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Written by Toh Boon Kheng

It isn’t the same anymore.

Without you here,

A park is nothing,

But a lake of green grass,

But an air of shaded gloom,

Because it feels dark,

And I drown,

With memories of you,

Forcing their way into my lungs,

While I instantly forget to breathe.

I guess, in a way,

You still leave me breathless.

We used to walk here,

But I guess I should get used to this,

With this emptiness by my side;

Day by day,

Step by step.

I swear the wind sounds like you breathing,

Slowly, calmly, softly,

And it hurts,

It hurts to think of you,

It hurts to know,

That I would drop the world,

To hear you breathe one more time.

The wind still blows,

It’s as if you are filling my arms,

And I can feel you there like before,

As though you never left,

As though I could still love you,

As though I could change your mind,

As though, because it is not real,

And the wind passes by.

The park is just a frame,

One I walk by to look,

Alone and in pain,

To remember what once was.

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Reported by Toh Boon Kheng / Photographs by Yaohan Wong and Sharaniah Balakrisnan

It’s Friday! TGIF! After this, we can all take a break over the weekend, right? But cancer doesn’t have Fridays nor weekends. Don’t worry though, on the 29th of April 2016, AMSA IMU made sure that we can be educated about cancer while still enjoying our Friday.

There were colourful decorations everywhere, surrounding informational slides on boards strategically placed to gather crowds. There was even a polaroid photo booth, with props in theme with cancer. Located in the atrium, the probation AMSA ambassadors from ME116 set up a carnival-styled exhibition in conjunction with AMSA Health Day 2016. Given that the theme this year is about cancer, three key variations of cancer were placed under the spotlight; cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer.

“This is the 1st event by this batch of ambassadors, so we weren’t sure about how it would go. But I guess you can say it went quite well, much better than expected,” explained Michael, one of the organising members of the exhibition. Another organising member, Harriwin followed up, “Our fruit stall was even selling non-stop earlier. We and the seniors were not sure if it would sell well, but we went with it anyway, and it paid off. The sales were great, even with the SRC elections outside.” The fruit stall provided some decent comparisons from eating healthy to unhealthy eating and doughnuts. Don’t underestimate the evil of doughnuts when it comes to cancer.


But why cancer, and why cervical, colorectal, and lung? “We just want to raise the awareness for cancer. We know a lot about breast cancer, but what about the others? In Malaysia, colorectal cancer is rising as one of the most prevalent cancers.” Harriwin added from Michael, “Did you know that cervical cancer is the most prevalent cancer among Malaysian women, and that lung cancer is the most prevalent one among Malaysian men? Colorectal is very prevalent, and rising.” “We all can learn something new from this. Even as medical students, some of these are semester 2 and 3 materials, so as semester 1 students, we learned quite a lot ourselves,” said Harriwin as Michael continued, “Some of the lecturers came by to have a look, and they even gave us some ideas that we can use in future events.”

Yes, that is correct, there are future events. If all goes well, there will be a sexual health awareness event coming soon, tentatively end of May. Seeing the quality of this exhibition, we can expect plenty of activities lined up by the ambassadors. One does not need to be a medical student to learn more about health conditions and what can we do about it. So, what can we do? According to our two enthusiastic event organisers, “Join AMSA events!”

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Written by Toh Boon Kheng / Picture credit: https://warframe.com/media

This game review is has been long overdue. Warframe is literally 3 years old, and has a 9/10 rating on Steam. So, would you like to hear about a game involving space ninjas running around, fighting various alien species and machineries?


What Is Warframe?

In this game, players are called Tenno and play as warframes, which are space ninja suits capable of a ton of action. It is well-known for fast-paced gameplay, and smooth combat systems. Warframe is published by Digital Extremes, and runs on the Evolution game engine. The PC version was released in 2013, and has slowly expanded to other platforms within the following year. Warframe is a free-to-play online game with in-game purchases. There is a subscription option called Prime Access, where you get some amazing perks, such as specially designed Prime gear and a certain amount of in-game currency per month, although it doesn’t affect gameplay much (or at all, even). It prides itself in being a third-person ‘cooperative’ shooter, while maintaining separate player bases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Many consider Warframe as a multiplayer game, but believe me when I say, single player campaigns are quite possible.

Can My PC Run Warframe?

The minimum system requirement as stated on the official website is as follows:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 / AMD Athlon x64 4000+ (~2.2 dual core CPU)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: NVidia 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600

DirectX: 9.0c

Hard Drive: 10 GB available space

However, my PC specs are as below and the game runs fine at approximately 50 frames per second (fps). This is provided the graphics settings are set at the lowest level, and with steady internet (of course). Disclaimer: It may not run as smoothly on every PC below the stated minimum requirements, and attempt at your OWN RISK.

