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Written by Chang Chi Yin | Edited by Zantal Siah

IMU Live is one of the most anticipated annual events at IMU that provides opportunities for all talented students to showcase their abilities on stage. The event was collectively organized by the Dance Club, Choir Club, Music Club and Editorial Board. 



This year’s IMU Live, themed “Viva la Vida” or “Long Live Life” in Spanish, was held on March 22, 2019 from 6.30pm to 10.00pm at the Auditorium of the IMU Bukit Jalil campus. The event kicked off with the emcees introducing three honorable guests whom were invited to judge the performances: MC, the founder of Originalution Dance Studio who has 15 years of dancing experience; Wan Phooi Fun, a pianist with 17 years of experience in music education; and Tina Isaacs, a singer and actor who had appeared in several musicals. They then briefed on the details of the judging process. The performances were assessed based on four aspects: Effort/Personality, Technique/Execution, Stage Presentation and Originality, with each aspect accounting for a quarter of the total score. Attractive prizes were prepared for the winners; the champion, 1st and 2nd runners-up would receive RM500, RM300 and RM200 respectively. Additionally, RM100 would be awarded to the performer(s) who won the Audience Favorite Prize, which was determined by the audience’s votes.



Once the opening segment was over, the 12 contestants in turn took over the stage and launched into their performances, which ranged from singing and dancing to playing various instruments and performing as a band. Besides that, the other highlights of IMU Live 2019 were the performances brought by the Choir Club, the judges and a special guest. The Choir Club sang melodiously to Can’t Help Falling in Love, Tina belted out to Gemilang and Rumor Has It with infectious enthusiasm, MC stormed the stage with his electrifying dance moves and Phooi Fun performed He’s a Pirate on the keyboard magnificently. The emcees then welcomed the special guest by introducing her as Lim Wen Suen – champion of The Voice Singapore & Malaysia 2017. She sang Fireworks and Zhe Shi Jie Zhong Hui Ji De Wo De Ming Zi這世界終會記得我的名字 / The World will Remember my Name》, the latter song being a track off her new album which she promoted at IMU. 



After all the performances had ended, the results of the competition were finally announced. Goh You, who masterfully played The Phantom of the Opera on the violin, was crowned the champion of the night. The 1st runner up went to Jacky Thien, who impressed the audience with a Disney medley including When You Wish upon a Star, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Love is an Open Door and Let It Go on the keyboard. The 2nd runner up – and the recipient of the Audience Favorite Prize – was BIJ, a newly-formed dance group who incorporated girl style dance with hip-hop elements in their jaw-dropping routine. 

IMU Live 2019 ended in a night full of excitement and joy. Await the event to return next year! 

Written by: Chang Chi Yin 

Edited by: Zantal Siah 

Photos credit: IMU Live 2019 Facebook page 

For more photos and videos: IMU Live 2019 Facebook page 

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Organized by IMU Table Tennis Club Committee 14/15 dated on 7 Feb (Saturday). The main objectives of hosting this tournament is to provide a platform for table tennis players to learn from each other by interaction, and to enhance relationships among universities.

The committee consisted of Chai Kah Chun (Head) and the rest of the committee members are Jia-Min Tan, Yip Cha Ming, Chen Xue Ruu, Ou Chai Shin.


The event began at about 9am and it ended around 3pm. There were 4 universities (including IMU) that took part in the event. The participated varsities are IMU, UNMS, IPGKBA, and APU. The ranking of the competition are as follows :





The competition was carried out in the format of ‘team round-robin’, which actually means each university had to rival against all the other universities. Each university had to send in 10 players and the particular 10 players are allocated to play for 5 categories (Men’s Single, Men’s Double, Women Single,Women Double and Mixed Double).The winners were decided based on the total number of the winnings in term of categories. There were a total of 40 players who participated in the competition.

Since there is always another side to the coin, there was some problems faced in this event too. One of the major ones is that, some of the invited universities did not respond to our invitation before the stated deadline. Besides, our first scheduled date clashed with their break or exam so we shifted to a second date to accommodate their issues. Furthermore, the limitation of the current facilities was one of the hurdles as well.


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IMU Debate Open 2014 ends on high note

It was a peculiar Friday night. Anyone would expect IMU to be an empty void on a Friday night, without students and lecturers as they bade goodbye to the weekdays. However, on that particular Friday evening, passionate voices, loud and clear, were filling this void, complete with the occasional “Hear! Hear!” or “Shame!”.

Such sights would also be witnessed over the next two days.

Well, it wouldn’t take a detective to figure out what was happening: a big blue banner with “IMU Debate Open 2014” emblazoned on it was draped in the atrium of IMU, amidst the Christmas decorations.

Held annually by IMU Debating Society, IMU Debate Open 2014, held from 21 November to 23 November, attracted local and international participants from various universities and high schools. Some even hailed from places as far as Guangdong province, China. With 52 teams participating, it was by no means a small-scale event.

The organising committee, made up of a diverse team of students from various faculties and spearheaded by Leonard Goh, the incumbent President of IMU Debating Society, came together and started planning this three-day-event since September 2014. Goh shared, “I was impressed with the whole team’s responsiveness and efficiency throughout the entire process, from the planning stage to the execution phase.”

However, it was not all smooth sailing. Goh pointed out, “One of the greatest challenges we faced was the room bookings for our debating venues. Given that IMU is a small campus, it was rather difficult to find sufficient rooms to host all 52 teams.” However with the invaluable assistance from Mr Mok and Ms May Kuan from SSD, these issues were soon resolved. Lalina Priya Murugan, the co-convener of the event said, “Slight hiccups here and there are common. Nevertheless, we managed to accommodate the increased number of teams, provided transportation and more food servings.

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments for participants was when they had to use their hands to eat after cutleries ran out. Malaysians, and in particular our Malay peers, wasted no time to demonstrate how they neatly gather food using only their fingertips and gently push it into their mouths using their thumbs. As such, aside from debating, international participants also had an authentic taste of cultural diversity in Malaysia by learning the traditional Malay way of eating.

IMU Debate Open 2014 runs on the British Parliamentary format, where four teams comprising opening factions and closing factions for government and opposition sides respectively are pitched against each other. After the release of the motion, debaters are given 15 minutes to prepare and debate in their assigned roles. Note that electronics are not allowed during the prep period, hence the best debaters are those who are well-versed in current issues.

Debaters from Singapore
Debaters from Singapore

Debaters from China
Debaters from China







With issues ranging from inheritance tax, patenting human genes, to jus soli in the United States, the various motions released throughout the tournament put the versatility of debaters to test. Going from one room to another, it can be observed that debaters were fervently engaging in their debates, trying their best to outwit and out speak each other.

For many, it was not only a good learning experience, but also an excellent platform for opinionated students to engage in discussions surrounding world issues. The fiery finals debate put up by the finalists certainly did not disappoint the 60-odd crowd on the last day of the event.

And with that, IMU Debate Open 2014 is done and dusted. Goh proudly said,

“IMUDO 2014 was well received by its 150-odd participants, and this is all to the credit of each and every person of the organising committee.”

Despite challenges at the beginning, this event certainly ended on a high note. So till the next year!

Written by Lee Yen Yi from IMU Debate Society