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Book Review: Romance in the Eyes of Jude Deveraux

Among the romance genre novels worldwide, Jude Deveraux’s novels are one of the best. She is a very inspiring woman, her writings are detail and passionate which conveys all the feelings as if they are real stories. She lives in North Carolina and has been awarded as the author of more than 42 New York Times bestsellers. There are more than 60 million copies of her books worldwide. I have read most of her bestselling books and my personal favorites are the Montgomery series and the Edilean’s series.

Although every one of her books is enticing, my favorite is the Edilean’s trilogy. It tells the tale of Angus McTern, the man who founded a fictional town in the story, and then fell in love with a beautiful lady named Edilean Talbot, a woman whom at the start represents everything he despises. Will this hate turn to something else along the journey? All of this is written in Jude’s book called Days of Gold.


The second book in the trilogy, Lavender Morning, is about a woman who just moved into Edilean’s town to fulfil her aunt’s last wishes, Miss Edi, who passed away. Everyone was very friendly towards her, but one person catches her interest: Ramsey. He is the lawyer chosen by Miss Edi as husband candidate for Jocelyn. However, their romantic stroll is always interrupted by Luke, her rude and annoying gardener.

The characters are not just restricted to one of her novels, but they also feature in her other novels as well. This continuity of character development makes it very appealing for readers. This is why Jude Deveraux’s books are unique. They are stories about every adventures and journey the people of Edilean went through to find who they really are and what is destined for them.

More books by Jude Deveraux are Return to Summerhouse, the Scent of Jasmine, Heart wishes, Secrets and Scarlet Night.  She has an interactive website at of Jude Deveraux Fan Page on Facebook where she post daily updates on her writing.

Deveraux has sure hand evoking plucky heroines, dastardly villains, and irresistible heroes, as well as a well-rounded supporting cast, the pace moves quickly and the romance sparks with enough voltage to keep readers turning pages.

– Publishers Weekly for Days of Gold

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