Processor: Intel Core i3 M350 @2.27GHz

Memory: 2GB RAM

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics

DirectX: Has 9.0c installed

Hard Drive: Has more than 10GB available space


This Is So…Ninja

The gameplay is mostly flawless. Initially, Warframe was not as solidly established as an action third person shooter. Over time, updates such as Melee 2.0 and Parkour 2.0 has made Warframe an action online game to be reckoned with. Personally, I have not seen a game with mobility options as fun as Warframe. Pairing this with the amazing close combat options, you are literally slicing and dicing till the end of the game. You can use guns, but why? Firstly, the guns do not perform as well as the melee weapons, which is where the flaw comes in. They call themselves a shooter, but the guns are not great? How ironic. It is not horrid, but cutting and stabbing is better. Secondly, ninjas don’t use guns. Shurikens, kunais, and bows are great replacements for guns, and these traditional ninja weapons run relatively well. I guess Digital Extremes takes the space ninja concept very, very seriously.

Refined & Refreshing

When first looking at Warframe, one very significant detail comes to mind. The graphics look amazing, even at lowest setting! From the on-point lighting, to the fine details of the environment, Warframe looks like a well-crafted game on par with many pay-to-play games out there. Furthermore, unlike the repetitive shooter games donning military outfits, and regular looking weapons, Warframe takes a more eccentric route. The character models look like a meshwork of colourful playdoh, yet it seems to fit well with the setting of the game itself. The factions of the game also have notable traits which differ noticeably from one another. Surely, this design does not suit all, but it certainly a relief to know that unique and creative game designs still exist among shooter games.

Customs & Money

The customisability in this game is great, although not the best in the market. Colour options for warframes, weapons, and gear are vast; larger than most games. Additional cosmetic gear is always added to the game, providing even further freedom for players to pimp up their characters. The catch is, without doubt, cost. The free customisation is extremely limited, having only about a dozen colours, and no free additional cosmetic gear. While the cost may be minimal, not all players are willing to spend the amount. However, the developers do need to earn money too, so it is completely understandable and acceptable for them to impose a cost on cosmetics. Thankfully, gameplay is once more, unaffected.

The Multiplayer Complex

Playing-versus-environment (PvE) along the story campaign is fun, whether you play alone, or with a team. The story is lacklustre, but the emphasis is clearly not there. Many bosses are made much simpler by going in as a team and attacking from various angles, as with most games. The single player PvE option is there, but gets exponentially harder as you get to higher levels. Here is where the ‘cooperative’ side shines brightly. Playing as a team makes the difficulty increase more stable and bearable. However, I am uncertain on whether this is a good thing, as I enjoy the single player campaign more. Regardless, the developers met their goal accurately, and we can applaud them for that.


The downside of the multiplayer is in the Conclave. The Conclave is basically the player-versus-player (PvP) aspect of Warframe. It has three partitions; Annihalation (kill everyone), Team Annihilation (kill everyone on the other team), and Capture the Cephalon (steal a flag from across the map and run back). To be blunt, it is unbalanced. Clearly, some warframes perform better than others in the respective settings. The attempts to balance the PvP by banning certain warframes from Conclave feels very restrictive, while bringing little effect. It is obvious that Digital Extremes is trying to fix the PvP by reworking it several times, but they have yet to succeed.


Pros: Overall great game, easy on low-end PCs, looks amazing, fun PvE gameplay.

Cons: Limited free customs, PvP is just bad.

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Written by Toh Boon Kheng

Dear Miss Perfect,

You amaze me;
From the radiance you project,
To artistry of you we all see.
One is blessed to have you close,
To stroll in the park,
Or to embrace nose-to-nose;
Either way, laced with songs of the lark.
If only things were not so grim,
Thinking of moments that once were,
For I will never be him,
And you, never her.
It is melancholic to love with these sutures,
While having the past steal our futures.

Yours sincerely,
The one who cares dearly.

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Toh Boon Kheng – IMU Editorial Board 2015/16 President

When I first joined Editorial Board, there was only a small team and a magazine dream. Now, we have developed a lot since, even adding a website under our responsibilities. It has been a wonderful experience. From facing a wall of tasks, to working with the best colleagues of all time, being the President of IMU Editorial Board was a horrid expectation turned beautiful memory. I did not choose to take the post, yet now I find it hard to let go.

