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Psychology Week 2016

The 25th to the 29th of April was an eventful week filled with mind-boggling and intriguing activities at the atrium of IMU. It was Psychology Week! In conjunction with the event, booths were set up at the atrium of IMU by psychology students of different cohorts, with display boards introducing quirkily named activities where students were able to entertain themselves with games and experiments based on psychology.   With an eye-catching poster that says “It’s All in the Mind” overlooking the atrium throughout the week, the event saw many students jumping from booth to booth, trying out various activities that was based a lot on motivation and emotions.

Their activities included word search in a certain time limit, knowing your personality based on your ability to search for faces in a picture, watching motivational videos, knowing your blind spot, a slightly intimidating game of touching covered items and guessing them and many such others that were equally exciting. Some included answering questionnaires and finding out more about your personality through the activity.  There was even a game of Hanoi Tower where anyone who succeeded would earn themselves a Mad Alchemy voucher.  Psychology students in every booth patiently explained the outcome of the experiments and activities to the participants and were impressively equipped with their knowledge on the subject itself.  As a small souvenir for taking part in the activities, colourful bookmarks with motivational quotes were given out.

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On the last day of Psychology Week which was the 29th of April, an Ethics Forum took place in the Senate Room where professional and ethical issues in psychology was discussed.  The forum saw three speakers with their respective subtopics.  Different points of views were shared on each subtopic during the forum.  The first speaker was Dr. Alvin Ng Lai Onn, a clinical psychologist, whose topic was about integrative approach versus individualized treatment approach in both private and public healthcare settings.

Former president of All Women’s Action Malaysia (AWAM), Ms. Haslinah Yacob talked about the gap in serving the poor and wealthy whereas DSP Foo Chek Seng who is a police officer from JPKK Bukit Aman shared about the current frauds occurring in the respective professionals and efforts that can be done to overcome them.  Besides that, speeches were also given during the forum by IMU’s very own lecturer, Dr. Nicole Chen and also Melvyn Lai, the Vice President for the 3rd Professional and Ethical Issues Forum 2016.  A brief Q&A session was carried out based on the topics presented and discussed throughout the forum.  On the whole, this event was certainly one where everyone was able to delve deeper into the world of psychology and gain a wider knowledge on it in a thought-provoking yet an undoubtedly fun way!

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