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Written by Aashwany Chandra Mohan Photographs by Andrew Octavian and Azfar Afham

Oral Health Week

Oral Health Week (OHW) is an annual event involving the dental students and its faculty members. It is an ongoing annual event since 2009, aimed to promote oral health awareness among IMU students, faculty members and the public.


OHW 2016 is themed “Dental wars – The Floss Awakens. According to the American Dental Association, many are misled by myths about flossing such as “flossing creates gap between your teeth”, “flossing is painful” and etc. This, in turn have caused people to forgo the importance of flossing. Hence, OHW 2016 is focused on rebutting the myths and highlight the importance of flossing.

OHW 2016 committee led by Eugene Tan Pheng Chin from DT115 have definitely organised many programs for the two-day event. There were oral health educational booths at the driveway and the atrium to edify everyone about aesthetics, flossing and even teeth whitening. Besides that, they also had students from various courses to do on-stage performances and even the flash-mob.

Oral Health Week 14114945_1857133004521484_361327128388047040_o

Other than the performances, they have also invited the principal deputy director of oral health division from Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, Dr. Yaw Siew Lian to give a speech. Prof Khoo Suan Phaik, also gave a speech on behalf of the president of Malaysian Dental Association (MDA). The associate dean of school of dentistry, Prof Dr Seow Liang Lin, also praised the OHW 2016 team on their effort in conducting this event.


Eugene, the president of OHW 2016, also added that it took him and the committee almost 4 months to prepare for this event. It was definitely a challenging moment for all of them as they had to manage time for their assignments, revisions and organizing this event. Anderson Wong, president of OHW 2015, definitely guided the team throughout the preparation process.

“I would like to thank my committee sincerely for their effort in making this event a big success. OHW 2016, absolutely met the expectations, however, a bigger crowd for the event would have been ideal,” Eugene said.

The president of OHW 2016 also had a word of advice for the committee of OHW 2017. He added that they should be responsible, disciplined and be able to manage their time.

“May The Floss be with You” – Oral Health Week 2016

Check out more photos of this event on our Facebook page!

Oral Health Week


Oral Health Week

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Interview by Aashwany Chandra Mohan / Photography by Andrew Octavian

Hey, Richard! First off, what’s your role in the team?

I am the founder and captain for this IMU Cheer All Star Team. My main role is to take care of the team including coordinating practices, fund raisings, communicate with the coaches, and most administration matters with IMU and the event organizer.

Can you brief about the competition that the team just participated in?

We are participating in the largest cheerleading competition in Malaysia called CHARM Cheerleading Championship (C3) – The Malaysia Open , organized by Cheerleading Association and Registry of Malaysia (CHARM). This participants of this competition came from all around Malaysia, and this year Singapore sent in their teams as well! There are different categories to participate in, and we are participating in Level 5 – University category.


What made you and your teammates participate in such a competition?

IMU Cheerleading has grown a lot since IMU Cup 2015, we can see the improvement in compare with the previous years, this is the reason I think that we should move towards another achievement. This team is a platform for all Cheerleading lovers in IMU to come together and perform in a larger stage, all our teammates come from different sport house and different cohorts, and we are doing stunts which are way harder than what we are doing in IMU Cup

How did you think you do and how are you planning on going with the team, for example for next year’s competition or other events?

I think I have plenty of aspect need to be improved. Since this is the first team in IMU history, we don’t have much resources and  thanks to other experienced cheerleaders in the team in helping me with managing the team when I’m not available. Personally this competition will be my last competition. I won’t be participating any other cheerleading competitions including IMU Cup. If we managed to form another team next year, I am more than happy to share my experiences and give some suggestions to the new captain.


What would you say would be the most difficult thing to coordinate in a cheerleading team?

I think the most difficult part is to gather the whole team to practice together. None other medical university than us took part in this competition, we all do understand how busy our students are with their exam and huge workload. Our competition were in end of July, same goes to dental’s and chiro’s end of semester exam. Studies always come first, and I have to le them to focus in their exam. Therefore to be exact, we only have 4 days of full attendance to run our routine before competition.

What are you hopes and expectations for IMU team in the future?

