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Picture of the Week – Street, Nature, Portrait, and Animals

With an exciting collaboration with the IMU Photography Club, we present to you their ongoing “Picture of the Week” project, or in short, POTW!
Here are some photographs submitted by students around IMU on weeks 15, 17, and 18 respectively of the project itself. If you think you have a penchant for photography, why not join in this weekly contest? For more information, check out their Facebook page or tag your photos with the hashtag #imupotw on Instagram!
1Winter- nature on streets | Week 17 & 18: STREET & NATURE
By: NC
Description: I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.
Gear: Iphone 5
2Beauty in the wild | Week 17 & 18: STREET & NATURE
By: Khoo Han Yeann
Setting: 1/2sec, ISO800, f/3.5
3Young, wild and free! | Week 15: Portrait / Animals
Description: It’s good to stand and look around once in awhile.
By; Daniel Tan
4The mysterious one | Week 15: Portrait / Animals
By: Yaohan Wong
Description: What’s the point in you knowing who I am
5Doge with a stick | Week 15: Portrait / Animals
Description: Dogs are human’s best friend
By: Ng Chun Guan
6Girl Taekwondo Player | Week 15: Portrait / Animals
Description: Girls can fight as good as guys
By: Azfar Afham
7Cute and cuddly | Week 15: Portrait / Animals
by Lee Cheng Hern
Description: How do I pose on this couch so I look cute?


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