm-up sessions.

……..After several last rounds of practices, the participants were ready and various sport categories commenced. Badminton and Table Tennis categories took place within the indoor stadium whilst other categories were carried out on the outdoor fields. This year was also graced with the introduction of two novel sport categories, namely Frisbee and Dodgeball. Several players did get sprained ankles and other minor scrapes and bruises, but thanks to the First Aid-ers involved in the event, no major injuries occurred to any of the players.

……..Everybody was pumped and performed extraordinarily, but there could only be one overall winner between the two opposing teams. It was eventually revealed that the teams from Bukit Jalil Campus snagged the first place in not just most but ALL categories, which was unprecedented. All in all, everybody was thrilled to have competed against each other, and the games ended at a high note, all in good will.

Check out some of the best moments from this event!

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Reported by Kong Xing Jun / Photographs by Eunice Ling Wen Shi and Sharaniah Balakrishnan

16th of May is hailed as the national celebration for Teacher’s Day. Like any other Teacher’s Day celebration, it is to honour and appreciate the duties and efforts of all teachers, or lecturers, during IMU’s annual Faculty Appreciation Week. The week is held from 16th May to 20th May. Events throughout the week involved pre-ordering gifts to be given to lecturers, as well as an envelope display with the lecturers’ names on them in the atrium, so that students can send in their wishes and gratitude towards their lecturers. Ongoing since April was the online voting polls for the Best Academy Award for lecturers in each faculty, voted by the students in each course.


On the 20th of May, the Closing ceremony for the Faculty Appreciation Week kicked off with a speech from the emcees, followed by the SRC president Felicity, who gave her appreciation and opinion about Teacher’s Day. She made a point that resonated with all lecturers as “Teachers are underappreciated, underpaid, overworked, and under a lot of undeserved stress. Is that right?”

Next was a speech by the VIP of the event, Assoc. Professor Kang Yew Beng. He highlighted that he is currently at where he is, because of many great teachers. Also, he emphasized that learning goes both directions, as not only the students learn from the teachers, but the teachers also learn from the students. “And don’t forget, my students. You are my teachers too.”


After the heartfelt speeches came the prize giving ceremony for the best lecturer award from each course. The winners are:
– Dr. Vijaya Paul Samuel from Medicine
– Professor Christopher Vincent a/l Sebastian from Dentistry
– Mr. Sajesh Kalkandi from Pharmacy
– Dr. Cheong Kok Whye from Pharmaceutical Chemistry
– Miss Chang Woan Ching from Nursing
– Dr. Chye Soi Moi from Biomedical Sciences
– Dr. Anna Ling Pick Kiong from Medical Biotechnology
– Miss Lee Ching Li from Dietetics with Nutrition as well as Nutrition
– Dr. Tamara Gien Pooke from Chiropractic
– Professor Lin Xun from Chinese Medicine
– Mr. Alexius Cheang from Psychology
– Miss Chow Kit May from Foundation in Sciences.

Upon conversing with Mr Sajesh, from the Pharmacy Practice Department, he replied “Fourth time.” He looked at his award with glee. “Thanks.” His words were little, but his contributions to the students were boundless, as any good teacher would offer.

Yen, a committee member organizing the event, gave a few words on the objectives of the event. “We would like to have a platform for the students to appreciate their lecturers.” She was satisfied with the turnout of this event as it was within the IMU Scholars’ expectations.

Assoc. Professor Kang shared a few words about his thoughts on Teacher’s day, which was “Anytime you celebrate teacher’s day, it’s like having a birthday. It reminds them the significance of a certain group, the teachers.”

As a close, teaching and learning is a two way process, whereby both teachers and students gain knowledge from each other and teach each other. Nevertheless, a teacher’s duty is ever great to promise successful people in life.

More pictures from the event down below!

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