IMU Cheerleading has gone so far for the past 2 years, I do hope that it will continue to grow under the new captain and SRC sports rep. As cheerleading needs a huge contribution of time and effort, I hope that the amount of cheerleading enthusiast won’t reduce, and continue to participate in larger stage other than IMU Cup.

Check out some photos of their practice before the competition!

IMG_5143 IMG_5191 IMG_5319 IMG_5285

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Review by Aashwany Chandra Mohan. Photos by Aashwany Chandra Mohan & Jaryll Ong.

One of the famous Korean coffee & dessert café have set their first outlet here in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The outlet targeting all mango lovers definitely has a sophisticated look at The Cube. It will absolutely be a regular place of interest for most of you as its situated slightly further from the hustle & bustle of KL city.

Mango Six
MangoSix @ The Cube

The moment you step in to the restaurant you see a display of their famous drinks on your right. Like mentioned earlier this café also serves other beverages such as coffee, espresso along with some mango desserts and delicious cakes.

The display of their famous beverages

Do keep in mind that the mango beverages & desserts made here are 100% from the mango fruit and not some mango essence or fake flavouring. However, I would advise all to stick to their specialty as the white chocolate drink wasn’t a winner in this case.

From left to right: Mango Melon, Mango Coconut and Mango Shake
The tallest drink among all: The not-so-tasty White Chocolate
Location: 3.5/5

If you are heading here from Bukit Jalil, slight traffic is expected upon entering Puchong. However, the café is easy to identify once you are in Bandar Puteri area.

Parking Availability: 4.5/5

Free parking right outside the building.

Café Atmosphere: 4/5

An elegant infrastructure with a beautiful ambience.

Cost: 4/5

The drinks here are totally reasonable with a maximum of RM15. The cakes and pastries range around Rm13 – RM16.

Taste: 4/5

An absolute delight and a total thirst-quencher on a sunny day.


Address: The Cube, No 11 Jalan Puteri 7/13A, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Opening hours: 9am-12am daily

Contact: FB – https://www.facebook.com/Mangosix-Malaysia-858112477541956/

I’d certainly recommend this place for a post – lunch hangout or even a fancy high tea location.


Written by Aashwany Chandra Mohan

24 Facts About France

Euro 2016 has kicked off with France, the hosting country winning its first match against Romania. Some of you maybe football fans and some may know the famous names such as Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and so forth. Instead of mind – numbing some of the latter with how football works, I thought of sharing 24 facts about France would be a great idea. Why 24? There are 24 national teams whom are contesting in Euro 2016. Well, at least if you don’t know the game, you know something about the hosting country.