The faces you meet; the places you seek. It has been an eye-opening journey through the IMU culture diversity, seeing the campus in a new light, only because I was a part of the Editorial Board. I can still recall the nervous feeling at my first event report: IMU Cup Cheer 2014. Since then, I knew there was something special about this club. I used to have an article ‘headcount’, but now I have lost count. As a committee, we have nurtured the club as much as we can, so it is time for some of us to rest back to watch it bloom on its own. Time flies; things feel not so long ago, but it has really been an eventful year. We all make decisions we regret, but being in this Editorial Board will not be one.

Thank you, readers, for giving us reason to go forward. Thank you, Dr Katrina & Ms Dachaini, for your kind support. Thank you, my dear outgoing committee, for it has been a ride to remember.

Ivanova Anjani – IMU Editorial Board 2015/16 Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief was a challenging position. Aside from making sure all the necessary events are covered by the reporters and photographers, the Editor-in-Chief must also encourage the writers to create relevant, creative articles, as well as ensuring all magazine page designs were top notch. I also dabbled with creating promotional posters for the purpose of Public Relations. So it’s clear that the Editor-in-Chief required me to maintain my connections with other people in the club, both committee and regular members. In addition, I also participated in development of Editorial Board into something bigger and better.

Though it was labour intensive, Editorial Board is also a labour of love, and being Editor-in-Chief helped mature my sense of leadership and time management. It was also really fun to have lively discussions with other members. Thinking of how we all were able to bring the shambles that was Editorial Board into something substantial like it is now always brings a smile to my face.

I hope that in the coming years, Editorial Board will become an integrated part of IMU, one that all IMU students will be proud being a part of.

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Written by Toh Boon Kheng Artwork by Foong Keng Wah

With life, comes death. Despite this, death is a taboo subject for a large portion of our society. So if you must, turn back and read another article. Still here? Good. Firstly, let me ask you a simple question. What would it be like, if one day, someone we love and care about was gone forever?

2015 was not exactly a fun year. Within a span of 6 months, five friends who were dear to me decided to take their own life. It made me wonder; I aim to be a psychologist, to help those in need, but I couldn’t help those close to me, so how could I help others in the future? The fact is, I am far from qualified, but above all, we are human. Now I know how certain they were about it, it becomes possible to respect their decision (though agreeing is a separate matter). This feeling of helplessness and self-blame allowed me to see that there are many things beyond our control as well as the things we can miss simply by being caught up in conversation. Don’t we wish to turn back time and change the outcome, or to look into the future and avert disaster? All we can do though, is to do what feels right, right now. Sometimes, it is not about what happened or what will happen, rather, it is about what we make of the present that we have.


Image obtained from: https://dangerouslee.biz/2012/09/07/win-a-fight-by-walking-away/

It is a tough task to avoid feeling empty from the loss; drained and tired of life. When it really happens, there is no instant cure for the despair. It is okay to be sad. To be angry at the world for everything. To cry. But eventually, we have to take our own initiative to continue walking forward in our own life journey. Easier said than done. If it was ever easy to begin with, then it would probably already be done. The question now is; how do we do this?

All this talk of loss, and we tend to overlook that the loss has left a space in our lives. A space that perhaps we should fill. It’s not as simple as taking another person to fill it up. Each individual experiences the loss in different ways, and filling the gaps can be done in various ways as well. There are some of many things that we can bring into light:

       1. Appreciate the living.

We lost someone we care deeply about. Yet we are not the only ones grieving. Others who we are also close to, is in the same state as us. From personal experience, it helps to reach out, and support one another. Being there, knowing that we are not alone in this, that there are still family/friends to care for, all contribute to rebuilding the damage caused by a death. Losing a close one, and gaining a newfound closeness between those who remain.

2. Maintaining memories.

For those we spend a lot of time with, the loss will hit harder. Suddenly, you have plenty of alone time, or even an emptiness in the group. Even though, this person may be gone now, he/she/they would have left a significant mark in our lives. Plenty of moments shared, experiences learnt, and moments to cherish. It may not seem like much, but by having a small gathering of close family/friends to share and release these memory fragments, we remind ourselves that this loss does not change the memories made. It also serves as a reminder that this grief is simply dark clouds shadowing the sun, and that beneath it all, this person who had lit up your life still will, through shining the past into the present, even after they are long gone.

3. Doing something you love.

Basically, do something that makes you calmer or happier. It is not to distract your mind. Instead, it is another form of reminder. To remind us that life goes on regardless, and how this person we lost would be happy to know that we gained a greater appreciation on the fragile life we have. Stretch our insight and overlook on the world. Go on a vacation, and stare out into the ocean until a smile appears on our mouths. Hike that challenging mountain while we still can. Draw a painting of how we feel about the loss, so that all can appreciate this aspect of living. Or write an article about it all, so others know that it is human to feel loss, and that it is not the end of the line for us still here.

