Interview Session with the SRC President 2016/2017- Felicity

What makes decide to run for SRC 2016/2017?

Initially, I was aiming for the vice president of medicine because I wanted to be a change maker. Being in the medicine course itself, I see a lot of loophole and I feel that Student Council as a platform for me to express myself. However, I suddenly realize that my vision of IMU has change, it grew wide. I felt that I could do more for the students of IMU but I was not really sure if I can cope with the pressure. I took a tremendous amount of time to self-reflect before I make my decision to run as the president of SRC 2016/2017. I remembered handing in my application one hour before the application close.

Do you mind sharing with us regarding your experience as the president of SRC 2016/2017?

It was definitely a learning experience for me, it was very rewarding. You got to see what really happening on the scene. Before I was the apart of SRC, I was assuming a lot of things, mostly about “why certain things are in certain ways, it should be better. I wanted to do some changes.” As I goes through the process, I began to realize it wasn’t easy to initiate change but I was not ready to give up. Instead me and my team more stubborn. I always tell my team, “if you want something, go and take it” and I do feel like I have the best team I could ever ask for. I would do all over again only if I could have each and every one of my team back because each of us complement each other. That what makes us a perfect team.

What is the biggest obstacle have you encountered being the president of SRC 2016/2017?  Individually and as a team.

Individually, I would have to say, managing stress. I’m the type of person who very particular with time. If something does not start on time I would freak out. Therefore, if I did not make my deadline, I would be really stress out or most probably black out and this happened a lot during my early days in SRC. In spite what happened, I reach to a realisation that I had a team for a reason and I need them if I want to do changes in IMU. I began to communicate and delegate jobs and I start to get the hang of it. Of course, everything is still come down to me. So, to answer your question, my biggest obstacle as the president would be balancing study and SRC.

As a team, not much because we really a great team. As I mentioned before, the university is quite strict in some aspect and that makes a little bit hard to implement changes. Our obstacles would be finding a way around it to implement changes.

What are you thought about the new president 2017/2018?

Kishen, I would say he is a nice person. I could describe him as kind, gentleman and very passionate. I do think he would make a great leader. I do hope that he is able to cope with everything and don’t give up easily. I wish the SRC 2017/2018 team nothing but the best.

What is next for you? any plan after leaving SRC?

Nothing much for me. My plan was to focus on my study and graduate on time. My mission is to continue to be a good human being to everybody.

Student Representative Council team 2016/2017

Student Representative Council team 2016/2017

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