So, let’s begin or shall I say “Commençons“…

  1. Situated in the Western Europe, France is the most visited country in the whole wide world. Who wouldn’t want to visit the country with the famous Eiffel Tower and Musée du Louvre?
    Source: Matthieu Plante – 500px
  2. A little do you know that Paris, France’s capital was originally a Roman city known as “Lutetia”.
  3. Despite being one of the most visited country in the world, sadly, France is also one of the most depressed country in the world.
  4. A café in Nice, France called La Petite Syrah café encourages politeness among people by decreasing the cost of a cup of coffee. An order of a cup of coffee without a “hello” or “please” can cost you a whopping €7 (RM32) and the similar order with a hello will only cost you €1.40 (RM6.40). Well, bad manners has its way of costing you extra.
    Source: Google Images
  5. France is the first country in the world to introduce license plate.
    Source: PaolaCalibraFoto – 500px
  6. France also uses most time zones compared to any other country in this world, 12 time zones. The metropolitan France uses Central European Time, however, France also has dependencies and overseas territories all over the world, hence the 12 time zones.
    Source: Google Images
  7. For over 200 years until 2012, it was illegal in France for women to wear trousers.
  8. If you have traveled to France, you will notice that there are few cabs around in Paris. This is because it costs almost 200000 Euros to get taxi license.
    Source: Michel Z – 500px
  9. The national animal of France is a Gallic rooster.
    Source: Google Images
  10. The Louvre was built in the 12th century as a defense against Viking raids.
    Source: Sandeep Mathur – 500px
  11. The world’s first artificial heart transplant and face transplant both took place in France.
  12. When it comes to the Europe’s busiest railway station, many would think of the London Waterloo station, however Paris Gare du Nord is the busiest railway station in Europe.
    Source: Jasper Opstelten – 500px
  13. Not only that, Paris Gare du Nord is also one of the oldest railway station in the world. It was inaugurated in 1846.
  14. When it comes to football, if the national team reaches final or win, celebrations are held in Les Champs Elysée, one of the most famous boulevard in Paris.
    Source: Christian Barret – 500px
  15. There is only one stop (Arrêt) sign in the entire city of Paris.
  16. One of the most important fact is that French toast is not French after all. It was invented by Joseph French who forgot an apostrophe. Ohhh, what a spoiler to the “French – themed” breakfast!!
    Source: Simon Sperling – 500px
  17. To add a little more spice to the spoilers, croissants are not French actually. It was invented in Austria as Kipferl and the idea was brought into France by an Austrian artillery officer. Kipferl is known as the ancestor of croissants.
    Source: Ridvan Arda – 500px
  18. The shortest reign of a king was actually in France where Louis XIX was the King of France for only 20 minutes.
  19. King John I of France was proclaimed king five months before his birth. However, he only lived for 5 days.
  20. In the 19th century, for approximately 16 years the flag of Kingdom of France was plain white.
  21. Michelin guide where the Michelin stars is the hallmark of fine dining quality and restaurants which is now adapted all over the world. Even though, Michelin Guide was originally started to boost the demand for cars and car tires.
  22. There are around 350 – 450 distinct types of French cheese. To make everyone’s life easier, they have been grouped into 8 categories which is also known as ‘les huit familles de fromage’ (eight families of cheeses).
    Source: Natasha Breen – 500px
  23. French was the official language of England for about 300 years from 1066 to 1362.
  24. And last but not least, for all you sport enthusiasts, Tour de France, the famous cycle race, has been going on for almost 100 years.
    Source: Dean Moore – 500px

Sources of all 24 facts: FactSlides.com; Roughguides.com; insidethetravellab.com

Despite writing an article about France entirely, the author is an avid fan of German national football team. Comment here or on our FB page which team you’re supporting this Euro.

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Reported by Aashwany Chandra Mohan Photographs by Andrew Octavian

After an exciting and harrowing period of elections and mentoring sessions, the Student Representative Council (SRC) Handover Ceremony finally took place at noon at the driveway. It is a ceremony where the SRC committee members of 2015/2016 pass down their positions to the newly elected committee members of 2016/2017. The ceremony began at 11.30am with Ismail (ex – VP of medicine) as the emcee for the day who welcomed the guests and students present. The mic was then passed on to Kenneth Lee, ex – president of SRC, who gave a witty introduction of his committee members and also reminisced the challenging and successful moments being a part of the SRC. Even though, he came up with a spontaneous and informal speech, he managed to put a smile on everyone’s face.


“Being an SRC member is definitely an arduous task but you will definitely enjoy every moment that comes along with it” – Yap Soo Min, (Secretary of SRC 15/16) who will be leaving to University of Dundee soon.

The event then proceeded with an appreciation ceremony where reward hampers where given to the library and student services team for their ministrations with SRC 15/16. Felicity Ng, the current president of SRC 16/17 was then welcomed to give a speech, where she thanked Kenneth and his team for their guidance throughout an entire month despite being busy with their courses and exams. She also hoped that the new SRC will be able to improve and bring IMU to another level and strive for success despite all the possible challenges.

Then we came to the bittersweet session of passing over, where the ex – committee and the current committee exchanged gifts and the new members get their freshly printed name badges. The handover ceremony ended with Ismail saying, “For us it’s the end, for you guys it’s a start. THANK YOU!” Last but not least, a delicious – looking and simple lunch spread was provided for the SRC members, guests and students.