Of course, there is also grief counselling. This is merely an opinion article of how I believe one can self-cope, and there are plenty other things that can be done. Just don’t expect yourself to recover from the pain perfectly fine to carry on life as before. Someone is gone from your life now, and they will never come back. The way we see things, the way we get tasks done, the way we love, will never be the same again. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Change can very much be beneficial, as long as we maintain the core of ourselves. We learn from where we lack. A wise man, who goes by the name of Viktor E. Frankl once said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” We may end up lost while changing ourselves for the better, but hopefully, we can one day say that we have found our better selves.

In memory of; Ben, Ariana, Raj, Din, and Lizzy (Benjamin, Ariana, Rajagopal, Abidin, Elizabeth). You will be remembered fondly.

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Written by Toh Boon Kheng, Artwork by Tammy Teh Siew Vuon


I remember,
The first moment I fell for you,
Everyone was laughing at a joke,
Yet somehow our eyes locked,
And we stopped laughing.
You blushed,
I can’t say I didn’t.
But there was too much at risk,
So I kept it silent;
Confessions left unspoken.
I remember,
The first time we kissed,
It was an all-in gamble.
The air was cold,
Shelves were tight,
The silence was deafening,
Who says libraries were for good kids?
We looked deep into each other’s eyes,
We knew things can’t change back;
Still, regret never showed itself.
I remember,
The first time we had a fallout,
You ended up saying it was okay,
That others needed my time more,
That you, yourself, were too selfish.
You were wrong,
I neglected you,
When in reality,
I needed you;
So I made sure to tell you I loved you every day.
I remember,
The first time I saw you wake from a nightmare,
It was far from the last,
You were soaked in sweat,
Tensed and afraid,
Unlike I have ever saw you before.
So I told you to go for a shower,
As I made you breakfast and chamomile tea.
I knew you’d tell me your tale someday,
And you did.
I remember,
When you had to leave,
Thousands of words,
And a hundred roses of poetry,
Could not keep you here.
So I let you go from my arms,
But held you closer with my heart,
Hoping and believing,
That someday you’d come back;
Waiting for the day that will never come.
I remember,
When you wanted to break up,
Something was wrong,
Something you didn’t want me to know,
So I did not ask.
You looked so certain,
As if it was a sale,
As if I were to be given away.
I agreed to end our love;
Not to lose you eternally.
I remember,
When I heard the news,
I was heading to campus,
But instead I sat staring at the wall.
Time is so relative,
A split second of tragedy,
Takes 2 hours to believe,
3 months to sink in,
7 months to swallow;
Yet forever wouldn’t be enough to forget.

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Interview by Toh Boon Kheng

Wearing a white shirt and a warm smile, he entered the SRC Office, ready for the interview before he even sat down. With light-hearted charisma and a humble demeanour, this was indistinguishably the SRC President of 2015/2016, Kenneth Lee. Easily having one of the tightest schedules on campus, we were fortunate enough the slot a few minutes in his lunchtime to ask a few questions, and hopefully shed some new light on the year-long president.

1452401_10155332007445621_524055263820125641_nHello, Kenneth! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a 3rd year Medical student right now. I enjoy sports and music. I lived in the Middle East for like, 10 years of my life. I was born in Scotland. And, I, love the SRC.

So, you ran for President of the SRC a year back. Would you like to share why?

I ran for president because for me, I felt like, as compared to the other posts, for example, VP of Medicine (because I am a Medical student) was very academic centred, but I also wanted to deal with some of the welfare issues the students might have. So, I thought that President would give me a nice, well-rounded scope to work, if you will.

How has it been (as the SRC President)?

It has been very challenging. It has been very rewarding. Challenging in the sense that, things we wanted to implement, things the students have wanted for many years, even before I was here, we tried them, as the other SRCs have done. Sometimes with slight success, sometimes with no success. Rewarding in the sense that, for example, our student discounts or the shuttle service. Even if one student benefits from it, take the shuttle service, go get a discount at one of the restaurants, and come back, then it is rewarding for us because our job is really to serve the students. If we have done that, then that’s our main goal.

Apart from the shuttle bus service and student discounts, are there any notable achievements to you that has been reached over your term?

Perhaps in the sense of the IMU Cup, where this year we have added the Photography competition and the Arts competition. That was a great part of, in fact, Richard’s vision (SRC Sports Representative) was to make IMU Cup not only for sports people, but for people who are interested in humanities, the arts, and those areas. I think it is really good, because it allows many more students to participate in IMU Cup. We are also thinking about other things for the next committee to add cultural events in IMU Cup, but all that is still in the works. Oh, and the Pandan Serai (cafeteria) renovation. We are quite pleased with that. It is looking really nice. I actually had lunch there the other day, it was nice. We also had the online booking system for sports facilities around IMU. So that has streamlined the process quite a bit.

