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MyWHA 2019

International Medical University (IMU) hosted the second edition of the Malaysia World Health Assembly (MyWHA) simulation at the IMU Bukit Jalil campus with great success from 29th to 31st March 2019. MyWHA – a conference that emulates the framework of the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organisation (WHO) – aimed to accentuate and provide reasonable solutions to global health issues while simultaneously developing teamwork, friendship, debating, leadership and creative thinking skills. The conference discussed present healthcare scenarios and shed light upon the prospects of healthcare in an effort to improve its quality for the upcoming generations. Bringing together 51 delegates from various countries, IMU was immensely proud to have hosted this prestigious event for its second year.

The event started with a welcome speech from Sandhya Muthukumar, Director General of MyWHA. Special guest speakers were then invited to speak on critical topics concerning global health issues. Dr Arun Kumar Basavaraj, the Advisor for the Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) of IMU and Senior Lecturer and Head of Pathology Division in IMU, expressed his gratitude for being a major part in conducting activities in collaboration with AMSA. Mr Justin Victor, chairperson of Befrienders KL, comprehensively spoke about the global concerns regarding the alarming state of mental health issues, namely, the inability to deal with life’s daily challenges. If left unaddressed, these would lead to maladaptive occurrences such as committing suicide, which is the second leading cause of death among youths in Malaysia. He believed this direly called for developing effective and sustainable coping strategies and resilience to reduce the rate of such incidences. The speech was then followed by the ribbon-cutting and Gavel Tap ceremonies.

Throughout the three-day conference, the delegates were assigned roles as country ambassadors to discuss issues related to global health using the Harvard MUN procedure. They were then challenged with real-life scenarios which required fundamental knowledge and comprehension of global health policies in order to overcome adverse situations through a collaborative effort. This was done by participants debating on topics and proposing resolutions revolving around the regulation of human health with regards to malnutrition and stunted growth, premature mortality, migrant workers’ occupational health and safety, crisis scenarios, substance abuse and suicide.

Besides the simulated discussions, Social Night was held on the second day of the event with performances from talented people in IMU, including Goh You and Kelvin who played the violin and sang respectively. Moreover, the delegates played Human Bingo, a fun game which effectively allowed all of them to become acquainted with one another.

The closing ceremony was held on the final day of MyWHA and commenced in the presence of the VIP, Ms Thong Ming Hui – chairperson of AMSA Malaysia, who concluded the event with a speech. At the end of the ceremony, prizes were given to the best speaker for each of the six topics and the best delegate throughout the three days. The best speakers for the topics of malnutrition and stunted growth, premature mortality, migrant workers’ occupational health and safety, crisis scenarios, substance abuse and suicide were Amendeo Hottua Ernesto Nababan, Muhammad Imman Hon bin Shaharuddin Hon, Jaiyaswiny Sivakumar, Thavaneshan Kunasekaran, Lim Ke Wen and Beverly Cheah Xiao Hui respectively. Nur Nabila binti Nasharuddin, a delegate from Vietnam, received the overall best delegate award. 

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