 “Even though I’m the cultural & religious representative, I hope to focus on humanities and I don’t want it to be entirely about culture and religion but also what culture embodies, that for me is the performing arts, which I hope for it to shine in IMU” – Umeswari Kandasamy, Cultural & Religious Representative 2016/2017

SRC Handover



The SRC 2015/2016 have contributed well to IMU in many ways from extending library hours during exam periods, addition of Arts & Photography competition for IMU Cup, coming up with a new booking system for sports and event venues and the list goes on. We from IMU Editorial Board would like to thank the Student Representative Council 2015/2016 for the continuous and endless support to our club and also to IMU students and we wish them all the best in their studies and future endeavors. Not to mention, we also would like to congratulate the Student Representative Council 2016/2017. Good luck!


Student Representative Council Members of 2016/2017

President: Felicity Mishan Ng (ME115)

Secretary: Lee Sook Yee (ME115)

Treasurer: Law Tong Yee Matthew Edward (ME215)

VP of Medicine: Celine Perera (ME115)

VP of Dentistry: Phebe Chua Yi Shi (DT115)

VP of Medical Sciences: Eugene Yong Chern Jue (CH115)

VP of Health Sciences: Kelly Low Jia Li (PS215)

VP of Pharmacy: Tan Shin Thong (BP215)

VP of Postgraduate Studies: Dang Nguk Ling (PhD)

IT Liaison: Louise Ngam (ME215)

Public Relations Liaison: Jonathan Chua (ME115)

Social Concerns Liaison: Sarah Soon Khe Wei (DT115)

Cultural & Religious Representative: Umeswari Kandasamy (ME115)

Sports Representative: Cheong Chee Qing (ME115)

Vice Sports Representative: Lenon Loh Hao An (ME115)

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Reported by Aashwany Chandra Mohan

IMU Cup 2015 was just over. After battling all the sports events, we were looking at days of facing one of our biggest fears: EXAMS! While resuming back to books, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the captain of the winning house of IMU Cup 2015. It’s none other than WINSTON LOW, captain of the Pegasus house. In the midst of attending classes and collecting MPU forms around the campus, I managed to get the captain’s 15 minutes on IMU Cup 2015 experience.

How did it feel to be chosen as the captain of the Pegasus house during the annual general meeting (AGM) of the houses?

To be honest, I was quite relieved. Towards the end of IMU Cup 2014, most of us in Pegasus knew who was going to go for the captaincy and it was between Jeihiin and myself. To add to that, Jeihiin is quite popular among the students and I was slightly worried. Even the previous captain, Jimmy Khalaff, added that it would be great if both of us (Jeihiin and Winston), would go for the captaincy. At the end of the day, I told myself, we will see how the votes go during the AGM. For me, it was a nerve-wracking moment. Seeing the results, I was certainly delighted.

Any word of advice from the previous captain, Jimmy Khalaff?

I’m not sure whether there was any advice but he did guide me on the basic tasks to be completed as a captain such as assigning sports captains and also to make sure the all the sports, the progresses and the funding go smoothly. In case, if there was a rise in problems, make sure to do a follow-up and get help from the IMU Cup committee itself.

How was it working with other Pegasus committee members?

I think it was quite easy. My committee members executed their responsibilities well and you didn’t really have to push them for it. They knew their roles. As students, we also have to balance our studies and also focus on IMU Cup. So I just had to remind them at times, on certain tasks to be completed. I’m glad that I had a good team. They helped greatly, especially during T-shirt distribution and fundraising. I’m not sure about other houses, but my committee was willing to skip some classes, at times. I know it’s undoubtedly not a good thing to do but they put all their efforts in making things happen.

How did you find your responsibilities as the captain?

Mainly, I have to make sure my committee members do their duties. I have to also find some sports captains as it wasn’t easy to get the captains for some of the sports. I must make sure that the sports captains are having regular trainings as much as possible. It’s definitely not impossible to manage all the captains but it’s a smarter choice to split the management of the sports captains. So, we divided the sports among my committee members. For example, 1 committee member will be in charge of 6 sports and the vice-captain and I will be in – charge of more sports. At the end of the day, despite dividing the responsibilities, I must make a follow –up to ensure it works well and push the team harder when necessary.

How was it finding sports captains and players for all the sports?

