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Who are the Infinity Milers?

You can call us the running or adventure club of IMU.  Our club caters to students who are passionate about running, hiking and those with the aim of keeping themselves in shape.  We strive to organise weekly trainings and outdoor adventures as well as to participate in road races as runners or volunteers.

Contrary to some beliefs, you don’t need to be good in running in order to be part of the Infinity Milers.  As long as you are ready to push boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, you will find a place with the Infinity Milers.

After all, our motto is ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’


White Ribbon Run
White Ribbon Run

Road Races

  • The Blood Donor Fun Run
  • Nottingham Run
  • INTI R.A.C.E (Run Against Cancer Event)
  • Larian Bandar Diraja Oren Sports Run
  • Standard Chartered KL Marathon
  • Light A Life 2.0: End Child Trafficking Run
  • White Ribbon Run
  • NIKE We Run KL 21K 2015
Standard Chartered KL Marathon
Standard Chartered KL Marathon


  • 2XU Compression Run
  • Great Eastern Live Great Run
  • Standard Chartered KL Marathon
  • NIKE We Run KL 21K 2015
Volunteering for Great Eastern Live Great Run
Volunteering for Great Eastern Live Great Run


  • Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan
  • Chilling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bharu
  • Gua Tempurung, Perak
Chilling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bharu
Chilling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bharu

Inter-University Competitions

  • MAPCU (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and University) Track and Field
  • MAPCU Road Relay
  • MIVG (Medical Inter-Varsity Games) Track and Field


  1. MAPCU Track and Field: 1st Runner-Up
  2. MAPCU Road Relay: Champion for 7 consecutive years
  3. MIVG Track and Field: Overall Champion
MAPCU Road Relay
MAPCU Road Relay

About Us

Our 2014/15 committee consists of:

President: Loh Chooi Shawn

Secretary: Saw Jia Huey

Treasurer: Alicia Tay Shiau Voon

Race Coordinator: Wilson Wong Wei Xiang

Adventure Coordinator: Kenny Wan Te Jin

Event Coordinator: Kan Ka Hou

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Theme : The Role of Religion in the Upbringing of the Society

Interfaith forum is an annual event organized by all the religious clubs in IMU (Buddhist Society, Catholic Society, Christian Fellowship, Hindu Society and Muslim Society). This year, in 2015, the religious clubs with the guidance of SRC will extend the one-day event into a week called Interfaith Week. This Interfaith Week will comprise of activities such as flashmob, exhibition, fundraising and the forum itself. We believe the Interfaith Week will serve as a good platform for students and even staff to enhance their understanding towards the major religions in Malaysia and the world. We hope that this understanding will translate into positive attitudes such as respect and tolerance during the studying and working years as well as within the larger society itself.

Interfaith week was held from 26th to 29th January 2015.

Activities and clubs in charge:

1)Flashmob (Monday) by Hindu Society

(A flashmob in the middle of atrium during lunch time to kick start the interreligious week)

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2)Fundraising (Monday – Thursday) by Christian Fellowship







3)Exhibition (Monday – Thursday) by Muslim Society

(Exhibition on each religion)







4) Forum and performances (Thursday) by Buddhist Society








PR and IT was handled by Catholic Society while F&B  was handled by Muslim Society.

There were many hurdles faced by the committee of the interfaith week event. Firstly the lack of manpower, as there were only slightly more than 10 committed members to run the whole event. Next, the date itself proved to be a problem as many students were either on breaks, or having exams, so it was quite tough to get the crowd. To overcome this problems, the committee went all out to advertise this interfaith week,  from sending spam emails to everyone, to changing desktop background of each computers in IMU and giving out flyers.




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About IMU Peer Support club

The peer support club, you might say, is an unusual club. It was created by the IMU counselors, run by students, based on the altruistic desire to help the any and all members of IMU, to care for others and to offer a listening ear to those in need. What we aim to do is to bring the awareness on the importance of mental health and to lessen the stigma on mental conditions to the people in IMU. One of the worst things that one might say is the apathy of dismissing a condition such as depression as a weakness; something that would be considered as shameful and should be hidden.