You mentioned that not everything was successful. Are there any qualms or concerns you would like to bring up?

I mean, really, if you are a student who drives. Are you? No. Okay, well, for students who drive, everybody knows that people complain about parking. It’s been there since the last SRC, been there since the SRC before them, and the ones before them. We’ve tried everything. You know, tell DBKL to not summon our students, to make the roadside parking legal; it doesn’t work. I mean, we have exhausted every single thing we can, however, sometimes there are just too many barriers for what we want.


The IMU Student Representative Council members of 2015/2016

The new SRC Committee will be elected soon; all the campaigns are going around. Does it bring you back memories of your own campaigning process?

Definitely. Well I still remember the days when, we (some of my friends who are in the SRC now) first decided to run for SRC. We did our photoshoot, made our posters, wrote our manifestos up. What they (the new SRC candidates) are doing now is what I went through a year ago, and perhaps seeing the sense of optimism and enthusiasm that comes with trying to get into a new role. That brings me back to the good times. And the fact that I had to run twice as well, so I had double memory of it. *laughs*

Do you have any advice for the SRC 2016/2017 candidates?

Be hopeful about what you are trying to achieve, but also be very realistic in what is possible and what is not. With the SRC, you have a slightly more responsibility to play around with. Of course, we, the SRC, are just a bunch of students trying to represent the students’ voices. It is really to keep their heads on straight, be realistic about their goals. You can’t just say like, “Yeah, we’re going to build a 5-storey parking,” or whatever it is, you know. It has to be realistic.

What is your vision for the future committee?

Well, there are a lot of things that we have thought of. Perhaps we didn’t implement, perhaps we couldn’t get around to it for whatever reason. My vision is that they continue the work that my colleagues have done. And also not only to continue what we have done, also to come up with their own fresh ideas. I’ve seen, through interviews with some of the candidates, there’s a lot of great ideas. Some ideas, I could not have imagined to come up with, so we are hoping really that they can step up and do a better job than we did. Of course, my committee did a great job, but I want them to do better.

Is there anything you would like to add before we end this interview?

I would just like to say, good luck to the next SRC candidates. Good luck to them in the elections. And I hope they survive the next year.

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Reported by Toh Boon Kheng

This is not a scene from a television drama. Nor is it a scene in the Malaysian Bar Council. This is simply your average IMU Cup Debate Finals. The motion was ‘This House Will Abolish Prisons’. With teams Pegasus BR in opening government, Griffin NA in opening opposition, Taurus AS in closing government, and Draco SK in closing opposition, one can expect no less than an explosive finale on that Thursday night, on the 29th of October. Despite the heavy competition, there can only be one team in each spot. In the champion’s seat, Goh Ni Kol (ME214) and Ai Ven (BP112) brought pride to Griffin.

Meanwhile, Arjun (ME114) and Sree (ME115) from Taurus came in second, with Raaj (ME114) and Bryan (ME214) from Pegasus trailing closely in third. There was some humour to go around; “Butt sex is a scare tactic. It helps scare people from committing crime. We don’t condone it, but it does help deter (in response to a question about gang rapes in prison).” There was also some anger in the air; “Please use some logic before you say a Point of Information (POI). Don’t POI like a fool.” All in the name of sportsmanship. It was truly a ‘colourful’ night.


“You have had 400 years, why hasn’t it worked?! If your system is useless, why do we still have to put up with it?”

“We feel really, really happy. Because the competition was really tight this year, so we thought we could not defend our gold from last year,” said Ni Kol, “And super surprised when they announced we are winners,” continued Ai Ven. “Everyone was really intense and emotional. We were like, let’s just not get last,” described Ni Kol. “I think (we won) because Ni Kol is a very good speaker. She delivers the matter really well,” as Ai Ven praised of Ni Kol, who was announced as the Best Debater.

As advice to new, aspiring debaters in IMU, they both were pretty certain, “Join Debate Club!” Ni Kol followed up, “We have a proper coach, who really teaches you everything he can, and the club pays everything, so you can go for free. And we always send debaters for competition. It’s actually the competition that shaped both of us. Also, read up on a lot of stuff. Go BBC, read up things, stay updated.” “Debating is a lot like, when people ask you two plus two, you have to show the working. And that’s debating, it’s not the answer, four. So, like, it’s analysing it,” concluded Ni Kol.