Well, that one is definitely not easy. *emphasis on “not easy”* Well, it’s easy for the sports in which my committee and myself have participated in last year cause we know the players. Some of the sports like dance, volleyball and others weren’t that easy. Some of them were assigned last minute and we have some sports where the captains resigned last minute. It was definitely panicking to see those drastic changes. In terms of finding players, Pegasus is quite lucky where some of us can participate in many sports. We were actually quite fortunate that the sports captains did manage to find players. Only worry was definitely getting sports captains, as people don’t really volunteer for it.

Hydra has been one of your toughest opponent since last year. How was it for you to handle that as a captain?

It was sort of worrying. Joining last year’s IMU Cup, somehow we know their abilities and potentials in most sports. Although in the first 4 sports, we dropped only 2 points, we had one 1st runner up and three winning sports. Many were saying that Pegasus is going to win the championship this year in the beginning itself. They were stating that there is no competition this year as Hydra was way behind. But I denied that because the first four sports are the strong sports where I know we are good in and we should go for gold. That will help us in leading the board in the long run. This is mainly because I know Hydra is good in basketball, volleyball and also track and field. I’m making sure that we are points ahead. Comparing from last year and this year, I’m glad that we led the board from Day 2. Knowing that they are strong, we must be ahead of them.


Other than Hydra, are they are other houses that you find that was a tough competition?

Initially, it was Draco. Before basketball and other sports, Draco and Pegasus were neck-to-neck. They were one of the tough opponents before Hydra. Draco was the 1st runner ups for quite a few sports and even though they didn’t get as many gold medals. But the difference between the gold and silver was only 2 points. So, if Draco has five 1st runner ups and Pegasus has 4 wins, 5 silver medals is better than 4 gold medals. They posed quite a threat but when the points from Chariofare were out, it was a big blow for them. If I were to face such situation, I would be devastated because Chariofare isn’t really considered as a competitive sport. To add to that, the point difference between the winner and the last place is 20 points which is big as compared to the previous years which was 8 points. We got 2nd and Hydra got 1st and the point difference was 4. It makes a difference, let it be small or big.

How does it feel to bring the cup back to Pegasus?

ECSTATIC.  It’s such a nice feeling. The way we lost it last year, it made the win more suited this year. We lost it on the last day last year after leading the board on and off. We made sure we didn’t put too much pressure on our cheerleaders and they did better this year. We are definitely delighted and happy.

With cheerleading being the last event and with the point margin of 18 points between Hydra and Pegasus, was there any thoughts that Hydra might do better and win the cup?

Honestly, I want to think and weigh all the possible outcomes that may take place. Mathematically speaking, 18 points is not a sure win. Anything can happen. Hydra could’ve won the cheer competition and we could’ve gotten last. And with those changes, they could’ve won the cup. It’s very unlikely and after the cheer performances many said Pegasus would win the cup as Taurus and Draco have a strong stand in cheerleading. It’s not given until results were in. Once I saw Taurus’ performance, I was quite relieved.

Any advice to the captain of Pegasus for the next IMU Cup?

Good luck. There will be more pressure than when I took up the position as now we are defending champions. There will be pressure. It is expected. Then again, the house has a lot of talented people and it’s not the captain alone that leads the house to victories. You have your committee, your sports captains and your athletes. Without all of us working together, you could definitely not win it. It’s a cumulative effort.

One word to describe the entire IMU Cup 2015 journey.

*after a long pause and erms* PROUD! I’m proud to be in Pegasus and this year we have set quite a lot of milestones. Dominating all racquet sports and I don’t think so that has been done before. We led the board throughout IMU Cup since Day 2. These are things that make you feel good. I’m not sure whether any other houses have done that before but I’m surely proud of Pegasus. It’s certainly great to know that our team have made this achievements for the next batch to follow.


“The way we lost it last year, it made the win more suited this year.” – Winston Low

And so we ended the interview with the proud captain. It was undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for me to interview a polite and a down-to-earth individual. We, from IMU Editorial Board, wish him and his team all the best in their exams and future endeavors. Not to forget, we would also like to congratulate Pegasus, for winning the cup for the 2nd time around.