Our club is a very new club. We don’t stress on holding hands and singing songs of friendship around a campfire, primarily because starting fires indoors is definitely not a good idea. What we try to do, and have done successfully several times, is to organize events to raise awareness and offer support to others.


Mental Health Week
This was a rather successful event – we like to think that we delivered information to our peers in IMU and managed to raise some awareness towards mental health. On the flip side, our members also had great exposure towards the handling such events.

Peer Support Workshop
Simply put, it is a workshop managed by our seniors and IMU counselors. Through this, we strive to train students the proper techniques of counseling (it’s a little more complicant2ted than it sounds, really) and to detect signs of depression in others. At the same time, some of us also learn more about ourselves.

Befrienders Training
Befrienders is a call center composed of a group of volunteers who are concerned about the emotional well being of the community. Our club organizes trips to the centre for new members and interested individuals to show them how the volunteers emotionally support the distressed and suicidal people.

About us

Our 2014/15 committee consists of:mt1

Club Supervisors: Ms Carina Lai, Ms Low Xin Yuan
Club Student Advisor: Tan Sue Fern
President: Mugilan (MEDT114)
Vice president: Celine Goh (ME213)
Secretary: Amilia Ng (MPQ114)
Treasurer: Amrina Raisya (ME213)



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What is debate?

Debate, in essence, is simply the defence of an opinion or stand. It incorporates critical thinking with public speaking, as well as the ability to think on one’s feet (literally and figuratively). The reason why debating is an oft sought-after skill is that it trains people to think about issues from all possible angles and aspects. At IMU Debating Society, we recognise that debating is an excellent way to allow us to better ourselves as thinkers and speakers, and our society has been around for almost as long as the university, making us one of the oldest clubs in IMU.


We organise three tournaments yearly – Health Science Debate Open, IMU Debate Open, as well as the debate segment of IMU Cup.  We also attend other intervarsity tournaments both locally and internationally, allowing our members to gain valuable exposure to the culture of debating inside and outside of Malaysia.

Local Inter-Varsity tournaments
Avicenna Medical Debate Competition
UKM Med Debate
Taylor’s IV
National Novice
KDU Pro-Ams

International tournaments
SMU Hammers
United Asians Debating Championship
Australasian Debating Championship
Asians British Parliamentary
World Universities Debating Championship

Currently, we hold weekly trainings on Sundays, 2 pm to 5 pm, conducted by our external trainer Tariq Maketab, a practicing litigator with Lee Hishamuddin Allen & Gledhill. He has had an illustrious debating career, such as winning the 2006 Royals tournament and reaching the semifinals for the 2007 and 2010 Asian British Parliamentary tournaments. Maketab is an experienced adjudicator and coach as well, and you can be sure that you will learn a lot from him during our sessions!

The typical session comprises a round or two of debate, followed by adjudicator feedback in which Maketab teaches us how to refine our arguments and think about the debate motion from different perspectives. Once in a while, he has also provided crash courses in key topics such as International Relations.

On top of the training sessions with Maketab, there are currently plans to have an additional session on weekdays, to be conducted by senior debaters. Regardless of prior experience with debate, we encourage all interested parties to come for our trainings. All we need from you is enthusiasm and dedication to perfecting the art of debate.

Our Achievements

UKM Med Debate 2014 Champions
Avicenna Debate 2014 Finalists
UKM Med Debate 2013 Champions
Avicenna Debate 2013 Champions
IMUDO 2013 Semi-finalists
HSDO 2013 Semi-finalists
ABP 2013 Pre-quarter finalists
KDU ProAms 2013 Quarter finalists
SMU Hammers 2013 Quarter finalists

About Us

Our 2014/15 committee are:

President: Leonard Goh Zhong Ning
Vice President: Lalina Priya Murugan
Treasurer: Nur Izzati Binti Rozali
Secretary: Safaa Bouheraoua
Training Coordinator: Wan Nuraisyah Azzahrah Binti Wan Zuki


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Photo credits: Yiing-j Yap and Choo Wan Yee from IMU Photography Club