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School of Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition and Kahoot!

On the 26th until the 28th of September 2016, posters of undergraduate students from various programmes in the School of Health Sciences were showcased along the hallways of the 4th floor of IMU Bukit Jalil Campus. Organized by a team of lecturers of the School of Health Sciences themselves, this event was aimed to portray and showcase the accomplishments of the School’s undergraduate research projects in terms of the students and supervisors who have put in their best efforts. Various posters were shown belonging to different courses, from Nutrition and Dietetics, Chiropractic, Medical Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, Chinese Medicine, and even Nursing, covering a wide scope of research in the field of health sciences. This showcase was also held in conjunction with IMU’s 25th anniversary in the year of 2017, which is not far from now.

The last day of the exhibition itself has been set by the lecturers to coincide with the Kahoot quiz attended by a number of students gunning for the small tokens of appreciation. The students taking part in the Kahoot quiz itself were ecstatic – as most Kahoot quizzes have that effect on students, mainly because it was a fun mini competition, albeit being short-lived. Students who have attended the Kahoot quiz, alongside the many others reading the poster exhibition, have been shown to the different avenues of researches that they could eventually delve into in their final year projects.

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“As a 3rd semester student myself, I have not really thought about research projects all that much, as opposed to my seniors who are already at the brink of starting their research project,” Farah Ahmad, a semester 3 student majoring in Medical Biotechnology stated. “I personally believe that students who would eventually have to do research should be exposed to the kinds of researches out there, especially in the setting of the institution they are a part of. As we study throughout the years, we would eventually gain a liking towards a subset of what we are studying and we would want to better ourselves in this area. A big part of this process has to do with the lecturers not only teaching us in class but also constantly allowing us to learn what’s happening in the research world itself.”

Several students might have gone home with their prizes from the Kahoot quiz, but all of them took slivers of knowledge from this educational programme, and it was thanks to no other than the tireless staff and lecturers of the School of Health Sciences.

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